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In addition to literature studies, a questionnaire survey and a case study to identify industry concerns, feasible solutions, and practical procedure oriented approaches through knowledge extractions were carried out. A set of guidelines, a checklist for its implementation and prototype system for computerized decision support to design and maintenance of building automation systems were also produced. These strategic approaches to balance design and maintenance will help facilitate appropriate decision making in the early design stage for sustainable maintenance of buildings.

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Sustainable design, LEED, the Integrated Design Process, and other related practices are relatively new developments in the construction industry. In your future jobs, you will likely need to educate many project stakeholders, such as clients, about these new developments. This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to identify and analyze some of the career opportunities emerging as a result of the green revolution, while you familiarize yourselves with LEED rating system.
As a sustainability expert, imagine that you have been asked to facilitate the first design meeting for new administrative offices for the local school board. The school board is not very familiar with sustainable building rating systems but wants to be as “green” as possible and achieve a LEED Gold rating.
The site is located in Toronto and is accessible by public transportation. The grounds are surrounded by low-rise residential development and mid-rise office buildings. The building will be an 8 storey office building which will house offices and supporting spaces for the administration staff, including kitchenettes and a gym. The site has an existing building on it, which will be demolished, and is surrounded by a limited number of paved parking spaces. The client is interested in incorporating a renewable energy source and is focused on durability and keeping the maintenance cost low.

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Criteria Reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: Achieved?
3.1 Evaluate the types of construction used for the superstructure of domestic buildings
3.2 Evaluate the types of construction used for the superstructure of industrial and commercial buildings
3.3 Discuss the specifications of internal finishes commonly used in buildings
3.4 Evaluate how the installation of primary services
4.1 Explain the causes of decay and deterioration in buildings and building services
4.2 Compare planned, cyclical and reactive maintenance works
4.3 Evaluate the relationship between design, construction, maintenance and the causes of dilapidations

This research explores the barriers and limitations of the interaction between building development processes in an attempt of an integrated decision support approach to improve building design for effective maintenance in the field of office building automation.

thesis building maintenance management

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Landscape Maintenance is a landscaping company serving premier full service commercial and residential customers. With many years of experience in the industry landscape maintenance facility and grounds.

Extensive coverage of literature and practice in office building industry over the last two decades indicates a wide diffusion and application of the information and communication technologies (ICT). While this has resulted in the adoption of advanced system integration in buildings, system redundancy and excessive expenditures are causing a major impact on the overall efficiency and has burdened building owners and occupiers with escalating maintenance costs. This phenomenon stimulates and warrants the re-examination of integrated building development, not just on system integration but also on the interdisciplinary development process integration particularly linking design and maintenance.

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    Building Maintenance Processes, Principles, Procedures, Practices and Strategies

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Preventative maintenance maintenance thesis is

Superstructure Construction and Building Maintenance
Purpose of this assignment
This assignment sets out to satisfy learning outcomes 3 and 4 of this Unit, namely:
LO3 Understand the Types of Superstructure Design and Construction
LO4 Understand The Causes of Decay and Deterioration of Buildings.
Scenario 1:
You are a trainee civil engineer for a developer who has two sites to develop: a brownfield and a greenfield site. While the greenfield site is for the development of residential buildings, the brownfield site is for light industrial use
The greenfield site is located adjacent woodland and about 75% of the site contains mature oak trees, of which a small number is protected by tree preservation orders. The developer intends constructing 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom semi-detached and detached family houses respectively. As a trainee civil engineer you have been tasked with determining the most appropriate construction methods for the development and to design the foundation for one typical house.
The brownfield site is constrained and surrounded by existing developments on all sides. The brownfield is to be used for a commercial building with light industrial use.
The tasks below are to serve a guideline to producing the report
Task 1a : (LO3: 3.1)

Standard Building Condition Index

In 700 words, Identify and describe the causes of deterioration of each of the building services to both buildings.
In your answer, differentiate between which identify at least one problem for each element that is caused by poor design, poor construction and poor maintenance and/or negligence.
Task 2c : (LO4: 4.3)

Thesis topics may be very difficult to choose.

To best prepare for this visit, you should collect any written policies and procedures that are part of your company’s internal risk control efforts. These items might include hiring and disciplinary policies, job descriptions, drug testing policies, safety programs, training schedules or records, OSHA 300 forms, Return to Work Programs, fleet safety and maintenance programs, quality control practices, and fire protection inspections.

English | Future Graduate Students - McGill University

1. Discuss the need for planned, cyclic and reactive maintenance works for properties in preventing future deterioration of the buildings whether residential/domestic or commercial/industrial.

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