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These are used together with other surfactants in powder and liquid laundry detergents such as Ariel, Daz, Persil and Surf.

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BARCIA, C.; QUIROGA, E.; ARDANAZ, C.; QUIROGA, G. and BARBERIS, S. (2009). (Mol.) Molina pollen proteases. Application to the peptide synthesis and to laundry detergents. In: DUMONT, F.E. and SACCO, J.A. eds. . Hauppauge, NY, Nova Science Publisher, p. 293-316.

The key to detergent function is an amphipathic structure

New species of cysteine phytoproteases isolated from the latex of climbing plants from South America that grow in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, have been studied (; ; ; ). Some examples of them are from the latex of fruits of Fourn. () and from the latex of stem and petiole of L. () (; ; ; ). Both enzymes have been characterized and their efficiency to catalyze hydrolytic and synthetic reactions has been proved (; ; ; ; ; ; ; ). Their uses in detergents have not been reported yet. So, the main objective of this work was to study the performance of two alkaline phytoproteases, ( Fourn.) and ( L.) for their potential application as additive in laundry detergent formulations.

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These are used together with other surfactants in powder and liquid laundry detergents such as Ariel, Daz, Persil and Surf.

Conclusions: Proteolytic extract of fulfilled all the requirements for its application as additive for laundry detergents: high stability in a broad temperature range (25-70ºC), high activity in alkaline pH (7.5-9.5) and very good compatibility with the commercial detergent additives. Nevertheless, in spite of its high stability and activity in buffer, the proteolytic extract of did not show the same performance than .

Imidazoline surfactants belong to the category of cationic surfactants. Cationic surfactants are often quaternary nitrogen salts and are widely used both in non aqueous systems and in applications such as textile softeners, dispersants and emulsifiers. In the class of imidazoline compounds there is a presence of a pendant group, an imidazoline head group and a hydrocarbon tail. This paper reviews the imidazoline and its salts as an emerging class of cationic surfactants. It deals with the synthesis, various properties that prove its use in laundry detergent applications like good detergency, resiliency, foaming property, softening property, rewettability, good storage stability and less irritating property. In addition the film forming and corrosion inhibition properties tend them to varied and numerous industrial applications.

Synthetic Detergents: Introduction to Detergent …

Thermostability, optimum pH and compatibility with commercial detergent components, surfactants, perfumes and bleaches, are important parameters for selecting proteases as additives of laundry detergents (; ).

Detergent alcohols and their derivatives are widely used as raw materials in the production of surfactants for laundry and dishwashing detergents, other household cleaners and shampoos, and various industrial applications. Household detergents (for laundry powders and liquids, dishwashing liquids, and hard-surface cleaners) accounted for 57% of global detergent alcohols consumption in 2016, followed by personal care and industrial and institutional (I&I) applications, accounting for 22% and 12%, respectively. Personal care and household laundry end uses will show above-average growth rates through 2021, driven mainly by emerging markets like China and Southeast Asia, where the per capita use of detergents is still relatively small compared with other world regions.

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SELLAMI-KAMOUN, A.; HADDAR, A.; EL-HADJ ALI, N.; GHORBEL-FRIKHA, B.; KANOUN, S. and NASRI, M. (2008). Stability of thermostable alkaline protease from RP1 in commercial solid laundry detergent formulations. , vol. 163, no. 3, p. 299-306.

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