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Common Methods used in Grounded Theory

The Grounded Theory Approach

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Analysis of DataI:Grounded Theory

It should be noted again that a fallacy of some grounded theory work is that theytake the respondent's understanding of what causes what as truth. That is, theysee the informant as an insider expert, and the model they create is really theinformant's folk model.

The official site of Dr. Barney Glaser and Classic Grounded Theory.

, of Glyndwr University, has just let us know that she has successfully defended her grounded theory dissertation with only minor corrections required. You are congratulated!

When or why would one want to build Grounded Theory?

Dr. Tom Andrews is delighted to report that , who attended many GT seminars, successfully defended his thesis on Monday, January 9th 2012 at Dublin City University, Ireland. It is entitled "New Normalizing: a Grounded Theory of the transition for migrant health care professionals". Congratulations John, and all the best to you.

Roland Agoncillo, one of our seminar participants, passed his final defense in the PhD Executive Program at De La Salle University in Manila this July 2012. Congratulation ! Hi dissertation is titled "Becoming Selfless for Others: a Grounded Theory of Commitment to Service'

How does grounded theory differ from description? (p.29)

Mentored by one of our Fellows (Dr. Andy Lowe), Dr. Titus Tossy from Tanzania completed his PhD from the University of Cape Town (South Africa). The Title of his thesis is "Cultivating Recognition: A Classic Grounded Theory of E-learning Providers Working in East Africa". Congratulations !

Congratulations to for successfully defending her dissertation, Behaving Collaboratively and Getting Along: A Classical Grounded Theory of Certified Nurse Midwives Collaborating With Physicians in U.S. Hospitals, on Feb. 2013. It was the first time her Chair has had a dissertation pass without changes!

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  • The Glaser Grounded Theory Reader

    Corbin, J. & Strauss, A. (1990). Grounded theory method: Procedures, canons, and evaluative criteria. , 13, 3-21.

  • What type of sampling would be used at each of these ( 11)

    How should one use the literature? How treat lit differently from L&G?

  • Basics of Grounded Theory Analysis is

    What is the role of interview guides in GT? (p.180)—how “grounded” will our studies here really be?

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To develop your ability to evaluate a groundedtheory

Another seminar graduate, Jennifer Klimek Yingling, has just received her PhD from Rutgers University. Congratulation ! Her dissertation is titled, Negotiating Emotional Order: A Grounded Theory of the Survivorship Process in Women Who Have Completed Treatment for Breast Cancer.

Grounded theory: a thumbnail sketch - Bob Dick

FURTHER STILL: Developinginductive categories, but limiting your findings to a presentation of themes and definitions, grounded in thereality of the participants (not discussing relationship between categories,conditions, consequences, etc., or merely presenting different domains ofcategories and subcategories, but not discussing the relationships betweenthem); bringing an overt value stance into your research with you (likefeminism).

Grounded theory: a description of the steps of the process

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Grounded theory: a thumbnail sketch

I am pleased to announce that another seminar participant has joined the ranks of fellow PhDs. Dr. Juliet Thomas successfully defended her dissertation this spring at Edge Hill University. Her dissertation is titled:"Finessing Incivility: how student nursesrespond to issues concerning their status and learning: A groundedtheory". Congratulations Juliet!

Master Thesis Grounded Theory - …

Wade Cockburn defended his dissertation last November andjust received word that his degree was awarded. Wade participated inour June 2010 and May 2011 GT seminars in Mill Valley. His dissertationis titled: TheSomatic Relationship Between Mind­-Body Therapists and Their Parents: AGrounded Theory Study. Best of luckto .

Phd Thesis Using Grounded Theory - …

A big congratulations to . Brid, who attended a number of Grounded Theory Seminars in Mill Valley and New York, successfully defended her thesis titled “Anticipatory Vigilance: A Classic Grounded Theory of Risk Reduction and Management in the Perioperative Setting”. The defence was conducted in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork, Ireland. Well done!

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