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In the Strecker amino acid synthesis, cyanohydrins are ..

Cyanohydrins are also intermediates for the Strecker amino acid synthesis

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Cyanohydrins are intermediates in the Strecker amino acid synthesis .

In contrast to low-temperature aqueously alteredmeteorites that show complete structural diversity in amino acids formedpredominantly by Strecker-cyanohydrin synthesis, the thermally alteredmeteorites studied here are dominated by small, straight-chain, amineterminal (n-ω-amino) amino acids that are not consistent withStrecker formation.

Cyanohydrins are intermediates in the Strecker amino acid synthesis

The organic acids themselves were probably synthesized in an aqueous environment on an asteroidal parent body, the hydroxy (and amino) acids by means of the Strecker cyanohydrin reaction.

(Strecker’s Synthesis) (treat cyanohydrin with ammonia followed …

Strecker-cyanohydrin synthesis." ..

The class of organic compounds with nitrile and hydroxyl groups attached to the same carbon [R1R2C(OH)CN; R1 and R2 are independently H, alkyl or aryl] ] are called cyanohydrins. Mandelonitrile is one of the naturally available cyanohydrins occurring in the pits of some fruits. Chiral Cyanohydrins are widespread in nature in the form of their respective glycosides and are used by roughly 3000 plants and many insects for discouraging predators. Glycolonitrile is the simplest organic cyanohydrin, which is used in the synthesis of the industrially important chelating agent ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), which is used widely to remove trace metals from pharmaceuticals.

Cyanohydrins are of interest in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for research and other specific uses. For a synthetic chemist, cyanohydrins offer an enormous potential for making other chiral compounds accessible. In a few instances, the pharmacological component of a drug also incorporates a chiral cyanohydrin as a constitutive structural element (Review: Synthesis and Reactions of Optically Active Cyanohydrins. Effenberger, F., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Eng. 1994, 33(15-16), 1555–1564). For manufacturing amino acids and carboxylic acids, cyanohydrins are used as industrially important precursors. In the Strecker amino acid synthesis, cyanohydrins are formed as intermediates. Acetone cyanohydrin is an intermediate in the industrial production of methyl methacrylate, a monomer of poly(methyl methacrylate), (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic used as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Acetone cyanohydrin is used for several purposes including, as a source of HCN, for the preparation of other cyanohydrins, for the transformation of HCN to Michael acceptors and for the formylation of arenes.

An asymmetric Strecker-type reaction of various nitrones with acetone cyanohydrin using a magnesium–(,)-tartramide complex was developed to successfully prepare optically active ()-α-amino nitrile derivatives in excellent yield. Thereby, the acetone cyanohydrin serves as a less harmful and easy-to-handle synthetic equivalent of HCN and TMSCN.

is the Strecker-cyanohydrin synthesis, ..

structural diversity in amino acids formed predominantly by Strecker-cyanohydrin synthesis, ..

Cyanohydrins are intermediates in the Strecker amino acid synthesis ..
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    A useful variant of cyanohydrin formation is the Strecker amino acid synthesis.

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    Nucleophilic cyanide ion normally adds to an aldehyde to give a cyanohydrin, an α-hydroxy nitrile

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