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Effect of Light Intensity on the Rate of Photosynthesis in an ..

We basically investigated what effect light intensity has on photosynthesis

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#41 Effect of Light intensity on the rate of Photosynthesis

I think this will happen because
the light intensity will be less on the pond-weed as it gets further
from the lamp therefore the rate of photosynthesis will not be as

This is the rate of photosynthesis at that particular light intensity.

As the student slides the light sensor away from the Light Source, the Optics Track keeps everything aligned. The Rotary Motion Sensor measures the position, allowing the intensity vs. distance graph to be plotted in real-time. Students immediately see the relationship between distance and intensity of light.

How Light Intensity Affects the Rate of Photosynthesis ..

Aqa isa light intensity on photosynthesis related …

Overall I think my experiment was successful because I found
out what it was that I wanted to find out, how does light intensity
affect the rate of photosynthesis.

6) Place a color filter over the lamp and tape its sides to the lamp head.

7) Using a light sensor, measure the light intensity.
8) Increase or decrease the light intensity to 500 LUX by altering the wattage of the variable light source lamp.
9) Place the conical flask containing the Elodea directly under the lamp head.
10) Place the oxygen sensor into the conical flask and push the cork sealing the flask.
11) Immediately turn on the lamp and press ‘Start’ in the data logging software.
12) Let the experiment run for 18 minutes.
13) When the time has passed, press ‘Stop’ in the data logging software and disattach the oxygen censor from the conical flask.
14) Leave the flask for a few minutes.
15) Repeat steps 6 to 13 for the other color filter.

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Complete solution to measure light intensity as a function of distance.

Introduction Real World connections Light intensity is a factor in the rate of photosynthesis, which is the production of simple sugars from carbon dioxide and water, causing the release of sugar and oxygen.

Demonstration Measuring how the light intensity of a lamp varies with input power
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