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Master's Thesis in Urban and Regional Planning, 30 ECTS

A minimum of 48 semester credit hours of approved courses is required for the Master of Urban Planning Degree.

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Redlining was illegalized by the Housing Act of 1961. During the 1960s, the federal government virtually stopped building urban freeways because of local opposition. During the 1970s, the federal government virtually stopped building housing projects because conservative administrations cut funding for them. Though federal housing policy still discriminates against urban neighborhoods, cities began spontaneously improving after the most destructive planning ended. By the 1980s, people stopped talking about the crisis of urban "blight and flight", and instead "gentrification" became the new byword as the middle class began to move back to the cities.

The Master's programme in Urban and Regional Planning consists of the following elements:

This planning has made Portland a national model. Even the Wall Street Journal, which is not usually known for its environmentalism, has called Portland an "Urban Mecca," which has become so livable that it draws planners from all over the country to study it. Portland's downtown businesses have thrived, though no new parking has been added in downtown; some of the new customers come by transit - two downtown streets have been closed to cars and converted to transit malls - and some live in the new housing that has been built downtown. Portland also has some of the liveliest local shopping streets on the west coast; refugees from Los Angeles are sometimes shocked to find that their neighborhood streets are so interesting that they actually feel like going out in the evening just to take a walk.

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A foreign language is not required for the Master of Urban Planning degree.

Zoning choice has important political advantages over the usual demands for comprehensive regional planning. Conservatives attack regional planning by saying that people prefer living in suburbia and that environmentalists are trying to use big government to force people to live in a way that they do not want to live. Ordinary people are suspicious of regional planning because it takes power from local government and restricts individual choice by letting planners decide what types of housing will be available.

Britain implemented national planning guidelines that strictly limit suburban shopping centers after a government survey found that one new shopping center, with parking for 10,000 cars, took 70% of its shoppers from the nearest town and many shoppers from other surrounding towns. We need similar legislation in the United States.

Capstone / Thesis - Master of Urban and Regional Planning

1. Evaluate, synthesize, and conduct independent research relevant to building knowledge in the field of urban and regional planning;

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Separating uses also made it possible for the superblocks and roads to be designed by experts. Just as industrial engineers could design modern factories that were more efficient than the small workshops of the past, planners could design freeways that carried traffic more efficiently than the urban streets of the past, and design housing projects, business districts, civic centers, and recreation areas that performed their specialized functions more efficiently than the mixed-use urban neighborhoods of the past.

Why do we need all this planning to build cities that look like cities did a century ago, before there were any urban planners?
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    127: "Some Urban Planners Say Downtowns Need a Lot More Congestion" Wall Street Journal, Aug. 7, 1996, p. 1.

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Urban blight was a major concern during the 1950s and the 1960s, and there were endless demands for more federal money and more planning to deal with it, though this blight was largely the result of planning, as we have seen: blight began to spread through our cities because of the federal money spent on urban freeways and the FHA's decision to fund only mortgages in new suburbs. And federal money for slum clearance and housing projects only made the problem worse.

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As inner cities declined, there was a vicious circle of urban blight and suburban flight, which became a major generator of suburban sprawl during the postwar period. During the 1950s, people felt they had the choice of leaving the city and moving to the new suburbs, but by the 1960s, many people felt they were forced to flee to the suburbs, as the term "inner city" became synonymous with "slum." As the middle class moved beyond the city limits, cities lost their regions' best taxpayers to the suburbs, but they kept providing services to the poor and to the suburbanites who commuted in, and this fiscal squeeze led to cutbacks in services that made them even less livable.

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Some of our most successfully gentrified urban neighborhoods would not exist if the planners had had their way. In New York, for example, Robert Moses planned to demolish West Greenwich Village and to replace its winding streets of tenements and row-houses with superblocks of tower-in-a-park housing. He also planned to demolish a swath of the neighborhood now called SOHO to clear the right-of-way for the Lower-Manhattan Expressway, one of three freeways he planned to cut across Manhattan. Since then, both of these area have improved spontaneously and turned into two of New York city's most desirable neighborhoods, but they would have been destroyed if citizens had not mobilized politically to stop the planners.

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The freeways, suburbs, and urban housing projects all followed the cardinal rule of modernist urban planning: a city's land uses should be separated so each can be designed by experts to perform its function most effectively. Because freeways were separated from the city's other activities, modernist theory said, they could be designed by traffic engineers to carry traffic efficiently. Because suburbs and housing projects were separated from the city's other activities, they could be designed by housers to make them more livable. The city's other land uses, such as industrial areas, business parks, civic centers, and recreational areas were also supposed to be separated so each could be specially designed for its own function. The functionalists believed it was inevitable that the modern city would be built of large areas devoted to single functions and designed by experts: this was the "great scale" of modern technology.

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