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Whimsy Is Forever: Thesis Survival Kit

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Lastly, not only is it easy to find, but also easy to use by the 'average' person that has had little or no training in outdoor survival, which the majority of people are not. This is for the man or woman that thinks about these things maybe once or twice a year and doesn't have the time, money or the knowledge to purchase one of the more "advanced military style" kits.

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Put together a teacher survival kit—on the cheap!—for back to school or anytime. Customize these labels with each teacher's name, then print on a sheet of self-stick labels or on card stock to cut apart as gift tags. For $5 or less you can get a mug and fill it with ibuprofen, antacid, earplugs, an energy bar, a bag of tea, and a few pieces of individually wrapped candy.

survival emergency kit {the first 3 hours}

Will you be posting the survival kit for the first 3 hours?

I cannot even begin to say how many ways or things you can pack your kit into. I do offer a couple of suggestions only to get you thinking. I simplest is just to use the plastic grocery bags that you bought your items in. They work. The first I considered was the gallon 'zip lock' bag. Easy to use, found anywhere and water proof, this bag works great. The biggest drawback for either of these bags is they have limited durability when tossed into the truck of a vehicle or behind the seat. Also, they have a 'trashy' look, as my wife describes them. I tend to agree. The idea here is to have it when you need it and most people who are not 'survival minded' will not like either of these in their vehicles.

If you want a more 'advanced' kit, I suggest a roll of 10+ pound test line ($1.74), a box of split shot ($.77) and a box of hooks ($.88). That kit will run you $3.39. Now you have lots of fishing line and hooks. I like the split shot for my survival kit because it can be continuously reused. Although there are some advantages to this kit for more advanced people, I have not found it to be vastly superior to the basic snell hooks and technically, this advanced kit is 6.5 times the price.

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There you have it, the RK Budget Emergency Survival Kit. It is simple, easy to get, easy to use and works. If you have a 'better' item, then use it. But remember, if you keep your 'best kit' in your house or your vehicle, it isn't with you when you need it if you go out in your wife's car or in your boat. Most people cannot carry a survival kit or "pocket" survival kit on a daily bases, it just isn't practical, but you can put one close at hand. With the price of this kit, anyone can afford it and you can afford to put it in all your vehicles. Then when you get 'jammed' you will be covered, no matter what vehicle or where you are.

Tinder is the other tool to get a fire started. What is tinder? To the average person, this means something that burns. To a survivalist, it means the very bases for their success at getting a fire started. Many survivalists spend a great deal of time to perfect their own way to 'tinder' their fires. Most people do not. I do not include anything specific for tinder in this kit, because it has 'trash' for tinder. The packing materials (paper) from your items can provide easy 'tinder' for you or even the cotton from your aspirin bottle will work. Roll up a little piece of the cardboard backing of one of the packages and you have usable tinder. Even you have to use a 'stack' of several matches to get your fire going, you have them to use. Fire starting is important, don't short yourself on matches.

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    A survival kit provides the necessary tools for day-to-day existence in a temperate wilderness

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Shelter is one of the single most important goals for survival. Take it seriously, because being exposed to the elements is what kills most people. It can be made with a variety of ways including the use of a PVC poncho or all weather foil blankets. Although I will concede that the PVC poncho does in fact make a decent shelter and is compact, under extreme circumstances, such as high winds, it is easily ripped or torn. In this kit, I include a 6' x 8' Plastic Tarp with 4 - 10" steel tent pegs. This is a real shelter! You can easily make a long lasting shelter with it. With a little practice, you can design a large, Lean-To, a basic pup tent or a 'tubular' tent. The 'tubular' is the best of the bunch because it is low and less likely to take wind damage and gives you a plastic floor to lie on instead of the ground. Personally, I can live without padding to sleep on, if I can lie on a dry area. The one drawback of the tarp is that it is harder, not impossible; to use it as a mobile shelter like you can in wearing a poncho. It will also allow you to easily move your camp. If it is raining, you need to be collecting water instead of walking around anyway.

what a great novelty gift for the newly weds you8217; ..

Fire starting is the single most important thing to survive in any environment. Fire can be used for light, cooking, protection and proves a general 'mental' state of calmness, which is so important to any survivalist. Starting a fire can be a difficult task if you do not have the right tools for the job. Even then, actually getting a fire going can be difficult for most people. There are really 2 parts to fire starting: A) the spark and B) the tinder.
The spark is easiest with a lighter or match. On the average, it takes a person about 3-5 matches to really get a fire going. Sound crazy? Try it. Then try it in high wind. Then try it in wet grass. Most people do not have extended experience lighting fires outside of their BBQ grill or birthday candles. This kit has 128 matches of the Blue Diamond standard wooden matches. Yes it is a lot of them, but if you have trouble lighting your fire, it could take up to 6-8 matches to get it done.

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First thing to do in any 'wound' type of emergency is get it CLEAN. Ask your doctor, nurse or veterinarian, if you don't believe me. That means wash it out with simple anti-bacterial soap and water. How many first aid kits have you seen with soap in them? The next thing is to KEEP it clean by using clean bandage materials. Ok, now you are clean and your wound is taken care of. What happens tomorrow if you lose your bandage material while scrounging or your wound needs to be additionally cleaned each day? Most kits only include a few bandages. This is a problem that you don't need to deal with in a survival situation! This kit includes 60 band-aids, which cost about $1.00 and a bar of soap, costing around $.60 at your local Walmart or drug store.

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