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It is obvious that much thought and engineering went into the overall design.

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Be aware that if you or the non-factory tubes cause damage to the amp, you can kiss the warrantied repair goodbye. You break it, you buy it. That makes sense.

All of those upgrades are still present in the

GBSM is a spatially explicit optimization model developed using mixed-integer linear programming principles (). The model considers the entire biofuel supply chain (i.e., distribution of biomass resources, costs associated with biomass production and harvesting, transportation costs of biomass supply to the refinery, and capital and operating costs of biorefineries as a function of size) and determine the optimal sites for the refineries based on maximizing overall profit. The capital and operating costs of biorefineries used in GBSM were estimated using a techno-economic model created in the process simulation software Aspen Plus () and process-specific information regarding the conversion of biomass to fuel ().

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5. Revise in order to substantially improve the focus, organization, and development of ideas.

Athabasca University's MA-IS degree attracts recent and longtime graduates from a wide range of disciplines, careers, and professions. Some possess baccalaureate degrees in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, others in the natural sciences and professions. What all MA-IS students share is a desire to engage in multidisciplinary studies that reflect their interests and lived experience in the community and workplace. Current and past MA-IS students include: administrators (private, public and ); educators (adult educators, teachers, and trainers); directors, managers and supervisors; homemakers; nurses; social workers; members of the correction, military, and police services; and religious leaders from various faiths.

In our review of the LSA "Signature", LSA President Brian Warford told us the improvements of the previously reviewed Signature middle model over the "Standard": “We upgraded all the capacitors in the preamp section to Auricaps for a cleaner sound, improved dynamics and soundstage. We also upgraded all the resistors in the preamp section from carbon film to the more expensive metal film. In addition, we upgraded the wiring from the amplifier section to the speaker terminals to SuperKonductor mono crystals cables. The most significant upgrade that results in the most improvement in sound is our Active Tube Load circuit – a proprietary circuit for the cathode follower section of the preamp. It is basically a management system that regulates the high voltage current going through the tubes that results in a higher impedance and a much higher bandwidth load”.

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"What's the rated output", I inquired, expecting to hear a sizeable number.

My intention is to design an elderly community that they will get attached to and have their expected lives. And considering the living situations of elderly implies acknowledging their changing physical status, social environment and mental conditions, hence, this thesis project will be designed in the way of accommodating these changes to allow as much as level of adaptability. Then, the main guiding principles of the thesis are to design an adaptive elderly community with integration of society; and to built up a close relation with it surroundings, contexts, and to generate a dialogue with the city.

With medical advancements and a longer life expectancy, it is certain that for the future generations the population of older people will exceed the population of their kids and grand kids. Demographically, in 2015, the older population in China, 65-and-older population, represents 10.1 percents of the total population; by 2030, China will have nearly 238.8 million that is 17.2 percent of total population. Nowadays, the number of older people in China is about 136.9 million. As people getting older and gradually losing their ability of self-sufficient, it is crucial to consider and respect their desire of independent living both physically and psychologically at the same time to reach their demand of a sense of security and intimacy. However, many elderly houses or nursing houses in China are typically isolating the elderly, in which neither the seniors are willing to live, nor do their family and friends want to visit. Frankly, most of elderly are segregated from our society in both geographically and socially, even if they have become a large portion of our country. Therefore, this thesis would use a comprehensive design strategies and comparably central-located urban site to eliminate the isolation and feeling of being neglected from the elderly.

"Hold on...the Rotel is 100 watts and costs $800 and the Linn is 33 watts and costs $1,400?"
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    1. Annotate and summarize texts; consider viewpoints other than one own; discuss details as support.

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    Evidence of substantial revision result in a better grade for the assignment.

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    The Office of Distance Education is holding on-campus open demonstrations for students in G Building, Room 149:

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Students should avail themselves of the Writing Center and Help Centers available in the English and Reading/BEP departments, located at Bradley and North Halls and the Library, as part of this course. These services can be considered an integral part of the course work and will help the student to master the necessary knowledge and skills for Composition I.

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Its hybrid tube/solid state design gives me a good compromise between all-tube and all solid-state while the overall sound is pretty close to neutral. It is pretty darn linear from top to bottom with no major coloration. It's accurate. It's musical.

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It saves time (and money) because I don't have to deal with so many cables. It has a balanced input for CD players that are so endowed and a very good phono section that comes in handy when a new 'table or cartridge needs to be broken in before critical evaluation. And sometimes I just like to retreat to the small room just to listen and read a book.

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Even though it is not small, it is still more space efficient than a separate amp/preamp. It has plenty of power to drive most anything that gets thrown at it, even the very difficult load of the Maximus Monitors reviewed a while back. It does not generate a lot of heat which, in South Florida in a small space, is very important. It is pretty hard to endure long listening sessions in a room where the temperature can quickly soar to near ninety degrees. Two bodies (me and Linda) at 98.6 degrees and an amp that acts like a space heater can over tax the best AC system.

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Got some old vinyl in the basment or boxed up somewhere? Curious as to why so many people, even kids, are buying LP's in record (pardon the pun) numbers now? The phono section in this and the other LSA amps will give you an excellent excuse to explore the analog universe.

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