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Photosynthesis Without Sunlight: Bacterium Deep In …

Is photosynthesis possible without sunlight

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Life Without Photosynthesis | Science

So without oxygen there would be no large animals or plants, no predation, no blue sky, perhaps no oceans, probably nothing but dust and bacteria. Oxygen is without a doubt the most precious waste imaginable. Yet not only is it a waste product, it is also an unlikely one. It is quite feasible that photosynthesis could have evolved here on earth, or Mars, or anywhere else in the universe, without ever producing any free oxygen at all. That would almost certainly consign any life to a bacterial level of complexity, leaving us alone as sentient beings in a universe of bacteria….

Can plants grow without photosynthesis? - UCSB …

Photosynthesis is sort of the reverse of theKrebs cycle: it stores energy by convertinginorganic carbon (carbon dioxide) into organiccarbon (glucose, for example). This stored energy(organic carbon) enters the Krebs cycle and thisis how the plants get the energy they need forgrowth and survival. So the answer to yourquestion is no, plants can not grow or survivewithout photosynthesis.

A World Without Photosynthesis! - Home

A World Without Photosynthesis - Home

Oxygen doesn’t just rescue a planet’s life: it energises all life, and makes it big. Bacteria can do perfectly well without oxygen: they have an unparalleled skill at electrochemistry, they are able to react together virtually all molecules to glean a little energy. But the sum total of energy that can be derived from fermentation, or by reacting two molecules like methane and sulphate together, is negligible in comparison with the power of oxygen respiration – literally the burning up of food with oxygen, oxidising it fully to carbon dioxide and water vapour. Nothing else can provide the energy needed to fuel the demands of multicellular life. All animals, all plants, all of them depend on oxygen for at least part of their life cycle. The only exception that I’m aware of is a microscopic (but multicellular) nematode worm that somehow gets along in the stagnant oxygen-free depths of the Black Sea. So a world without free oxygen is microscopic, at least at the level of individual organisms.

So we don’t need much imagination to picture a world without photosynthesis: it would look a lot like Mars, a red dusty place, without oceans, and without any overt signs of life. Of course, there is life withoutphotosynthesis, and many astrobiologists seek it on Mars. But even if a few bacteria are found hiding beneath the surface, or buried in an icecap, the planet itself is dead. It is in near-perfect equilibrium, a sure sign of inertia. It could never be mistaken for Gaia.

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After sundown, without sunlight, photosynthesis slows considerably, or even stops

Plant growth, and certainly plant survival, mayoccur without photosynthesis over very shortperiods. (Be aware that growth and survival aredifferent: growth implies an increase in size orweight, so things can survive and not grow.) Ifyou stick a fairly large plant in the dark, itwon't die immediately. It may even grow a littlebit, if it has some stored energy. Just like ifyou ate the biggest meal of your life and thenstopped eating immediately, you might still put onweight initially from the huge meal (you'd grow),but eventually you would start to loose weight,and finally you'd starve to death. So the plantmight grow a bit in the dark, withoutphotosynthesis, from stored reserves, and mightcontinue to survive for a couple weeks or morewithout growing, but in the long term the plantwill not be able to grow or live withoutphotosynthesis and would eventually die.

Without photosynthesis there would be no supplyof oxygen and slowly the oxygen would get used upby oxidation such as rust formation.Furthermore, by removing plants, all of the manymany animals that depend on plants would get veryvery hungry and gradually die.

How mushrooms can grow without photosynthesis — …
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  • Without photosynthesis, we would have no food. true …

    Without photosynthesis there would be no glucose or oxygen for respiration

  • Imagine a world without photosynthesis

    Without respiration there would be no carbon dioxide for photosynthesis

  • Photosynthesis without Cells: Turning Light into Fuel

    Without photosynthesis, plants would not have carbohydrates for respiration

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Can Photosynthesis Happen Without the Sun? | …

Imagine a world without photosynthesis. It wouldn’t be green, for a start. Our emerald planet reflects the glory of plants and algae, and ultimately their green pigments, which absorb light for photosynthesis. First among pigments is the marvellous transducer that is chlorophyll, which steals a beam of light and conjures it into a quantum of chemical energy, driving the lives of both plants and animals.

Photosynthesis - Song with Free Worksheets and Activities

The Earth would still have an iron-rich ocean. Idon't know whether the air would have more carbondioxide, or if all of the carbon dioxide wouldhave been locked away in carbonate rocks and wewould have an entirely nitrogen atmosphere. Lifewould be found only in geothermal vents where itis possible to get energy without relying on thesun. There would be no "advanced" multicellularlife such as the kinds that we are familiar with.

Photosynthesis - perfect chemistry in Nature

If there was nothing on Earth that could dophotosynthesis, then the only life on Earth wouldbe small bacteria and other things similar tobacteria. Most life on Earth depends onphotosynthesis. Plants use photosynthesis to makesugar for energy and most animals need plants forfood. Even carnivores, like lions, need plants,because their prey (animals like antelope) eatthem.

But how is it a plant if it doesn’t do photosynthesis ..

The food chain of almost all animals rely onphotosynthesis. We eat plants (whichphotosynthesize) and animals. Animals eat otheranimals (which eat plants) and plants. Plantsphotosynthesize. So, large animals (like us) ingeneral probably wouldn't exist. There are acouple ecosystems that don't use photosynthesis tosupply all their energy. These get their energyfrom heat-loving bacteria that live on underwatervolcanoes and get their energy there. Theseecosystems are very deep in the ocean and includeworms and blind crabs. They're pretty creepy, hereare a lot of the crabs living on a volcanic ventnear antarctica:

Many mycorrhizal plants’ seeds can’t even sprout without ..

Growth is a pretty complicated process, andrequires a lot of energy. All living things grow,and thus all living things need energy for growth(and for a lot of other things, but growth is abiggie). As I'm sure you know, animals get theirenergy from food: we eat organic carbon(carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and through aprocess known as the Krebs cycle get energyby converting the organic carbon to inorganiccarbon (carbon dioxide, CO2). Plantsalso get their energy for growth from the Krebscycle. But as I'm sure you know as well,plants don't eat (with the exception of a fewstrange plants like the Venus flytrap). So They harness it from sunlight in a process knownas photosynthesis.

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