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Help cant do my essay aggravation to frustration in the revoly of mother and the revolt

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It must have been not long after that he married ,whose earlier life isdescribed vividly by Procopius in his Secret History, where he provided additions tohis History of the Wars of Justinian which were too lurid to publish. hadbeen one of three daughters of the bearkeeper employed by the Green faction in theHippodrome, and her mother was a professional dancer and actress. When father died, her mother remarried and hoped thatthe Greens wouldappoint her new husband bearkeeper, for in the bearkeepers' guild positions usuallypassed from father to son, but the decision belonged to the lead pantomime dancerto make and he was bribed to appoint someone else. Destitute, the mother and herdaughters presented their petition in the Hippodrome, where the Greens rejectedthem, but the Blues, who had lost their bearkeeper, gave stepfather thejob. herself became a mime actress as soon as shewas old enough. and Justinian were to remain Blue aficionados;indeed, up until the "Nika"revolt of 532, Justinian showed open favoritism towards the Blues.

What kind of person is Mother in “The Revolt of Mother” and how does Freeman reveal her character?

What is the result when we who hear God's invitation come toHim? It is just as He says! Our sins are washed away. Our burdensare lifted. Our spiritual thirst is quenched. Moreover, the effectsof the curse are overturned and the proper desires of the humanheart are provided for, not by man in rebellion against God, tobe sure, but by the gracious and forgiving God Himself from whomall truly good gifts come. The curse was the confusion of languages,but God brings blessing from the curse. He gives understandingin spite of the language barrier and even promises (Pentecostis an earnest of the fulfillment) that the nations will worshiptogether, presumably in one voice and with full understandingof each other. The Babylonians wanted a city. Their city couldnot stand. But God provides His people with a city with foundationsthat will endure forever. Nimrod's people wanted a name. But tothose who stand with God and who overcome, God promises: "Himwho overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Neveragain will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my Godand the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which iscoming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write onhim my new name. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spiritsays to the churches" (Rev. 3:12,13). ­James MontgomeryBoice .

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This dispute arose from an edict issued by Justinian in 544 condemning theteachings of Theodoret of Cyrrhus, Ibas of Edessa and Theodore of Mopsuestia. Thelast of these was one of the theologians whose teachings fathered Nestorianism andTheodoret and Ibas had been friends and supporters of Nestorius. By condemningthese three theologians of the previous century, Justinian hoped to make it clear thatthe orthodox position differed sharply from Nestorianism and to give the lie to thoseMonophysites who argued that the theology of the Nestorians and that of theChalcedonians on the nature of the Trinity was essentially the same. However theCouncil of Chalcedon had brought Theodoret and Ibas back into communion with theChurch and Theodore, who had died before the council took place, was held inrespect by the Chalcedonians. It was Justinian's theological adviser of the moment,Theodore Askidas, who suggested that a condemnation of the Three 'Chapters'would make for harmony between the Catholics and the Monophysites. Additionally, he wasprobably motivated in part by animosity towards the papal nuncio in Constantinople,Pelagius, later to become pope himself. In fact, the condemnation was irrelevant asfar as the Monophysites were concerned and it aroused hostility in the west,particularly in Africa. Sentiment among Catholics in the west was such that Vigiliushad little choice but to refuse to accept the condemnation.

The persecution continued into the early 530s when used her influence topromote dialogue. In 531 a Monophysite delegation came to Constantinople wherethe imperial couple gave them quarters in the Palace of Hormisdas. There visited them every two or three days, sometimes bringing Justinian with her, and inthe spring, 532, he sponsored a three-day conference between five Chalcedonianbishops and five followers of Severus. Severus himself came from Egypt in thewinter of 534/5 along with Theodosius, who became patriarch of Alexandria in early535, and these two came to an agreement with Anthimus, the new patriarch ofConstantinople. This was an opportunity to rally the moderates on both sides of theschism and, unfortunately, it came to nothing. In 536 Pope Agapetus arrived fromRome on a mission of the Gothic king Theodahad and won Justinian back toChalcedonian doctrine. In Dante's Divine Comedy Justinian pays tribute toAgapetus for his intervention, but in the light of history, papal intransigence has agreat deal to answer for. Having abandoned compromise to satisfy the pope,Justinian returned to force as the chosen weapon of Chalcedonian belief. Anthimus,who was replaced by a patriarch consecrated by Agapetus, disappeared into thePalace of Hormisdas where he remained, outliving his protector .

Revolt of mother summary analysis essay

The Revolt Of Mother Essay Examples - Download Free …

5. expository- an attempt to enable an audience to understand something unfamiliar through a clear explanation which sets forth a number of connected facts
6. letter to the editor- an attempt to introduce or respond to a current issue of civil importance by combining elements of an argumentative (rational) and persuasive (emotional) essay in a very brief format (100-150 words).
7. narrative- an attempt to enable an audience to understand something unfamiliar through a compelling story which sets forth a series of connected events
8. persuasive- an attempt to convince an audience to think or act in a certain way based upon emotional appeals (pathos)

For left no doubt about where her religioussympathies lay. It may be thatshe was converted in the Monophysite stronghold, Alexandria, by the patriarchTimothy III (517-535), who ventured to shelter the patriarch of Antioch, Severus, thechief Monophysite spokesman during his lifetime, when he was driven from his seeon accession. Procopius relates that before she met Justinian, she hadaccompanied the governor of Libya, Hecebolus, to his province and when heabandoned her, she made her way to Alexandria and thence to the capital, and a lateseventh-century Egyptian text reports that in Alexandria she met Timothy. Procopiuscharged that the theological differences of the imperial couple were intended simplyto stir up trouble, but both were devoted to their doctrinal tenets and both were ableto defend them in debate. Justinian respected his wife's beliefs; he promised herwhen she was on her deathbed in 548 that he would continue to protect theMonophysite heretics whom she sheltered in the palace of Hormisdas inConstantinople. He kept his promise. At the same time, neither Justinian nor could have been unaware of the civil advantages oftheir privatetheological "quarrel": as long as the Monophysites felt that they had a champion atcourt, their allegiance to the emperor and the empire would remain secure.

Need writing the revolt of mother essay
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What remained of the great emperor's achievement? His successor , out of acombination of necessity and foolhardiness, denied the 'barbarians' the subsidieswhich had played a major role in Justinian's defense of the frontiers, and, to be fair, which had also been provided by emperors before him. Subsidies had been part of policy as well, butthat was before the plague, while the imperial economy was still expanding. Theresult of change of policy was renewed hostilitywith Persia and a shift ofpower in the Balkans. In 567 the Avars and Lombards joined forces against theGepids and destroyed them. But the Lombards distrusted their allies and next yearthey migrated into Italy where Narses had just been removed from command andrecalled, though he disobeyed orders and stayed in Rome until his death. By the endof the century only a third of Italy was in Byzantine hands. On the eastern frontier, alienated the Ghassanid allies and lost the fortress ofDaras, a reverse whichoverwhelmed his frangible sanity. For this Justinian can hardly be blamed. No one can deny hisgreatness; a recent study by Asterios Gerostergios (see Bibliography) even lionizeshim. But if we look at his reign with the unforgiving eye of hindsight, it appears tobe a brilliant effort to stem the tide of history, and in the end, it was more a failurethan a moderate success.

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Misfortune crowded into the final years of Justinian's reign. There was anotherSamaritan revolt in midsummer, 556. Next year, in December, a great earthquakeshook Constantinople and in May of the following year, the dome of Justinian's newHagia Sophia collapsed, and had to be rebuilt with a new design. About the sametime, the plague returned to the capital. Then in early 559 a horde of Kutrigur 'Huns'(proto-Bulgars) crossed the frozen Danube and advanced into the Balkans. It splitinto three columns: one pushed into Greece but got no further than Thermopylae,another advanced into the Gallipoli peninsula but got no further than the Long Wall,which was defended by a young officer from Justinian's native city, while the third,most dangerous spearhead led by the 'Hun' khan, Zabergan himself, made forConstantinople. Faced with this attack and without any forces for defense, Justiniancalled Belisarius out of retirement, and Belisarius, using a scratch force, the core ofwhich was 300 of his veterans, ambushed the Kutrigur horde and routed it. Once theimmediate danger was over, however, Justinian recalled Belisarius and took chargehimself. The news that Justinian was reinforcing his Danube fleet made theKutrigurs anxious and they agreed to a treaty which gave them a subsidy and safepassage back across the river. But as soon as they were north of the Danube, theywere attacked by their rivals the Utigurs who were incited by Justinian to relievethem of their booty. The Kutrigurs raided Thrace again in 562, but they and theUtigurs were soon to fall prey to the Avars who swept out of the Asian steppes inthe early 560s.

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