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20/12/2017 · Late Latin prothesis, prosthesis, ..

The opposite phenomenon, of the disappearance of the initialsounds, is called .

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Phonetical rules of the mayinfluence pronunciation of a , including variousmetaplasms. For example, prosthesis is reported for speaking .

Prosthesis may be a way of  during  from foreign languages or duringderivation from .

During the evolution from the words in various employed pro(s)theticconsonants. Compare: Russian okno ("") vs. Ukrainian vikno or vakno. Anotherexample: Polish wątroba ("liver sausage") from PSǫtroba (cf. Russian utroba)

A prosthesis is a device made to replace a missing human body part

borrowing from  wordswith initial i; sp-, sk- or sm- clusters: school → iskuul,special → ispesal.

Some avoid certain combinations of consonants at thebeginning of a word. In Turkish, for instance, is called , and the word station, beingborrowed from becomes Turkishistasyon.

Examples of a pro(s)thetic vowel performing are known, e.g., in . Compare: la scuola ("the ") vs. in iscuola ("at school").It is therefore conjectured that the origins of the Romanceprosthesis are phonetical ones, rather than grammatical ones, andinitially prosthesis was for breaking consonant clusters with thepreceding word ending in consonant. This hypothesis is corroboratedby the absence of prosthesis in Romance dialects that had losttheir terminal consonants

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As a well-known example, /s/ + (known as simpurum) in gained a preceding /e/ in early (, ). Hence,the Spanish word for state is estado, derivingfrom Latin status.

James L. Barker writes:: "If anArab, an East Indian, a Frenchman, Spaniard, or Italian is giventhe following sentence to read: I want to speak Spanish,he reads it in the following manner: I want to speak(i)/(e)Spanish. In this case there is no 'parasitic'i or e before sp of speak, butthere is before sp in Spanish".

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  • Prosthesis (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Prosthesis - Wikipedia

  • Prosthesis is an artificial replacement of a missing part of the body


  • Category:Prostheses - Wikimedia Commons

    A person's prosthesis should be designed and assembled according to the patient's appearance and functional needs

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