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Linguistic relativity and the color naming debate - …

Any serious discussion of the linguistic relativity hypothesisrequires us to answer three questions

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Linguistic relativity and the color naming debate ..

Linguistic determinism is a topic that inspires a great deal of debate among cognitive psychologists. Retrieve a paper on the topic of linguistic determinism (other search terms might include: linguistic relativity hypothesis; Whorf hypothesis; Whorf-Sapir hypothesis) and summarize the article. Interpret for your peers whether or not the paper supports linguistic determinism or not. You may include your own views on the topic, too.

The hypothesis of linguistic determinism ..

From the perspective of nativist accounts of language, many of thequestions about linguistic relativity boil down to questions about theinformational encapsulation of mental modules. To say that amodule is encapsulated means that other parts of the mind cannotinfluence its inner workings (though they can supply it with inputs anduse its outputs). What are the implications of this for the linguisticrelativist's claim that a person's language can exert a dramaticinfluence on his perception and thought?

in the debate on linguistic relativity, ..

Linguistic Relativity And The Color Naming Debate

It will help to see why the linguistic relativity hypothesiscaptivated so many thinkers if we briefly consider the more arrestingclaims of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf. Sapir was an Americananthropological linguist who, like so many anthropologists of his day,was a student of Franz Boas. He was also the teacher of Whorf, abusinessman and amateur linguist.

There are connections among some of these writers; for example,Sapir wrote his M.A. thesis on Herder's Origin of Language.Still, this is a remarkably diverse group of thinkers who often arrivedat their views by different routes, and so it is not surprising thatthe linguistic relativity hypothesis comes in a variety of forms.

Cultural Linguistics and linguistic relativity - ScienceDirect

Linguistic relativity hypothesis - Revolvy

are the same length, I cannot help seeing the line on the left aslonger than the line on the right. I know the lengths are thesame, but my visual module (or models) does not. It is encapsulated;this information can't get through to it, so it can't influence how Isee the figure. If this is so, then linguistic information could notpenetrate any vision modules, and so versions of linguistic relativismwhich hold (as most do) that our language can influence how we seethings is wrong.

If the features of human languages are limited by such innate,language-acquisition mechanisms, there is less scope for the largedifferences among languages that the more extreme linguisticrelativists have imagined. But might linguistic universals leave roomfor less extreme versions of linguistic relativism that are stillinteresting? That depends on what linguistic devices there are and ontheir relationships to other cognitive mechanisms.

A Case study of the Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis.
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Whorfian hypothesis of linguistic relativity - …

Many thinkers have urged that large differences in language lead tolarge differences in experience and thought. They hold that eachlanguage embodies a worldview, with quite different languages embodyingquite different views, so that speakers of different languages thinkabout the world in quite different ways. This view is sometimes calledthe Whorf-hypothesis or the , after the linguists whomade it famous. But the label linguistic relativity, which ismore common today, has the advantage that makes it easier to separatethe hypothesis from the details of Whorf's views, which are an endlesssubject of exegetical dispute (Gumperz and Levinson, 1996, contains asampling of recent literature on the hypothesis).

Opinions on linguistic relativity and the color naming debate

Many linguists, including Noam Chomsky, contend that language in thesense we ordinary think of it, in the sense that people in Germanyspeak German, is a historical or social or political notion, ratherthan a scientific one. For example, German and Dutch are much closer toone another than various dialects of Chinese are. But the rough,commonsense divisions between languages will suffice for ourpurposes.

What are the arguments against linguistic relativity? - …

The suggestion that different languages carve the world up indifferent ways, and that as a result their speakers think about itdifferently has a certain appeal. But questions about the extent andkind of impact that language has on thought are empirical questionsthat can only be settled by empirical investigation. And althoughlinguistic relativism is perhaps the most popular version ofdescriptive relativism, the conviction and passion of partisans on bothsides of the issue far outrun the available evidence. As usual indiscussions of relativism, it is important to resist all-or-nonethinking. The key question is whether there are interesting anddefensible versions of linguistic relativism between those that aretrivially true (the Babylonians didn't have a counterpart of the word‘telephone’, so they didn't think about telephones) andthose that are dramatic but almost certainly false (those who speakdifferent languages see the world in completely different ways).

Linguistic Relativity: If language ..

Like many other relativistic themes, the hypothesis of linguisticrelativity became a serious topic of discussion in late-eighteenth andnineteenth-century Germany, particularly in the work of Johann GeorgHamann (1730-88), Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), and Wilhelm vonHumboldt (1767-1835). It was later defended by thinkers as diverse asErnst Cassirer and Peter Winch. Thus Cassirer tells us that

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