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Redox potentials in photosynthesis light dependent stage

01/12/2017 · Photosynthesis is light-driven redox chemistry

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Redox Reactions in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

As stated earlier, Redox can be more important than pH, there are definitely correlations to pH and the Redox effect on pH.
But you cannot make the assumption that if you have a pH of 8.0, that you have good reduction. Just like with GH, where your GH is high, you can still have low pH.
The bottom line is that there are relations between Redox, GH, pH, and even kH, but these are still individual water parameters.

Redox reactions include: Photosynthesis Respiration Burning of fuels to propel ..

Simple Test to Understand Redox: Take an 8 oz. glass of water, then add enough Potassium Permanganate to change the color to a mild red, then take any aquarium water conditioner such as Prime or Start Right and slowly add drops to the water and watch the red be "reduced" (neutralized) to a clear brown color.
What you are observing is the reduction of an oxidizer (potassium Permanganate) by a Reducer (generally Sodium Thiosulfate is used in these conditioners).

Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis

26/04/2016 · Water oxidation catalysis – role of redox and structural dynamics in biological photosynthesis and inorganic manganese oxides

I read a recent article that is easily found in search that is admittedly well written dealing with Aquarium Redox, with a good explanation as to what Redox is and more, however this article still chooses to repeat much of the same tired old information about only the positives of the oxidative side of the Redox equation, missing the evidence that the reduction side is also VERY important to a healthy Aquarium Redox Balance (I noted that the sources this particular article sited were all more than 15 years old which may explain much of the out of date information).

Unfortunately some aquarists in their writings or anecdotal forum comments fail to look at the research that has gone on the subject of Redox and stick to their old tired theories about Aquarium Chemistry and the affect of Redox thereon much the same way many continued to claim the "earth was flat" even when proven incorrect.
these few aquarium keepers with little practical aquarium experience who still challenge this subject (and likely still think the world is flat) to then answer as to why my many controlled experiments where everything was equal, but for methods of controlling oxidative stress such as the use on constant mineral replenishers & UVC, resulted in longer life spans of fish and higher disease resistance!!
The facts are beyond the many citations here, there is much more information that is easily found as per the affects of oxidative stress in medical studies

CBSE Class 11th Chemistry Solutions Chapter 8 Redox Reactions

Redox reaction means reduction and oxidation reaction. When a reduction and oxidation reaction takes place in the reaction vessel then redox reaction has occurred.

There are multiple mechanisms for maintaining a good redox balance from a good oxygen exchange for oxidation to mineral ions and certain light energy for important reduction.

You really need to look at the electrolyte balance in your aquarium.
Calcium, as well as Magnesium, are both important reducers, however they are both easily oxidized as well (see the graph in the Redox Basics section). So for proper balance, which includes reduction, these elements or more importantly their "electrical charge" (positive ions/cations)
Obviously high organic wastes also require an input of oxidation (higher Redox for Redox balance), but this should not be ongoing due to a poor balance of reducing to oxidation because of the lack of redox reducing mechanisms as well as a bio load the aquariums system cannot support.
This is good reason to not overstock and aquarium, as there is a point where by it is impossible to balance your aquarium Redox other than for short term.

Internet Chemistry - University of Hawaii
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  • Cancer a Redox Disease - Science in Society

    Redox - Wikipedia



  • Thomas E. Mallouk - Penn State Department of Chemistry


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Dubious water-treatment schemes

Taking this test a step further into the real world; again add enough Methylene Blue 8 oz. of water to turn the water a brilliant blue (again one drop), this will be the control color. Then take out 8 oz. of aquarium water and add the same amount of Methylene Blue as in the control glass of water.
If the color dissipates at all (even the slightest) you probably have a balanced Redox with at least some reduction. Expect to see little color change in a healthy aquarium, although absolutely no color change MAY indicate too much oxidation, while any more than a subtle change may indicate too much reduction.
More about Methylene Blue:

Chapter 16 – Redox chemistry and corrosion | …

Also as noted in the beginning of this article, this is not a parameter to stress over, HOWEVER, Redox reduction should NOT be blown off as many anecdotal/uninformed commentators do in some aquatic forums. The more I have studied and observed in this subject, the more I feel it should not be ignored!

Chapter 16 – Redox chemistry and corrosion.

Important; what is often missed, is that although you may test and, for instance find, high calcium levels in an aquarium via a GH over 300, this does not necessarily mean you have any Redox reduction as I should point out that very basic fact of Redox reduction is the donor (such as calcium) transfers electrons to another substance, and is thus, oxidized itself.
, meaning your GH test (or Calcium, Magnesium, etc tests in saltwater) may tell you that you have ample or even too much calcium, HOWEVER these calcium molecules may have already given up their electrons to other molecules such as fish cell molecules so as to achieve a state of balance in aquarium Redox.

Redox of Photosynthesis? | Yahoo Answers

Bio Chemistry as it relates to Redox Balance:
There are enzymes within a body that are reactive oxygen species (ROS) and others that are reactive nitrogen species (RNS). A disturbance in the oxidation–reduction state of the cell, in which ROS production exceeds antioxidant defenses, is called oxidative stress.
By analogy, nitrosative stress is an impairment in nitric oxide (NO) signaling caused by increased amounts of RNS, which may be caused by, or associated with, a disturbance in the Redox state. As discussed earlier, free radicals are highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons.

Global Redox Carbon Cycle and Photosynthesis …

I have mostly discussed Redox Reduction and its misunderstood importance, however there does need to be a balance between reduction and oxidation for proper chemistry within a fish or most all living animal organisms.
The best current research seems to indicate a Redox reading of approximately +125 (freshwater) as a balanced Redox with optimum electromagnetism of the water.
However Redox Potential is often in “flux”, so I personally believe following healthy aquatic husbandry methods (that consider the affect on Redox) is an aquarists best bet in maintaining this balance. This includes a higher Redox (as high as +350) when oxidation is necessary due to high organic decomposition.

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