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Synthesis, spectral characterization and pro and anti-oxidant activity of phosphorylated derivatives of cis-Tramadol

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Subsequently, however, Tramadol was found in trace amounts in soil and water samples in northern Cameroon; it was pointed out that Tramadol is widely available in markets in that country and was widely used in both humans and cows. 14C mass spectroscopy on Tramadol both from contaminated soil samples and from pills bought on a market showed the absence of radiocarbon (14C), demonstrating that it had been made from 14C-free precursors, excluding a biochemical plant-based synthesis.

Biomimetic synthesis of Tramadol

Abstract. Tramadol is a drug with analgesic properties. This com-pound and five of its analogous were synthesized: N-demethyl (M2), O-demethyl (M1), O-ethyl-O-demethyl, O-benzyl-O-demethyl and N-benzyl-N-demethyl. All compounds were prepared as their hydrochlorides and as racemic mixtures. The synthesis started with the aminoketones; 2-(N-benzyl, N-methyl)aminomethyl cyclohexa-none and 2-dimethylaminomethyl cyclohexanone, prepared by means of a Mannich reaction of cyclohexanone, paraformaldehyde and the corresponding amino hydrochloride. The aminoketones were coupled with the organolithium compounds derived from the corresponding 3-bromoalkoxybenzenes.

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In 2013 it was reported that tramadol had been discovered at relatively high concentrations in the roots of the African peach or pin cushion tree (), which has a long tradition as a folk remedy. It was suggested that the plant was indeed synthesising Tramadol, which would have been a rare case of a medicinal molecule being synthesised in the lab before it was discovered in Nature.

-Desmethyltramadol (ODT) is a major bioactive metabolite of tramadol, a synthetic analgesic with low abuse potential. ODT has much higher opioid receptor affinity and greater analgesic activity than the parent drug.

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    04/11/2013 · Occurrence of the Synthetic Analgesic Tramadol in an African Medicinal Plant ..

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    Various processes for the synthesis of tramadol hydrochloride have been described in the prior art

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