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The insanity defense is impracticle in it's present usage and should therefore be abolished.

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Master's thesis defens...

In this thesis, an effective method for automated defect detection on wind turbine blades is proposed. Over a period of time the wind power industry has collected large imagery data of wind turbine blades. Today, a human operator systematically assesses all images captured, maps and reports the defects found in accordance with a defect catalogue. Based on the fact that most defects can be regarded as combinations of several image features, the proposed method first extracts all the features as an input vector and then recognizes the defects using a trained classifier. The proposed method is trained and evaluated using a constrained defect dataset of 50 000 images. As a result, the method reached state-of-the-art 99% accuracy in recognition rates. This shows the superiority of the proposed method for wind turbine blade defect recognition.

      Master's thesis defens...

[2] Winkel, Susan. Free Fill, Responsibility & Forensic Psychiatry: An Exploration of Justifications for the Insanity Defense. GGzet Wetenschappelijk, Vol. 17, No. 1: 36, 44 (2013).

The Insanity Defense in Practice

Master´s thesis defens...

Laws establishing a “guilty but mentally ill” (GBMI) verdict are inappropriate for two reasons. First, they are inappropriate because the GBMI verdict is no different in practice from a finding of guilty. Second, they are inappropriate because this alternative to the insanity defense may confuse jurors. These fundamental problems persist whether the GBMI verdict is provided in addition to, or as a replacement for, the NGRI verdict.

An individual who is acquitted on the basis of insanity should be treated. However, it is critically important, both out of concern for promoting the public safety and out of concern for the defendant’s rights, that the purpose of this treatment is rehabilitation, not to serve as a punitive alternative to imprisonment. That is, the aim of the treatment should be to eventually release an individual into the community, not to punish that individual for a crime for which the defendant has been judged not morally culpable.

Master's thesis defens...

Master's Thesis Defens...

A diminished capacity defense is different from a mens rea defense, but the two overlap considerably and there is not always a clear distinction between the two. A diminished capacity defense allows for mitigation of a criminal conviction based on the defendant’s mental impairment, even if the insanity and mens rea defenses have both failed.[] The diminished capacity defense reflects the notion that a defendant, while guilty, may, nevertheless, be guilty of a less serious crime due to mental impairment.

Mette Friis will defend her Master's thesis Tuesday 21 August 2012 at 15:00 in Rockefeller 071.

Darach J. Watson

Thesis title: "A search for thermal emission in gamma-ray burst"

Kamil Kozinski's PhD thesis defence
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  • Recently, a fellow graduate student defended his master’s thesis

    He also received the 2006 Jurisprudence Award fromthe Anti-Defamation League and the Justice Louis D.

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    Defining the Defenses

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    The Defenses in Practice

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Thesis defense seems to be a day of torture to you

In my opinion the iunsanity defense is impossible to maintain on the basis of rules such as the M'Naghten Rule, and the relationship between law and psychiatry must be reestablished on a more scientific level, based on the neurological work now going on in the brain sciences.

Thesis Defense - Justin Bandoro (EAPS) - MIT Events

On June 13th, 2017, Aleksandra Ruminska defended her PhD thesis and received doctor's degree with highest distinction (summa cum laude).Thesis title: ‘Role of lipid metabolism in endocannabinoid-dependent regulation of skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity'. Supervisor: prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyn

Thesis Defense Presentation - YouTube

Section 4.01 of the Model Penal Code (MPC), promulgated by the American Law Institute (ALI),[] provides a comprehensive insanity defense. Section 4.01 of the MPC remains substantially unchanged from when it was initially drafted in 1962 and currently provides as follows:

Thesis Defense - Adam R. Sarafian (EAPS) - MIT Events

(2) As used in this Article, the terms “mental disease or defect” do not include an abnormality manifested only by repeated criminal or otherwise anti-social conduct.

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Daniel Lawther will defend his master's thesis Friday 10 May 2013 at 15:00 in the DARK lounge.

Title: Disentangling the light : an imaging study of FeLoBAL quasar host galaxies

Advisor: Marianne Vestergaard

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Iron low-ionization broad absorption quasars (FeLoBALs) are a subset of quasars that
display broad (v>2000 km s-1) absorption troughs in one or more of their low-ionization broad emission lines, along with broad (or overlapping) absorption lines due to metastable Feii transitions. These objects are potentially an important clue as to the morphology and / or evolution of quasars in general: perhaps FeLoBAL objects are ordinary quasars seen at a certain viewing angle, or perhaps they are quasars seen at a certain evolutionary phase. A statistical comparison of FeLoBAL host galaxies to those of ordinary quasars may allow us to di erentiate between these scenarios.
This thesis is a study of four FeLoBAL host galaxies using Hubble Space Telescope
HST imaging data in the rest-frame ultraviolet (UV) and optical. Measuring the host galaxy
brightness in these two bands can constrain the presence of a young stellar population. To reduce the contrast between host galaxy and quasar in the rest-frame UV, the FeLoBALs were observed in a lter that overlaps with their BAL troughs - direct light from the nucleus should therefore be strongly absorbed in this lter. Nevertheless, all four quasars appeared as point sources in these observations. Simulations were performed to determine limiting host galaxy brightnesses in the rest-frame ultraviolet. The quasars were also imaged in an infrared (rest-frame optical) lter; in these images, extended ux was detected for 3 of 4 objects, and Sersic pro les were tted to the host galaxy, yielding host galaxy brightnesses and scale sizes. Detection and measurement of the FeLoBAL host galaxies is strongly sensitive to the accuracy of a point spread function (PSF) subtraction, especially in the rest-frame ultraviolet where the four quasars are strongly nucleus-dominated. I have performed tests to compare the reliability of empirical PSF templates (stacked stellar templates for HST ACS/WFC, single stellar templates for NICMOS) and analytical PSF models (Tiny Tim).
Three of the FeLoBAL host galaxies were detected in the rest-frame optical imaging; their
brightnesses and scale sizes are consistent with the ndings of non-BAL quasar host galaxy studies.
The upper limits on the FeLoBAL host galaxy brightnesses in the rest-frame ultraviolet, combined with the host galaxy brightnesses obtained in the rest-frame optical, suggest that the FeLoBALs do not possess a young stellar population - or, at least, constrain a young stellar population to a region hidden from the ACS observations (an unresolved nuclear region, or possibly a region hidden by the BAL out ow).
These results depend on the method used to t the host galaxies in the NICMOS images being robust. The host galaxy ts were hampered by the lack of a high signal-to-noise PSF star observation, and relied on tting Sersic pro les to the wings of the host galaxy, where PSF mismatch was less important. Tests of this tting method using simulated quasar images are necessary to ascertain the robustness of the measured host galaxy brightnesses. The robustness of the conclusion that FeLoBAL host galaxies lack a young stellar population is dependent on the outcome of such tests.

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