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Example 11.2. Hypotheses with One Sample of One Categorical Variable

Example 11.3. Hypotheses with One Sample of One Measurement Variable

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One use of multiple regression is prediction or estimation of an unknown Y value corresponding to a set of X values. For example, let's say you're interested in finding suitable habitat to reintroduce the rare beach tiger beetle, Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis, which lives on sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast of North America. You've gone to a number of beaches that already have the beetles and measured the density of tiger beetles (the dependent variable) and several biotic and abiotic factors, such as wave exposure, sand particle size, beach steepness, density of amphipods and other prey organisms, etc. Multiple regression would give you an equation that would relate the tiger beetle density to a function of all the other variables. Then if you went to a beach that doesn't have tiger beetles and measured all the independent variables (wave exposure, sand particle size, etc.) you could use your multiple regression equation to predict the density of tiger beetles that could live there if you introduced them. This could help you guide your conservation efforts, so you don't waste resources introducing tiger beetles to beaches that won't support very many of them.

Example 11.4. Hypotheses with Two Samples of One Categorical Variable

The Multiple Hypothesis Tracking algorithm, , is considered by some the . However, its implementation is far from trivial, which is a major drawback of the algorithm. Implementations of the MHT with 40K lines .

Example 11.5. Hypotheses with Two Samples of One Measurement Variable

Multiple Factor Hypothesis (With Example) | Genetics

I extracted some data from the to practice multiple regression on; the data are shown below in the SAS example. The dependent variable is the number of longnose dace (Rhinichthys cataractae) per 75-meter section of stream. The independent variables are the area (in acres) drained by the stream; the dissolved oxygen (in mg/liter); the maximum depth (in cm) of the 75-meter segment of stream; nitrate concentration (mg/liter); sulfate concentration (mg/liter); and the water temperature on the sampling date (in degrees C).

Another assumption of multiple regression is that the X variables are not multicollinear. Multicollinearity occurs when two independent variables are highly correlated with each other. For example, let's say you included both height and arm length as independent variables in a multiple regression with vertical leap as the dependent variable. Because height and arm length are highly correlated with each other, having both height and arm length in your multiple regression equation may only slightly improve the R2 over an equation with just height. So you might conclude that height is highly influential on vertical leap, while arm length is unimportant. However, this result would be very unstable; adding just one more observation could tip the balance, so that now the best equation had arm length but not height, and you could conclude that height has little effect on vertical leap.

The Multiple Factor Hypothesis - Department of Statistics

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You can use nominal variables as independent variables in multiple logistic regression; for example, Veltman et al. (1996) included upland use (frequent vs. infrequent) as one of their independent variables in their study of birds introduced to New Zealand. See the discussion on the about how to do this.

For any of the variables j included in a multiple regression model, the null hypothesis states that the coefficient j is equal to 0.

Radar Basics - Multiple Hypothesis Tracker
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Note that this research question might also be addressed like example 11.4 by making the hypotheses about comparing the proportion of stroke patients that live with smokers to the proportion of controls that live with smokers.

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Multiple logistic regression assumes that the observations are . For example, if you were studying the presence or absence of an infectious disease and had subjects who were in close contact, the observations might not be independent; if one person had the disease, people near them (who might be similar in occupation, socioeconomic status, age, etc.) would be likely to have the disease. Careful sampling design can take care of this.

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Whether the purpose of a multiple logistic regression is prediction or understanding functional relationships, you'll usually want to decide which variables are important and which are unimportant. In the bird example, if your purpose was prediction it would be useful to know that your prediction would be almost as good if you measured only three variables and didn't have to measure more difficult variables such as range and weight. If your purpose was understanding possible causes, knowing that certain variables did not explain much of the variation in introduction success could suggest that they are probably not important causes of the variation in success.

Null and Alternative hypothesis for multiple linear regression

Often, you'll want to use some nominal variables in your multiple regression. For example, if you're doing a multiple regression to try to predict blood pressure (the dependent variable) from independent variables such as height, weight, age, and hours of exercise per week, you'd also want to include sex as one of your independent variables. This is easy; you create a variable where every female has a 0 and every male has a 1, and treat that variable as if it were a measurement variable.

Datasets For Multiple Hypothesis Testing - Biostars

The main of a multiple regression is that there is no relationship between the X variables and the Y variable; in other words, the Y values you predict from your multiple regression equation are no closer to the actual Y values than you would expect by chance. As you are doing a multiple regression, you'll also test a null hypothesis for each X variable, that adding that X variable to the multiple regression does not improve the fit of the multiple regression equation any more than expected by chance. While you will get P values for the null hypotheses, you should use them as a guide to building a multiple regression equation; you should not use the P values as a test of biological null hypotheses about whether a particular X variable causes variation in Y.

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