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These two cases are similar in nature, yet decidedly different.

These religions, although are two entirely different beliefs, share a similar origin.

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Another similarity is that they are both twice-born.

The notion of robust design requires the innovators and entrepreneurs to make sophisticated decisions including what to present as new (novelty), what to present as old (similarity), and what to hide (Hargadon and Douglas 2001, 476--501)....

In the few sonnets that exemplify the same five similarities, time stealing beauty is potent.

The underlying idea of all three algorithms is the same: build anembedding that, based on training examples of similar pairs, maps twosimilar objects close to each other (with high probability). At thesame time, there is an objective to control for "spread": theprobability of arbitrary two objects (in particular of dissimilarpairs of objects, if examples of suchpairs are available) to be close in the embedding space should be low.

In actuality, these two genres are similar in many ways.

Some similarities of the two Constitutions are evident in the laws of the legal system....

While this is an example of a difference in religious opinions rather than a similarity, it is important to understand and allows an opportunity for me to offer my own brief perspective on the matter.

These three sects in religious thinking have many similarities as all recognize the life-cycle and the need of liberation, they worship one central deity that used to be a human who gained enlightenment and they all recognize the existence of the eternal soul and after-death re-incarnation.

However, this is where the similarities end.

While these religions have some similarities, they also have some distinct differences.

For example, in Machine Translation evaluation,semantic similarity is used to assess the quality of the machine translationoutput by measuring the degree of equivalence between a referencetranslation and the machine translation output.

Moreover, Athenian democracy shares a great deal of similarities with our government such as equality before the law, meritocracy, and open society....

However, the two religions bear great disparity but they also hold a few similarities.
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    Although plant and animal cells have a lot of differences, they also have their fair share of similarities.

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An important notion of similarity that is naturally conveyed byexamples is the visual similarity of image regions. In this chapter wefocus on a particular definition of such similarity, namely invarianceunder rotation and slight shift. We show how the machinery developedin Chapter 3 allows us to improve matching performance for two popularrepresentations of image patches.

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The similarities found in the works of Modernist authors and poets, such as Joseph Conrad and Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), will be examined against Romanticism themes and authors such as William Wordsworth.

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Similarly todays business environment and the character of business people, their agressiveness, motivation, stress are all similar to ancient soldiers and commanders....

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Jane Goodall’s, In the Shadow of Man, describes some similar traits humans and chimpanzees have such as their facial expressions and emotions, use of tools, and diet.

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These historians suggest that while differences between these groups played a major role in their struggles to live peacefully among one another in the Virginia and Chesapeake regions, similarities such as the tendency to compete for reputation as a man, honor, power, and propert...

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In a tracking scenario, a sequence of views, rather than a single viewof a person, is available. The motion provides additional cues, whichare typically used in a probabilistic framework. In this chapter weshow how similarity-based algorithms have been used to improve accuracyand speed of two articulated tracking systems: a general motiontracker and a motion-driven animation system focusing on swing dancing.

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