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Recombinant or purified protein vaccines consist of ..

New Zealand Pathologist, Dr. John Rutherford, reportedly stated that he hid the cause of death of a teenage girl to prevent scaring parents away from the Gardasil HPV vaccine. The Gardasil HPV Vaccine is made by MERCK, who hopes to make huge profits to make up for lawsuits from VIOXX, a drug that was found to have caused 27,000 heart attacks in a court of law.

18 year old Jasmine Renata was found dead by her mother. The teenager had just received the last of three doses of the Gardasil HPV vaccine that sells for about $400.00 USD, and is made by injecting virus proteins of Sexually Transmitted Diseases viruses that are grown in mold, into the arm of children. If a child has an allergy or other inflammatory condition that results in a histamine release, the histamine in the blood (released by eosinophils and mast cells) will cause the blood brain barrier to open. This allows the vaccine with the STD proteins "glued" to aluminum hydroxide, to enter the brain, and cause the brain to become inflamed and swollen.

A recombinant protein vaccine against hepatitis B ..

We observed that new and increased sensitivities to mold and members of the Fungal Kingdom was common. We hypothesize that due to the failure of the host to timely clear the vaccine and its inflammatory payload, the host not only formed antibodies to the HPV Proteins in the vaccine, but also appeared to form aggressive antibodies to fungus (the HPV vaccine proteins are grown in a fungus). We further observed and investigated what turned out to be a related phenomenon. Because of this new or enhanced sensitivity to fungus, many of these children and adults now responded acutely to anything that contained citric acid, including the minute level of citric acid preservative found in a power-bar. After a lengthy investigation, we found that virtually all citric acid sold in the United Stated was manufactured synthetically by means of fermentation, and the favorite fermenting agent was Aspergillus Niger, a cousin to the fungus in the Gardasil HPV vaccine. By putting 10,000 gallons of corn oil or similar sugar-rich base in a vat, then adding Aspergillus Niger (black mold) and waiting a while for it to ferment, you didn't have to use lemons, limes, etc., or have to worry about citrus crop failures, or clean up peels, seeds, or leaves. You just had to filter out the mold at the end of the fermentation process... * BUT * .. you can't filter out the MYCOTOXINS, and this was what was causing many patients to experience a re-emergence of debilitating gastrointestinal and auto-immune symptoms. Whenever they ingested this commercially-made citric acid, many had varying degrees of adverse reactions, some lasting for days.

Recombinant Vaccine - GenScript

FACT: CUTTER vaccine division and WYETH produced a deadly Polio vaccine with a live virus that actually gave the recipient POLIO!

When Pharmaceutical Companies saw an increase of Encephalitis with more vaccines, they didn't remove them from the market. They patented the old vaccine process of coating nano-particles with Polysorbate-80 to be used for delivering cancer drugs into the brain. So how did the cancer get into the brain.... Perhaps through Gardasil, whose Polysorbate-80 coated vaccine nano-particles sliced through the blood brain barrier, and delivered a lethal dose of vaccine into the brain, WHICH HAS VIRTUALLY THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, including the hallmark high opening pressure during a Lumbar Puncture.

A diagnosis of FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) is virtually always caused by vaccines, which hyperactivate immune cells in the child's gut, and when food proteins passing through the gut come in contact with these sensitized immune cells, the immune cells take a picture of the DNA protein sequence of the food, and the child is now allergic to that food from that day on. With each additional vaccine and booster vaccine, the child or adult can become increasingly allergic to new foods, smells, and other substances they encounter. If neither parent had "FPIES" you can virtually be sure the child was one of the millions damaged by one or more vaccines, and MERCK and other companies are reaping huge profits from medications needed by these children to help with allergies, bowel disorders and constipation, pain and headache medications, leukemia drugs caused by impaired H3K4 tri-methylation which ultimately produces the Semaphorin 7, which has now been shown to be associated with childhood Leukemia. This may have happened because a concerned parent saw a slick ad for vaccines, or listened to a pediatrician attempting to sell his profitable wares (vaccines), without giving informed consent (telling all of what could go wrong with vaccines). The federal government has paid out millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to vaccine injured children in the secret VAERS vaccine court, that no doctor ever tells his patients about as part of "Informed Consent," a legal Fiduciary Duty that doctors simply ignore.

How Influenza (Flu) Vaccines Are Made | Seasonal …

30/05/2014 · How Influenza (Flu) Vaccines Are Made - CDC

MERCK's approach to Gardasil damage in children is to claim that children are faking their symptoms (Conversion Disorder), and that parents are responsible (including blaming parents for Munchausen Syndrome). Kaiser Permanente, who has monetary ties to MERCK, allowed an 18 yr old Gardasil victim's 25(OH)vitD to decline so badly that his spinal column began to fracture. Hiding evidence is exactly how MERCK responded to negative reports from another one their defective products: VIOXX. VIOXX CAUSED an estimated 180,000 heart attacks, of which 25,000 people sued in a court of law and won. Unfortunately, Gardasil has killed an estimated several thousand or more children, caused autoimmune disease and immune disorders in possibly 100s of thousands more children, plus a surge in food allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Gastroparesis, Interstitial Cystitis and other bladder issues, and quickly becomes worthless at killing HPV viruses as the viruses mutate, leaving many vaccine recipients with ever worsening food and environmental allergies, insomnia, degenerative nerve diseases, Histamine Intolerance, and an increasingly worsening quality of life, and Suicide. To "divide and conquer," and to inject an element of doubt, MERCK has a facebook group and multiple fake blogs. MERCK has also been fined for faking publications in "medical journals" to advertise its products.

Enthusiasm for DNA vaccination in humans is tempered by thefact that delivery of the DNA to cells is still not optimal,particularly in larger animals. Another concern is thepossibility, which exists with all gene therapy, that thevaccine's DNA will be integrated into host chromosomes and willturn on oncogenes or turn off tumor suppressor genes. Anotherpotential downside is that extended immunostimulation by theforeign antigen could in theory provoke chronic inflammation orautoantibody production

This “recombinant” vaccine virus is then mixed with insect cells and allowed to replicate.
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  • The efficiency of a recombinant vaccine is poorly ..

    The preparation of recombinant vaccines may be ..

  • Recombinant Vaccines by Wafa Vayani on Prezi

    10/05/2013 · Transcript of Recombinant Vaccines

  • Recombinant Vaccine production is based on the Recombinant DNA ..

    Recombinant viruses as vaccines against viral diseases

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shut off cell protein synthesis.

Pharyngeal cancers drastically increased since mass Gardasil HPV vaccinations began. The Gardasil HPV vaccine has been found to activate dormant viruses in children, who then spread them (shed viruses) (back) to family and friends through towels, washcloths, makeup, kissing, etc. The Gardasil HPV vaccine has also been documented to reactivate viruses in girls and boys several years later, causing chronic fatigue, memory loss, and seizures. A six week old infant was accidentally given the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and is now battling for his life with Leukemia. The toddler, Chace Topperwien of New Zealand, has a very rare form of cancer that "did not occur through the usual pathways." MERCK Pharmaceuticals has been found guilty of falsifying clinical trials and other records, and court testimony was provided by a MERCK employee that they tracked down and destroyed the reputation of doctors who complained. The Gardasil HPV vaccine is made by MERCK, the same company that caused thousands of deaths and heart attacks with drugs like VIOXX. If you make over $10 Million each day, you can afford quite a few Million dollar verdicts, or you can simply buy a few lawyers and congressmen, and have legislation passed that forbids the public from suing you. Guess what they did?

Recombinant DNA Vaccines | SpringerLink

AMERICAN ACADEMY of PEDIATRICS (AAP): Countries like Japan, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and many others give only about a dozen vaccines to children before age 5. These countries have autism rates as low as 1 in 2,200 children. People in these countries live considerably longer lives than people in the United States. Men in CUBA, who receive fewer vaccines, live longer than men in the United States.

PROBLEM: Pro-vaccine groups used South Korean kids as guinea pigs to prove vaccines are safe by vaccinating everyone for measles. Now they have to do a massive cover up.

Yeast recombinant hepatitis B vaccine | SpringerLink

How do vaccines cause autism? Here is part of that answer. Virii, bacteria, and fungi in vaccines, plus the chemicals that force the immune system to work and make antibodies (adjuvants), cause genetic switches to be turned on and off, and even more switches to be manipulated when gene mutations, polymorphisms, and environmental toxins are present, especially pathogens in the Fungal Kingdom. Genes can also switch other genes on and off, as in the case of autism and, a rapid aging disease where a child biologically ages many times faster than their actual age. This can cause certain parts of the body and brain to develop too early or too late, or too much or too little, or not at all. This can cause too much or too little development of proteins, neurons, etc., including the six layers of neurons in the developing brain, or cause neurons from different layers of the brain to mix together, resulting in seizures and pervasive development disorders, or it could cause too few or too many proteins in synapses, as in the case of . Gene variants may have their genesis pre-natally or post-nattily, and may be hereditary.

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