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The Discovery that Our Universe is Designed by an Intelligence

A common belief is that Evolution and Intelligent Design are an either/or proposition.

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Is Intelligent Design Theory Really an Argument for …

Supporters of intelligent design have also reached out to other faith groups with similar accounts of creation with the hope that the broader coalition will have greater influence in supporting science education that does not contradict their religious views. Many religious bodies have responded by . The Roman Catholic church has stated that religious faith is fully compatible with science, which is limited to dealing only with the natural world—a position described by the term . As well as pointing out that intelligent design is not science, they also reject it for various philosophical and theological reasons. The arguments of intelligent design have been directly challenged by the over 10,000 who signed the . Prominent scientists who strongly express religious faith, such as the astronomer and the biologist , have been at the forefront of opposition to intelligent design. While creationist organizations have welcomed intelligent design's support against , they have also been critical of its refusal to identify the designer, and have pointed to previous failures of the same argument.

A common criticism of Intelligent Design is that it offers no testable hypothesis.

Intelligent Design’s Hypothesis – The large groups of organisms are differentiated by irreducibly complex structures and are thus completely distinct.

Testing the Hypothesis of Intelligent Design | Answers …

For macroevolution, Intelligent Design and Evolution are quite different.

In the , the judge found that intelligent design features no scientific research or testing. There, intelligent design proponents cited just one paper, on simulation modeling of evolution by Behe and Snoke, which mentioned neither irreducible complexity nor intelligent design and which Behe admitted did not rule out known evolutionary mechanisms. called the conclusions of the article "an artifact of unwarranted biological assumptions, inappropriate mathematical modeling, and faulty logic". In sworn testimony, however, Behe said: "There are no peer reviewed articles by anyone advocating for intelligent design supported by pertinent experiments or calculations which provide detailed rigorous accounts of how intelligent design of any biological system occurred". As summarized by the judge, Behe conceded that there are no peer-reviewed articles supporting his claims of intelligent design or irreducible complexity. In his ruling, the judge wrote: "A final indicator of how ID has failed to demonstrate scientific warrant is the complete absence of peer-reviewed publications supporting the theory".

The only article published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal that made a case for intelligent design was quickly withdrawn by the publisher for having circumvented the journal's peer-review standards. Written by the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture Director , it appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington in August 2004. The article was a , which means that it did not present any new research, but rather culled quotations and claims from other papers to argue that the could not have happened by natural processes. The choice of venue for this article was also considered problematic, because it was so outside the normal subject matter (see ). Dembski has written that "perhaps the best reason [to be skeptical of his ideas] is that intelligent design has yet to establish itself as a thriving scientific research program." In a 2001 interview, Dembski said that he stopped submitting to peer-reviewed journals because of their slow time-to-print and that he makes more money from publishing books.

Theory of Intelligent Design – Crystalinks

Häggström, O. (2007) "Intelligent Design and the NFL Theorems." , 22:217-230.

Advocates of intelligent design seek to fundamentally redefine to accept explanations, arguing that intelligent design is a under this new definition of science. The unequivocal in the is that intelligent design is not science. The has stated that "creationism, intelligent design, and other claims of supernatural intervention in the origin of life or of species are not science because they are not testable by the ." The U.S. and the have termed it . Others in the scientific community have concurred, and some have called it .

Intelligent design originated in response to the 1987 ruling involving . Its first significant published use was in , a 1989 textbook intended for high-school biology classes. Several additional books on the subject were published in the 1990s. By the mid-1990s, intelligent design proponents had begun clustering around the Discovery Institute and more publicly advocating the inclusion of intelligent design in curricula. With the Discovery Institute and its serving a central role in planning and funding, the "" grew increasingly visible in the late 1990s and early 2000s, culminating in the 2005 Dover trial which challenged the intended use of intelligent design in public school science classes.

So, are either Intelligent Design or Scientific Creationism supported by science?
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  • Intelligent design hypothesis by Helen Jones - issuu

    Olofsson, P. (2008) "Intelligent Design and Mathematical Statistics: A Troubled Alliance." (in press).

  • Is Intelligent Design Theory Really an Argument for "God"?

    Time and again, science has refuted the predictions made by Intelligent Design and by Scientific Creationism.

  • Testable Hypothesis for Intelligent Design, Part 1

    Intelligent design has also been characterized as a "" argument, which has the following form:

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Intelligent design hypotheses in recent astronomy - …

Further, I describe how it is possible to show that the God of the Bible is a scientifically rational concept and that everything that exists today is indirect evidence for His existence.

Intelligent Design Theory - The Full Wiki

There is a link to my Journal of Creation 2009 article comparing the two forms of intelligent design and a second article comparing these two concepts.

and present intelligent design in the language of science ..

This is an example of such a process used to Another example, the construction of a large solid globe of the world is described in the complete article.

The Origin of Intelligent Design | John Ankerberg Show

This is the entire article , where examples and applications of this highly significant form of "thought control" are discussed.The pre-designed life-paths concept emerges when the GGU-model generation of an entire physical universe is considered.

The Origin of Intelligent Design By: ..

(This is a specific example of modern mathematical philosophy.) Relative to the GGU-model and GID-model descriptions I present, the following brief article might be considered.

What is the best evidence/argument for intelligent design?

The non-creationary aspects of God, as He is Biblically described, are scientifically rational. and that describe the method that establishes this result.

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