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The permanent income hypothesis (PIH) is..

This paper formally integrates the theory of money and credit derived ultimately from Wicksell into the Keynesian theory of income determination, with assets allocated according to Tobinesque principles. The model deployed has much in common with the modern "endogenous money" school initiated by Kaldor which emphasizes the essential role played by credit in any real life economy, since production takes time and the future is always uncertain. New ground is broken methodologically because all the propositions are justified by simulations of a rigorous (60-equation) model, making it possible to pin down exactly why the results come out as they do. One conclusion of the paper is that there is no such thing as a supply of money distinct from the money which agents wish to hold or find themselves holding. This finding is inimical, possibly in the end lethal, to the way macroeconomics is currently taught as well as to the neoclassical paradigm itself.

The results obtained are somewhat unfavorable to the permanent-income hypothesis.

This paper evaluates the key implication of rational expectations and the basic Life Cycle/Permanent Income Hypothesis (LCH/PIH): that predictable changes in income have no e®ect on the growth rate of consumption expenditures.

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Review of special relativity, uniformly accelerated observer, equivalence principle, gravitational redshift, gravity as the manifestation of space time curvature; Concept of differential manifold: Covariant derivative and connection, Lie derivative, space time metric, Christoffel symbols, Riemann curvature tensor, Ricci and Einstein tensors, Weyl tensor; Electrodynamics in curved space time; Hilbert action and Einstein’s field equation, Newtonian limit, energy conditions; Space time symmetries and Killing vector. Conserved quantities; Vacuum solution of general relativity, Schwarzschild metric, Birkhoff’s theorem, geodesics of Schwarzschild space time, Newtonian vs. relativistic orbits; Experimental test of general relativity: Bending of light, perihelion precession of Mercury, Shapiro time-delay; Weak field limit and linearised field equations, gravitational radiation, radiation by sources, energy loss. Introduction to post-Newtonian formulation.

This paper attempts to explain one version of an empirical puzzle noted by Mankiw (2003): a Baumol-Tobin inventory-theoretic money demand equation predicts that the average adult American should have held approximately $551.05 in currency and coin in 1995, while data show an average of $100. The models in this paper help explain this discrepancy using two assumptions: (1) the probabilities of being robbed or pick-pocketed, or having a purse snatched, depend on the amount of cash held; and (2) there are costs of being robbed other than loss of cash, such as injury, medical bills, lost time at work, and trauma. Two models are presented: a dynamic, stochastic model with both instantaneous and decaying noncash costs of robbery, and a revised version of the inventory-theoretic model that includes one-period noncash costs. The former model yields an easily interpreted first-order condition for money demand involving various marginal costs and benefits of holding cash. The latter model gives quantitative solutions for money demand that come much closer to matching the 1995 data—$75.98 for one plausible set of parameters. This figure implies that consumers held approximately $96 billion less cash in May 1995 than they would have in a world without crime. The modified Baumol-Tobin model predicts a large increase in household money demand in 2005, mostly due to reduced crime rates.

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A very simple model is presented in the second section. Its distinctive feature, aside from its inclusion of the ISLM equations, is to make a clear distinction between the macroeconomic relations exhibiting the consequences of the decisions of the agents on the one hand and the principles according to which these decisions are taken and carried out on the other. The concept of static equilibrium, by contrast is founded on the confusion of the two: a necessary condition for individual actions to be effective is their mutual compatibility.

When scientists and scholars discuss , or the demise of , or the , some will always attribute such events to climate change as they deflect responsibility from humans. Climate change has probably never been the ultimate cause for such events. The ultimate cause was probably always humans, and everything else was a proximate cause, at most. In the past several hundred years, there are clear instances when deforestation and sheep grazing quickly turned moist forests and/or , particularly in the kinds of temperate regions where the first civilizations arose. When scientists have investigated and reconstructed the dynamics that led to the collapse of , the , or the Anasazi, the story was always the same. Human civilizations altered the ecosystems, usually via deforestation and agriculture, which made them lose their resilience, and a drought did them in. Those urban areas were permanently abandoned. That civilization-collapse dynamic is like the hypothesis for why mass extinctions have punctuated the eon of complex life: those multi-tiered energy systems .

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The current debate on secular stagnation is suffering from some vagueness and several shortcomings. The same is true for the economic policy implications. Therefore, we provide an alternative view on stagnation tendencies based on Josef Steindl’s contributions. In particular, Steindl (1952) can be viewed as a pioneering work in the area of stagnation in modern capitalism. We hold that this work is not prone to the problems detected in the current debate on secular stagnation: It does not rely on the dubious notion of an equilibrium real interest rate as the equilibrating force of saving and investment at full employment levels, in principle, with the adjustment process currently blocked by the unfeasibility of a very low or even negative equilibrium rate. It is based on the notion that modern capitalist economies are facing aggregate demand constraints, and that saving adjusts to investment through income growth and changes in capacity utilization in the long run. It allows for potential growth to become endogenous to actual demand-driven growth. And it seriously considers the role of institutions and power relationships for long-run growth—and for stagnation.

Testing the Permanent Income Hypothesis: The ..

as Venus and Mars did, which saved all life on Earth. An atmosphere of as little as two percent oxygen may have been adequate to form the ozone layer, and that level was likely first attained during the first GOE. The ozone layer absorbs most of . Ultraviolet light carries more energy than visible light and breaks covalent and other bonds and , particularly to DNA and RNA. Before the ozone layer formed, life would have had a challenging time surviving near the ocean’s surface. Ultraviolet light damage presented a formidable evolutionary hurdle, and proteins and enzymes that assist cellular division . Life has adapted to many hostile conditions in Earth’s past, but if conditions change too rapidly, life cannot adapt in time to survive. that dot Earth’s past were probably the result of conditions changing too rapidly for most organisms to adapt, if they could have adapted at all. During the , which was the greatest extinction event yet known, there is evidence that the ozone layer was depleted and . From the formation of to mass extinction events, ultraviolet light has played a role.

income hypothesis with the permanent income hypothesis, ..

The government produces at a rate given by a reaction function that pulls government activity toward levels prescribed by a fiscal policy rule. Subcategories of government spending affect the pace of technical progress and prudence in lending practices. The intended ultimate purpose of the model is to examine the effects of fiscal policy reaction functions, including one with dual unemployment rate and public production targets, testing their effects on numerically computed solution pathways. Analytical results in the penultimate section show that (1) the model has no equilibrium (steady state) for reasons related to Minsky’s argument that modern capitalist economies possess a property that he called “the instability of stability,” and (2) solution pathways exist and are unique, given vectors of initial conditions and parameter values and realizations of the Poisson model of financial crises.

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