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Procedural Geometric Synthesis on the GPU | John C. …

Procedural Geometry Synthesis on the GPU Patrick Lacz John C

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Procedural Geometry Synthesis on the GPU - …

Different procedural modeling techniques require varying degrees of user input. Using a high degree of user input has both advantages and disadvantages. Without sufficient user input, the result generated by the algorithm may be too random and some parts of the result may turn out to be different from what the user intended. With too much user input, the time required to adjust it could overwhelm the user. Ideally, the user could choose to provide any amount of input and the algorithm should be able to adjust accordingly. The user input can often be specified in the form of a constraint on the output. Any output that satisfies all of the users constraint is acceptable. Prior works in model synthesis use a minimal amount of user input in the form of a single adjacency constraint and enabling the user to specify geometric constraints that give the user greater control over the results.

Procedural Geometry Synthesis on the GPU - CORE

We present a framework for translating procedural production rules, such as parametric L-Systems based on scene graphs instead of turtle graphics, into a form that can iteratively grow geometry completely on graphics hardware. The formulation is extended to handle context-sensitive, conditional and non-deterministic rules. We also examine and enhance existing GPU-based techniques for bitonic merge sorting. The result is procedural geometry synthesized directly on the graphics card.

Procedural Geometry Synthesis on the GPU - PowerShow

Here we consider forward-modeling: We use a generative stochastical model to create objects procedurally. We develop a new hierarchical, bounded support subdivision, multi-channel geometry synthesis technique that is able to create complex, non-stationary fractal objects in an intuitive way. By specifying some simple multi-variate subdivision rules, models ranging from smooth patches to complex landscape models can be created. Due to a GPU implementation, the technique works in real-time, allowing to zoom into objects with virtually infinite detail.

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