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Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By Nicholas Carr.

In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr explores the internet’s impact on the way people read....

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is google making us stupid? by nicholas carr

Hey Aer-Heads (nickname usage rights reserved… Well not really, but compensation is always appreciated),
Love the site, staff and discussions that make up this place. Fascinating in all regards. Here’s a Q for you. I just purchased one of the airloy samples, and while my initial use for it was simply as insulation, I wondered if the material could be used as a stopper for a small liquid nitrogen flask. Given it’s open cell structure and superior mechanical strength, I would think that it would make an excellent insulating stopper that could be threaded. Supposing this is possible, it would seem that you’d have better insulation, less spillage if the flask falls over, and the ability to vent as the ln2 evaporates, preventing a nasty little catastrophe. I do understand that ice building up in the cell structure could create blockage, but the period of time that the stopper would be needed in my application is less than an hour so there would be time in between runs to thaw. Would the moisture left behind in the cell structure after thawing affect it’s physical properties? Could the airloy be dried somehow to ensure safe use in subsequent runs? I’ll leave it at those questions, but any answers or other relevant information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for providing this sexy resource, and for the love of god keep up the good work.

Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid

A pop safety valve is an important thing to have and you could certainly add a burst disc if you would like. I would say building a sturdy frame is very important, and make sure to get valves with stiff handles for safe opening. You can chain or clamp the vessel to a rigid structure for added stability. Remember that the pressure vessel is rated to 3000 psi and you will only be operating as high as 1500 psi so you have a 100% safety factor. Keeping a clean workspace free of solvent spills and vapors is also good, and make sure to wear splash goggles or safety glasses when using. A welded design will help manage leaks better. Buying a plexiglass shield will protect against leaks or solvent spraying out, but in general the failure mode of the vessel is probably a leaky seal, an internal pressure gage rupture (which results in a non-explosive depressurization of the vessel), or operator error. Have a checklist and follow procedures carefully to help with the last one.

Nicholas carr is google making us stupid thesis - …

Nick Carr: Is Google making us stupid? - CNET

I am a graduate student in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia institute of Technology. We are trying to synthesize transparent silica aerogels for the application of radiation detection. We followed the protocol described here for making gel. the gel looks good as expected. We did the ethanol exchange for 4-6 times. Then we did the drying in Tousimis dryer under supercritical conditions. We purged it with CO2 for 10 minutes and used 3 stasis cycles with 24 hrs interval. We got the transperant aerogel at the surface but it is opaque white inside. The samples are cracked as well. Could you please suggest what could be the reason and what are the parameters we can play with to fix it.

Read and Annotate
1. Please read and annotate “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By Nicholas Carr.
2. Write your 200-word response to Carr’s article in the Reading Responses

Nicholas carr is google making us stupid thesis - Rodacol

Is google making us stupid essay - Allow us to take care of your Bachelor thesis

In “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr informatively states that with the advancement of technology, Google search engine, and the internet we are become more distracted—with all the different forms of flash media, the amount of hyper-links after hyper-link after hyper-links, and clickable adds-- in turn we are doing less critical reading by way of the internet as opposed to a printed book....

Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By Nicholas Carr
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