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Possible Uses for Speech Synthesis

In the TI-99/4A, the speech synthesizer maps at 9000 for readoperationsand at 9400 for write operations.

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Uses of Speech Synthesis - Festvox: Home

Bell Labs first demonstrated an electronic speech synthesis device, the "Voder," developed by H.W. Dudley, at the 1939 World's Fair. The New York Times declared, in describing the machine's operation, "My God, it talks." This early analog system was the forerunner of Bell Labs work in articulatory synthesis, conducted by Cecil Coker in the 1960s, and Joe Olive's work on concatenative synthesis in the 1970s.

Holmes, J. (1983),

Synthetic speech may be used in several applications. Communication aids have developed from low quality talking calculators to modern 3D applications, such as talking heads. The implementation method depends mostly on used application. In some cases, such as announcement or warning systems, unrestricted vocabulary is not necessary and the best result is usually achieved with some simple messaging system. With suitable implementation some funds may also be saved. On the other hand, some applications, such as reading machines for the blind or electronic-mail readers, require unlimited vocabulary and a TTS system is needed.

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The application field of synthetic speech is expanding fast whilst the quality of TTS systems is also increasing steadily. Speech synthesis systems are also becoming more affordable for common customers, which makes these systems more suitable for everyday use. For example, better availability of TTS systems may increase employing possibilities for people with communication difficulties.

Probably the most important and useful application field in speech synthesis is the reading and communication aids for the blind. Before synthesized speech, specific audio books were used where the content of the book was read into audio tape. It is clear that making such spoken copy of any large book takes several months and is very expensive. It is also easier to get information from computer with speech instead of using special bliss symbol keyboard, which is an interface for reading the Braille characters.

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In 1997 the Bell Labs TTS system was used in the product offerings of several Lucent business units. The Lucent Business Communications Systems' Intuity( Conversant( integrated voice and information processing system uses TTS signal processing cards for applications that include, among others, an e-mail reader. TTS allowed companies to build applications such as voice dialing, voice-activated response systems, or reservations centers using the AYC speech boards.

The term "speech synthesis" has been used for diverse technical approaches. In this paper, some of the approaches used to generate synthetic speech in a text-to-speech system are reviewed, and some of the basic motivations for choosing one method over another are discussed. It is important to keep in mind, however, that speech synthesis models are needed not just for speech generation but to help us understand how speech is created, or even how articulation can explain language structure. General issues such as the synthesis of different voices, accents, and multiple languages are discussed as special challenges facing the speech synthesis community.

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    Uses of Speech Synthesis

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  • Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech

    speech synthesis - Free download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free.

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6. Applications of Synthetic Speech - Aalto

The term "speech synthesis" has been used for diverse technical approaches. Unfortunately, any speech output from computers has been claimed to be speech synthesis, perhaps with the exception of playback of recorded speech. Some of the approaches used to gen-

Applications of Synthetic Speech

The first commercial TTS application was probably the Kurzweil reading machine for the blind introduced by Raymond Kurzweil in the late 1970's. It consisted of an optical scanner and text recognition software and was capable to produce quite intelligible speech from written multifont text (Klatt 1987). The prices of the first reading machines were far too high for average user and these machines were used mostly in libraries or related places. Today, the quality of reading machines has reached acceptable level and prices have become affordable for single individual, so a speech synthesizer will be very helpful and common device among visually impaired people in the future. Current systems are mostly software based, so with scanner and OCR system, it is easy to construct a reading machine for any computer environment with tolerable expenses. Regardless of how fast the development of reading and communication aids is, there is always some improvements to do.

Applications of Synthetic Speech - Aalto

1 The foundations for speech synthesis based on acoustical or articulatory modeling can be found in Fant (1960), Holmes et al. (1964), Flanagan (1972), Klatt (1976), and Allen et al. (1987). The paper by Klatt (1987) gives an extensive review of the developments in speech synthesis technology.

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A system for speech synthesis by rule is described which uses demisyllables as phonetic units. The problem of concatenation is discussed in detail; the pertinent stage converts a string of phonetic symbols into a stream of speech parameter frames. For German about 1650 demisyllables are required to permit synthesizing a very large vocabulary. Synthesis is controlled by 18 rules which are used for splitting up the phonetic string into demisyllableß, for selecting the demisyllables in such a way that the size of the inventory is minimized, and —; last but not least — for concatenation. The quality and intelligibility of the synthetic signal is very good; in a subjective test the median word intelligibility dropped from 96.6% for a LPC vocoder to 92.1% for the demisyllable synthesis, and the difference in quality between the demisyllable synthesis and ordinary vocoded speech was judged very small.

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Synthesis development can be grouped into three main categories: acoustic models, articulatory models, and models based on the coding of natural speech. The last group includes both predictive coding and concatenative synthesis using speech waveforms. Acoustic and articulatory models have had a long history of development, while natural speech models represent a somewhat newer field. The first commercial systems were based on the acoustic terminal analog synthesizer. However, at that time, the voice quality was not good enough for general use, and approaches based on coding attracted increased interest. Articulatory models have been under continuous development, but so far this field has not been exposed to commercial applications due to incomplete models and high processing costs.

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