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Production cost structure of the water.

Duarte Diaz, C.E., J.A. Riquenes, B. Sotolongo, M.A. Portuondo, E.O. Quintana and R. Perez. 1997. Effects of magnetic treatment of irrigation water on the tomato crop. Hortic. Abst., 69:494.

Water treatment | Custom PHD Thesis

Gholizadeh, M., H. Arabshahi, M. Saeidi, B. Mahdavi. 2008. The effect of magnetic water on growth and quality improvement of poultry. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 3(3):140-144.

25.4 Describe the mechanism and control of glomerular filtration.

The University of Manchester Library one of five National Research Libraries

Magnetic water treatment works on the principle that as water passes through a magnetic water softener, a Lorentz force is exerted on each ion which is in the opposite direction of each other. The redirection of the particles increases the frequency of collisions between ions of opposite sides, combining to form a mineral precipitate or insoluble compound (Gholizadeh et al., 2008). Calcium carbonate precipitates out of solution as a sludge and can be easily removed from the system since it will not adhere to pipe walls.

Figure 1. Configuration of ionic particles in a magnetic field (Gholizadeh et al., 2008).

When a magnetic field is applied to water the molecular structure becomes more stable and the ability to form hydrogen bonds is enhanced. Magnetizing water can increase the number of hydrogen bonds by 0.34% (Chang & Weng, 2006). In the same study, the researchers verified results of decreased surface tension and increased viscosity with the application of a magnetic field on water.

25.7 Explain how the kidney alters blood volume and composition.

Reduced GO-Pt nanocomposites were synthesized and evaluated for potential fuel cell application.

Hard lime and scale forms where ever tap water evaporates or is heated. While it may not be noticeable for a long time, there are commercial appliances that show a white deposit after only a few days of use. Steam cleaners, for instance, may become inoperable after two weeks due to heavy scale deposits. They have to be washed often with acid in order to avoid filter clogs. Also, dishwashers in restaurants need to be freed from the white scale deposits regularly. In the average residential home, it may take a couple of years until a layer of hard scale reduces the cross section of water pipes significantly. And in swimming pools a rough band of sediment often develops along the waterline, which may require mechanical grinding to be removed.
In many cases where the water has a high iron content, the scale deposits develop brownish tint. They may even acquire a deep brown color, as is often evident in toilet tanks. In dairy operations, fatty substances often mix with the sediment and create “butter stone.” In regards to cooling towers, circulating water may mix with algaecides, and the ensuing deposits may be toxic. These examples indicate that lime scale may contain more then calcium carbonate. Other minerals dissolved in the water solidify, as well, and can produce unsightly or even dangerous substances.


Fortunately, a well designed magnetic treatment device will prevent such deposits from developing, as long as it is sized for the maximum water flow capability of the particular plumbing system. Safety inspections may be required, but in most cases inspection reveals nothing more than and accumulation of sludge, which can be removed easily.
Recently, a pool builder inspected my 30 -year-old pool, which has been fitted with simple magnetic water treatment device that is clamped on one of the lines between the pump and the filter. He was astonished to feel not a trace of roughness on the waterline tiles, and he could hardly believe that we did nothing to clean the tiles since last summer.
During the resurfacing of my driveway, a small bulldozer happened to rip one of the feed lines for the lawn sprinklers out of the ground. A young plumber replaced the old galvanized iron piping with new PVC tubing. The next day he returned and asked my permission to saw off a little piece of the old pipe. The reason: He wanted to show his father, a long time plumber, that it was possible for the outside of a water pipe to accumulate a thick crust of rust deposits while the inside of the 30-year-old pipe was without any substantial deposits.
But how could the old water tubes of my sprinkler systems be free of the interior deposits? After all, these tubes had been in the ground for 18 years before I had magnetic water treatment device attached to the house’s water supply line. At that time lumpy hard deposits of reddish brown stones had already reduced the inner diameter of the 1-inch piping to less than 3/4 inch.
The removal of these hard deposits was rather dramatic. On Feb. 28 1982, when the magnetic device was installed on my house, I had opened all the faucets, toilet flushers, drains and garden hose outlets. Soon I found it necessary to remove all faucet strainer heads because the brown water emerging carried lumps of brown matter with it. It took about 4 hours until the emerging water had become colorless and ran steadily.
This event can be explained using the same facts about crystallization in water that were detailed in part one of this column. The only difference between magnetically treated water and untreated water is that magnetically treated water enables minerals to crystallize in the water instead of on the surface of some pipe or container. As a result we have converted the water formerly saturated with dissolved minerals into a mixture of solid microcrystals and clean water. When this purified water flows past other minerals it is capable of dissolving a new load of minerals.

Watch this  from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for an introduction to the urinary system.
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    Thesis In Water Treatment

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    Revkin - The New York Times It is very common for research groups to set up a "bottled water taste test".

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Yue, Y. W. Huaxiang, X. Wenhui, Z. Xiehe, M. Dingxiang, M. Tingjie and L. Su. 1983. Studies on the effect of magnetized water in the treatment of urinary stone and salivary calculus. Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Rare Earth-Cobalt Permanent magnets and their Applications.

Water Treatment Station Messa by the private Ger-man

Watt, D. and C. Rosenfelder. 2005. The effect of oral irrigation with a magnetic water treatment device on plaque and calculus. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 20(5): 314-317.

Water Treatment Thesis | Water Treatment

Smith,C., P. Coetzee and J. Meyer. 2003. The effectiveness of a magnetic physical water treatment device on scaling in domestic hot-water storage tanks, Water SA, 29(3).

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Chang, K. and C. Weng. 2006. The effect of an external magnetic field on the structure of liquid water using molecular dynamics simulation. Journal of Applied Physics,100.

Industrial Water Treatment Use Doctorate Thesis …

Water becomes degassed in the process of being magnetized and this degassing increases soil permeability, which creates an increase in irrigation efficiency (Bogatin et al., 1999). In addition to soil permeability, MW water interacts with the structural calcium in cell membranes, making the cells more permeable. The reduced surface tension observed in MW results in better infiltration of water and a reduction in water and chemical use. (Goldsworthy et al., 1999)

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