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BBC - Future - Prosthetics: Meet the man with 13 legs

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One of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World,” Aimee Mullins was born without fibula bones in both legs. She had her legs amputated below the knee on her first birthday, and learned to walk with prosthetic legs by her second birthday.

The Genium is the intelligent leg prosthesis system

(It should be noted that for devices like the Cheetahs to make a difference of Olympic proportions, they have to be worn by double-amputees. People who have lost only one leg face significant challenges getting their biological and prosthetic limbs to sync with elite-athlete perfection with regard to things like the distribution of weight and energy.)

Lesser-known things about prosthetic legs - BBC News

08/06/2015 · World's first 'feeling' prosthetic leg fitted in Austria ..

He now wears two prosthetic legs and one prosthetic arm, and has special flippers attached to his legs so that he can explore underwater worlds. Scott Schroeder is proof that with today’s prosthetic limbs technology, losing a limb (or two, or four) doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun anymore!

After a terrible climbing accident resulted in the loss of his legs as a teenager, Hugh Herr might have been justified in never climbing a cliff again — but of course, that’s not his story. Even when one of his prosthetic legs fell off during a climb, he simply waited for it to be lifted up to him before continuing to the top.

Moto Knee performance prosthetic leg packs a Fox shock

Aimee never let her prosthetic legs keep her from enjoying normal childhood activities! Whatever her friends were doing — swimming, skiing, playing soccer — Aimee was right there with them. Now, she’s a Paralympic athlete.

Aside from running a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that makes bionic legs, Hugh Herr also insists that prosthetic limbs aren’t a disadvantage at all — they’re actually an advantage.

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    Waterproof Prosthetic Legs

  • Several components make up a leg prosthesis: the foot-ankle …

    This prosthetic leg can help you increase strength and mobility while enhancing your overall health and well-being

  • No limits for Midstate football player with prosthetic leg

    This allows new amputees to take their first steps and find out what wearing a prosthetic leg ..

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Peg Leg Prosthesis Sports and Outdoors - …

As well as to enable a femoral amputee to ski on both legs a Ski prosthetic has been specifically developed by Chabloz Orthopaedics – the PROCARVE 1 ® and PROCARVE II ®

Do prosthetic legs provide unfair advantage

There are many questions regarding Pistorius’ prosthetics. Are the advantages that come with their light weight counteracted by the drawbacks of diminished energy return? And forget the energy lost where foot meets track; how much dissipates at the point of contact between stump and prosthetic? How profound is the affect of having to use thigh and trunk muscles to make up for those that are no longer in his legs? Current science is unable to agree on definitive answers, and will undoubtedly face greater concerns, and trickier questions, in the future.

why use the same prosthetic leg?

Even when technology gives us a leg that precisely mimics biologic function, confirming the extent of that function for the sake of competition could be just as tricky as figuring out the details of the leg in the first place. Every amputee, after all, interacts with his or her prosthetic in unique ways, making the fine-tuning of an elite athlete’s false limb as important as the limb itself. NASCAR required the use of carburetor restrictor plates on some tracks to keep cars below a certain speed. Could the International Association of Athletic Federations do the same?

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