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Modular Master of Theology in Preaching

An analysis of biblical perspectives on the Second Coming of Christ, in contrast to many popular ideas of the rapture.

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Trouble with Oliphint's Incarnational Model for Theology Proper

By contrast, although Dispensational Theology recognizes that the redemption of elect human beings is very important part of God’s purpose for history it is convinced that it is only one part of that purpose....

 Additional Considerations for Enrolling in the Master of Theology in Preaching:

There are some who argue that the Bible was relevant for a different time and age. However, Biblical theology provides the basis and also the means for examining how the Bible can impact human lives even today. This is something that has been attested time and again by those who can safely be classified as serious Christians. Biblical Theology provides Christians with all the knowledge and grace of the divine plan of redemption provided by God through his Son Jesus Christ. This forms the very basis of the Christian faith and, hence, Biblical Theology provides deep insight into all the doctrines, precepts, and principles that are central to and part and parcel of Christian faith and living.

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The biblical languages requirement may be satisfied by one of the following methods:

Dispensational Theologians have named the fifth dispensation after the new ruling factor because that is the factor which made the fifth dispensation distinct from the fourth.

Dispensational Theologians have named the fourth dispensation after the new ruling factor, since that is the factor which made the fourth dispensation distinct from the third.

Advanced Biblical and Theological ResearchBiblical Theology

*Graduates of a Biblical Theological Seminary MA or MDiv degree program receive the alum discount.

Since Dispensational Theologians normally name each new dispensation after its new ruling factor or factors, it might be better to call the last dispensation the Dispensation of the Righteous Reign of Christ.

Dispensational Theologians have named the sixth dispensation after the new ruling factor because that is the factor which makes the sixth dispensation distinct from the fifth.

Communication in Context, Biblical Theology, Choice of OT or NT Seminars, Thesis 1
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    (4) My objections are theological in nature and do not require that one adhere to any particular school of philosophy.

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It matters not whether one believes the covenantal properties are God or creature, a raft of undesirable theological consequences seems to follow of necessity upon either view.

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Nathan Finn, dean for the school of theology and missions, teaches outside of Jennings Hall. - Kristi McMurry Woody

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Nathan Finn, dean for the school of theology and missions, teaches outside of Jennings Hall. - Kristi McMurry Woody

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