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On emergence of the ear upper 1/3rd of the spikelet is cut and lower spikelets are also removed. Of the remaining spikelets alternate ones on both sides of the axis are removed. The top spikele is held with forceps and pulled downwards and upwards to remove the upper florets of the spikelets. The glumes are separated and anthers left exposed are removed carefully and covered with butter paper cover.

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The panicles are enclosed in a Brown paper cover before a couple of hours of blooming. Heat develops inside due to which the anthers extrude, but donot dehisce. This happens in 15-30 minute then the anthers are easily clipped off. Stigmatic surface is then dusted with pollen grains collected from the chosen male parent. The crossed panicle is then properly tagged and protected with paper cover which is retained in a position for 7 – 10 days.

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Panicles on the 3rd or 4th day of its blooming are selected; top and lower splikelets are removed leaving only the middle. It is covered with a wet cloth and air is blown from mouth. This facilitates opening of spikelets. After 2-3 minutes, wet cloth is removed and spikelets are found to be open. Then, the six anthers are removed.

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In the previous day evening, top 1/3rd and bottom 1/3rd portions in the panicle of the desired female parent are clipped off by using scissors leaving the middle spikelets. With the help of scissors again, top 1/3 portion in each spikelet is clipped-off in a slanting position. The six anthers present in each spikelet are removed wit the help of the needle (Emasculation). Care must be taken during emasculation for not to damage the gynoecium. Then to prevent contamination form the foreign pollen, the emasculated spikelets are covered with a butter paper big. In the next day morning (usually at 9.00AM), the bloomed panicle from the desired male parent is taken. The top portion of the butter paper bag which was originally inserted in the emasculated female parent is now cut to expose the panicle. The male parent panicle is inserted in an inverted position into the butter paper bag and sturned in both ways in order to disperse the pollen. After ensuring the abundant disbursement of pollen, the opened butter paper bag is closed using a pin. Coloured thread may be tied at the base of the panicle to identify the crossed ones. After ensuring pollination, the bag may be removed.

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In this method hot water is kept in the flask and it is poured outside . After pouring out the water inside of the flask will be warm and humid. The panicle to be emasculated will be inserted into the flask and kept for some time. Due to high temperature and humidity the spikelets will get opened and the anthers are exposed which can be removed with the help of forceps.

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Emasculation is necessarily followed by controlled pollination. Emasculation is done during early morning between 6 and 8 AM in spikelets, due to open on the same day. Emasculation should be over well ahead of the time of anthesis. Crossing techniques in rice differ based on the method of emasculation. Since maximum number of spikelets open on the 3rd or 4th day of anthesis, panicles of that stage are selected for emasculation. The following methods are widely used for hybridization in rice.

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Much of the pollen grains shed within the floret and the crop is largely self pollinated. The glumes normally open during the flowering process, the anthers protrude from the glumes and part of the pollen grains is shed outside the flowers. Entry of foreign pollen at flower opening may result in a small extent of cross pollination which is normally less than one per cent.

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