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Medical Hypotheses will also publish letters which comment on articles in the journal

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JMIR-Journal of Medical Internet Research

Norton & Company, 5/23/11)
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-, WITF Harrisburg (6/21/11)
- by Scott Keller and Colin Price (Wiley, 6/21/11)
-, Sidney Morning Herald (7/9/11)
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- by Clay Johnson (O'Reilly Media, 1/18/12)
-, The American Prospect (2/6/12)
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-, Moyers & Company (2/10/12)

Medical Hypotheses is a forum for ideas in medicine and related biomedical sciences

São Paulo Medical Journal does not charge authors for publication: there are no submission fees for the evaluation of articles. The Journal is an open-access publication that does not charge the readers, either. Articles accepted for publication become the journal's property for copyright purposes, in accordance with the Creative Commons attribution-type BY.

Why Should I Register and Submit Results? - …

ISSN:WEJ Impact Factor : To estimate the Impact Factor of your journal, please contact usAim and Scope: OA Medical Hypothesis is committed to publishing high quality

Narrative reviews may be accepted by the São Paulo Medical Journal provided that a systematic search is made, and they should be structured as Original Articles. The search strategy and results should be presented as described above for case reports. By invitation from the Editor-in-Chief, narrative reviews addressing historical personal or collective experiences relating to clinical health sciences, epidemiology and public health may be accepted, but with no more than two authors.

The São Paulo Medical Journal is interested in publishing rare or instructive case reports, accompanied by a systematic search of the literature, in which relevant studies found (based on their level of evidence) are presented and discussed.11 The search strategy for each database and the number of articles obtained from each database should be shown in a table. The access route to the electronic databases used should be stated (for example, PubMed, OVID, Elsevier or Bireme). For the search strategies, MeSH terms must be utilized for Medline, LILACS, and Cochrane Library. DeCS terms must be used for LILACS. EMTREE terms must be used for Embase. Also, for LILACS, the search strategy must be conducted using English (MeSH), Spanish (DeCS) and Portuguese (DeCS) terms concomitantly. The search strategies must be presented exactly as they were used during the search, including parentheses, quotation marks and Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) the search dates should be indicated in the text or in the table.

Why Should I Register and Submit Results

Cancer Therapy Hypothesis Articles - Find All Hypothesis Articles on Cancer Therapeutics and Research Journal. Browse Hypothesis Articles, Fulltexts, PDFs in …

During the session entitled “The Neurobiology of Chocolate: A Mind-Altering Experience?,” a panel of scientists presented evidence from several recent studies that demonstrated the enhanced brain blood flow after study participants consumed a specially formulated flavanol-rich cocoa beverage that was supplied by Mars, Incorporated. One study, conducted by Ian A. Macdonald, PhD, from the University of Nottingham Medical School in the United Kingdom, found that the consumption of this cocoa resulted in regional changes in blood flow in study participants, suggesting that cocoa flavanols may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of vascular impairments within the brain itself.

The Journal recommends that all articles submitted must comply with the editorial quality standards established in the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals ().1 This means that each type of study must be described in accordance with the specific quality guidelines for papers reporting on clinical trials (CONSORT),2 systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA),3,4 observational studies (STROBE),5,6 case reports (CARE)7 and accuracy studies on diagnostic tests (STARD).8,9

Articles from Medical Hypothesis, Discovery and Innovation in Ophthalmology are provided here courtesy of MEPTIC
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International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Authors of articles published in São Paulo Medical Journal should all have contributed actively to the discussion of the study results and should review and approve the final version to be released. The corresponding author is the primary guarantor of all ethical issues relating to the manuscript, before, during and after its publication. However, São Paulo Medical Journal considers that all authors are held fully responsible for the study, regarding the accuracy or integrity of data and data interpretation in the text.

Hypothesis Journal » Author Guidelines

3) Full name of each author (the editorial policy of the São Paulo Medical Journal is that abbreviations of authors' names must not be used; therefore, we ask that names be stated in full or omitted, without using abbreviations); his/her background (Physician, Pharmacist, Nurse, Dietitian or another professional description, or undergraduate student); and his/her position currently held (for example, Master or Doctoral Student, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor, but not Head of Department, Dean, Provost or Rector), in the department and institution where he/she works, and the city and country (affiliations).

29/12/2009 · The null hypothesis significance test ..

International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Int J Pharm Pharm Sci) is peer-reviewed, monthly (Onward April 2014) open access Journal. IJPPS publishes original research work that contributes significantly to advance the scientific knowledge in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences including

the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ..

The Journal's peer review policy and procedures
After receipt of the article through the electronic submission system, it will be read by the Editorial Team, who will check whether the text complies with the journal's Instructions for Authors. The Journal has adopted the CrossRef Similarity Check system for identifying plagiarism and any text that has been plagiarized, in whole or in part, will be rejected.

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