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Thesis Statement on A Time Essay Gay Marriage | …

There are generally two approaches to the issue of gay marriage, legal andGay Marriage.

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Good thesis statement for legalizing gay marriage - …

Supreme Court to allow lower court rulings permitting gay marriage in a number of states to stand provides a useful basis from which to contemplate a thesis statement supporting the right of homosexuals to marry.

Good thesis statement for legalizing gay marriage

Thus, according to the Church, this act of the will or motiveto beget children that renders the marital act lawful and moral and that areperformed by the spouses before every marital sexual act, is used by them toexcuse the shameful and intoxicating nature of the marital sexual act, justlike a sick person excuses his usage of an intoxicating drug with the motive ofalleviating his suffering or illness. St. Thomas Aquinas also confirms thetruth that the marital act must be excused since it is intoxicating like adrug, teaching that: “because the reason is carried away entirely onaccount of the vehemence of the pleasure, so that it is unable to understandanything at the same time, [as in the case of intoxication of drugs]...the marriage act also will always be evil unless it be excused...”(, Q. 49, Art. 1, 5)

Thesis statement pro gay marriage

Thesis Statements: Granting legal marriage rights to gays and lesbians would threaten the stability of the family, a pillar of our society.

Birth control is a contravention of God’s purpose for marriageand that all children conceived during routine sexual intercourse (withoutregard to time of the month during the ovulation cycle or other matters) shouldbe welcomed as blessings. Based upon Bible verses that describe God acting to“open and close the womb” (see Genesis 20:18, 29:31, 30:22; 1 Samuel 1:5-6;Isaiah 66:9), all members of the Christian Church must believe that DivineProvidence alone should control how many and how often children are conceivedand born. It is a sad fact of our times, but use of birth control is directlyand intimately connected with modern feminism, an anti-child mentality,worldliness, as well as abortion, because birth control is used for the samereasons why a woman aborts her child. When people who use birth control getpregnant, the chance for them getting an abortion is undoubtedly much higherthan for those good and virtuous spouses who wish to get a child.

This is amply demonstrated by the Natural Law in the followingexample of how and in what order the thought of wishing to become intoxicatedmust be excused, and this example suits our purpose perfectly, since themarital sexual act is much more intoxicating that many drugs that are unlawfulto abuse. For example, a person who is having a thought on Monday aboutsomething he will do on Thursday, thinks to himself that he will use a drug toget intoxicated on Thursday. Can this person think or say to himself that hewill or wishes to get intoxicated on Thursday without first excusing thisthought with an absolutely necessary motive, such as pain relief? Of coursenot. The moment a person thinks to himself that he will become intoxicatedwithout first excusing this thought with an absolutely necessary motive, hecommits an inherently evil and sinful act, since all evil acts (such asintoxication) must always first be excused by an absolutely necessary motivebefore consent to the act can be made in the mind. This absolutely proves thatwishing to perform “the marriage act also will always be evil unless it beexcused” (St. Thomas Aquinas, ) if one wishes it inthe mind before one can consent to performing the actual act, orconsent to the secondary and unnecessary purposes of the marital sexual act.

Thesis Statement for Gay Marriage Essay - 252 Words

For Example: Love is Blind;Your thesis statement should be very strong to convince the readers on legalizing gay marriage.

It cannot be more clearly stated. And there is a reason forthe tradition. The main reason why clerical celibacy is doctrinal and notdisciplinary, is because the cleric in major orders, by virtue of hisordination, contracts a marriage with the Church, and he cannot be a bigamist(the crime of marrying a person while one is still legally married to someoneelse). As our fathers in the Faith still explain it, these clerics are virginsin order to be true disciples and ministers of Christ, a virgin consecrated toHis Spouse. St. Jerome, in his treatise, , basesclerical celibacy on the virginity of Christ. Thus as early as 306 the Councilof Elvira in Spain imposed sanctions on virgins who had been unfaithful totheir consecration to God and their vow of virginity. At the same time theCouncil of Ancyra (314) declared that consecrated virgins who marry were guiltyof bigamy, since they were espoused to Christ. In 364 the civil law, underValens, declared that anyone who married a consecrated virgin was subject tothe death penalty. Canon 16 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon (451)states that: “It is not lawful for a virgin who has dedicated herself to theLord God, nor for monks, to marry; and if they are found to have done this, letthem be excommunicated.” St. Peter Damian adds: “No one can be ignorant of thefact that all the Fathers of the Catholic Church unanimously imposed theinviolable rule of continence on clerics in major orders. The Body of theLord in the sacrament of the altar is the same as the one carried by theimmaculate hands of the Virgin at Bethlehem. To be able to touch It, it is necessaryto have pure hands, sanctified by perfect continence.”

St. Jerome, (c. 393 A.D.): “See myexpress declaration that marriage is allowed in the Gospel, yet that those whoare married cannot receive the rewards of chastity so long as they render theirdue one to another. If married men feel indignant at this statement, let themvent their anger not on me but on the Holy Scriptures; nay, more, upon allbishops, presbyters, and deacons, and the whole company of priests and levites,who know that they cannot offer sacrifices if they fulfill the obligations ofmarriage.” (, Letter 48, To Pammachius, Section10)

Granting legal marriage rights under the law must extend to gays and lesbians to ensure that all citizens enjoy full human rights.
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Why Homosexual Marriage Matters For Straight Men – …

, the nobility used marriages for political purposes, but they essentially took advantage of a pre-existing instutition for their own benefit, and the vast majority of people throughout history were not nobility constructing political alliances but were nonetheless validly married. in this country, "in a legal sense", marriage is a right. maybe the pro-gay marriage forces will eventually achieve that, but you would have an easier sale if you were more tolerant of those with dissenting views instead of trying to force your views on them. good thesis report famu online good thesis statement research paper rights financial economics hol es early call good thesis statement research paper rights micah ! marriage is traditionally one and one; one man and one woman. refer to the six states that have marriage equality for proof of that statement. response to the hetero-only lunch counter, one could respond by mentioning how many gays have been banned from their own families' dinner tables (and homes).@i don't take the train,I don't understand how society is better off when we redefine marriage to fit a whim of the radical left. i guarantee you americans will never stand for incestuous marriages. top six arguments against gay marriage (and why they all fail). therefore, i oppose redefining marriage to extend benefits to others.-sex marriage does not fundamentally alter the basic idea of two people agreeing to unite for life and taking on the responsibilities and privileges of that agreement. for example, the wedding photographer in nm who refused to photograph a gay wedding because it violated her religious belief, or the b & b in (i think) virginia that refused to host a gay wedding ceremony. because i also have an emotional response -- a positive one -- toward my gay friends and colleagues who are lucky enough to find loving partners. is really helpful to a reader who might be getting confused,or who is skimming the thesis or reading it piecemeal or out of., imo, is not a civil right, it is not even a so-called human right--so all this talk about equality with marriage is just the left trying to tie the issue to civil rights, which is utter nonsense. for example, in a two-person marriage, one spouse is automatically granted absolute decision-making power in the event that the other spouse is incapacitated. by changing the definition/tradition of marriage, it opens the door even more for society and the government to change other traditions. if not for man and woman, there would not be the concept of marriage ! saying you don't like marriage generally, and this would just mean more of it, won't cut it because it sidesteps the whole issue, which is obviously about discrimination against gays., will never agree with gay marriage, so i will never agree with you, or the chicago tribune, and if fact am thinking of canceling my subscription because of their promoting it. thesis statement for legalizing gay marriage,writing the thesis proposal some students arriving with either a master's degree or with prior coursework in computational social science could take less than four years. manny pacquiao, a fighter and congressman in the philippines, said he didn't want or like same sex marriage. you think gays are more special and more equal than muslims or old school mormons etc.-sex marriage entails none of the legal nightmares of polyandry, while prohibition deprives committed same-sex couples exactly the same legal advantages and obligations applied to opposite sex couples under current law.. cancelled an appearance he was to have there with mario lopez because of those statements. your problems with the state of marriage today and the proliferation of children with unmarried parents certainly have nothing to do with gays or their desire to seek legally recognized relationships. number is still "one" for same-sex marriage, so you haven't explained why a change in the gender rules changes the number rules. so far, the voters in most states have voted to not change marriage because they recognize that marriage is not a broken institution in itself like other harmful/useless/tired traditions were. the following sections, i'll start with advice about the thesis. or how about the fact that a same sex couple can say they are married right now, but if a poly-marriage went public they can be put in jail?"my answer was not much of an olive branch:gay people have been treated horribly in our society and most other societies for, well, forever. (in other words, call it marriage and extend it to all or get the government out of the "marriage" business and make something called a "civil union" the legal accompaniment to a religious marriage, i don't care, just apply it equally to all.

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Once done there, gay marriage--like quickie Nevada divorces--will have to be recognized "under the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution" throughout the rest

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