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[Total hip prosthesis and sport (author's transl)]

[Sports and hip prosthesis]

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Today, the average age and life expectancy of the French population and increasing prevalence of hip osteoarthritis.
Approximately 140,000 total hip replacements are laid each year in France (17).
Although the average age of the French population supporting a total hip replacement is 65, more and more young and active patients are candidates for replacement.

Following numerous studies on the sport after a prosthetic surgery many orthopedic surgeons advise their patients a reduction in physical and sports activities after total hip arthroplasty because of the theoretical risk of increased wear and thus the prosthetic a risk of prosthetic earlier revision surgery.

In 1981, Chandler et al (1) in a study of 29 patients (33 PTH) under 30 years, shows that 66% (10 of 16) of patients needs revision surgery had an intense physical activity.

Dor Conaty and (3) have a higher wear rate in young patients under 45 years (22% wear in 24 patients) and suggest that this premature wear is related to intense activity due to their young age.

Visuri and Honkanen (16) advise their patients to avoid high-impact sports such as running, jogging and ball sports. They studied 539 patients at a mean follow-up of 4.2 years (1 to 9) and concluded that the risk of loosening and revision surgery was lower in patients with regular exercise in unrestrained sports. Indeed, they had only 26 of 366 patients (7%) of reoperation in patients with moderate exercise.

Kiglus et al (7) have defined two categories of low and high impact sports and compared the results of a series of operated prostheses.
High level of impact sports include tennis, jogging, horseback riding, racket sports, mountain hiking, handball and heavy loads of activities.
Sports activities are low impact from this study: swimming, golf, bowling, hiking, leisure, cycling, skiing on groomed trails and recreational tennis.
Finally, there was a third group of inactive patients.
In this study, there is a higher rate of prosthetic revision surgery in patients who had a high physical activity level of impact: 28% (7 of 25 patients), while the recovery rate among patients with to low impact activity was 6% (42 of 663 patients).

Ritter (12) in 1987 sent a questionnaire to 169 patients followed for at least 3 years. He concluded that the practice of a low impact sports such as walking, golf or bowling did not increase the risk of repossession.

In 1992, Mallone and Callaghan (8) sent a questionnaire to 115 golfers bearer of a total hip replacement. They found that these patients could practice their golf business (low impact level) without affecting their arthroplasty.

Mont (10) in 1999 conducted a study of 58 players carrying tennis THA, 75 hips. He obtained excellent results with only 3 times surgical followed by 8 years.

Through these studies, it appears that some sports are more favorable than others. A literature review revealed no study so far was conducted to determine whether the practice of judo can be continued after THA.
In France, many patients with total hip replacement regularly practicing judo. What brought us to realize our study.

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Are the joints damaged or maintained by the sport? With a prosthetic hip or knee, can you return to sport or must you be careful? The answers are to be modulated. Boards must be customized.

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Are the joints damaged or maintained by the sport? With a prosthetic hip or knee, can you return to sport or must you be careful? The answers are to be modulated. Boards must be customized.

Are the joints damaged or maintained by the sport? With a prosthetic hip or knee, can you return to sport or must you be careful? The answers are to be modulated. Boards must be customized.

Sport and Health - Prosthesis and sports

28/09/1979 · 1. MMW Munch Med Wochenschr. 1979 Sep 28;121(39):1247-50. [Total hip prosthesis and sport (author's transl)]. [Article in German] Steinbrück K, Gärtner BM.

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Goal :
Today, more and more sportsmen are candidates for replacement. These patients are demanding on the functional performance of their prosthesis. Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that sport with a prosthesis are possible, including golf, skiing and tennis. However no investigation has been conducted to date, for judo. We wanted to know whether the practice of judo can be continued after THA.

We sent a questionnaire to licensees judokas of the French Judo Federation to identify carriers sports a total hip replacement. We sent 212 questionnaires to older judokas over 60 years and at least 6th Dan black belt. Of 83 responses, 36 men, mean age 72 years (60-86 years) are holders of at least a prosthesis.

We identified 36 total hip replacements in 27 patients, 10 total knee 8 patients and 3 shoulder prostheses in 3 patients.
There were 27 patients with a total hip replacement, mean age 63 years (60 to 82) at the time of surgery; Fifteen patients (55%) said they had been made to continue the practice of judo. Twenty-two patients (81%) returned 2.5 judo regularly once a week (1-4), in a short period of 3.9 months (2 to 10). However, they have all but one changed their practice (randori theme or demonstration).
Finally, their surgeons had recommended them to stop judo in 65% of cases.
Twenty five (92%) patients were satisfied with their prosthesis.
Only 2 patients on PTH 26 carriers had a total hip replacement recovery for wear. We have identified no dislocation or fracture.

Wearing a total hip replacement does not seem to limit the practice of judo. Functional results are satisfactory. A clinical and radiological study seems necessary to confirm these results. The results on total knee prostheses are more reserved, it seems that the practice of judo is more difficult with his older athletes.

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an artificial hip (called a prosthesis) ..

Of the 212 questionnaires sent, we had 83 responses (82 men, 1 woman) or 39% of responses.
There were 36 patients (36 men) with at least one prosthesis of 83 responses.
In total, we had 49 replacements, 36 PTH 10 PTG, 3 PTE.
The average age of the study was 72 years (60-86).

- Total hip prosthesis:
We have a series of 36 total hip replacements in 27 patients with bilateral 9.
The average age at surgery was 63 years (49-82 years).
The average age in the study was 72 years (60-86).
The average follow-up was 8.8 years (1 to 20).
Fifteen patients (55%) said they had been made to continue the practice of judo as their surgeon had recommended them to stop judo in 63% of cases and make an unconstrained sports in 66% of cases.
Sports recommended by their surgeon were walking in 55% of cases, cycling in 59% of cases, 40% swimming and golf.
Apart from their judo activity, 66% of patients had a walking activity, 48% and 45% of swimming biking. Seven out of 27 regularly practiced skiing.
Twenty-two patients (81%) returned judo regularly within a short period of 3.9 months (2 to 10). Their activity was frequent as practiced judo 2.5 times per week on average (1-4).
In contrast, 21 of 22 patients who resumed their activity have changed their practice. Indeed, 5 continued their activity Randori free stopping the competition, 9 are passed Randori theme and 21 continued their demonstration activity.
25 patients (92%) were satisfied with their prosthesis. Only twice in total hip arthroplasty of 36 were required to wear and loosening to 6 years and 9 years of decline.
There was no dislocation or fracture.

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A questionnaire was sent to all licensees judokas of the French Judo Federation whose rank was higher than the 6th dan, to identify patients with a total hip replacement or total knee replacement.
There was the time of our study 512 judokas dismissed the French Judo Federation whose rank was higher than the 6th dan. We limited our study to women or men aged over 60 years at the time of the study.

We sent 212 questionnaires and got 83 responses:

We composed our questionnaire in 3 parts:
1 - the type of arthroplasty, total hip replacement or total knee replacement, and the indication of arthroplasty.
2 - specific questions about specific judo activity.
3 - for general questions on sports and personal,

Finally we asked how satisfied after arthroplasty.

Part 1: type of prosthesis.
The questionnaire asked judokas had they been operated for a total hip prosthesis, a total knee replacement or other prosthesis. This intervention had it been unilateral or bilateral.
We asked them why were they made and what their motivations.

2nd part: judo specific questions.
Patients being all black belt in judo, 6th dan, so they had a good command of the art of judo and former and regular practice.
The questionnaire was used to find out how long they have practiced judo before being operated, if they still practiced judo before the intervention, at what point did they resumed judo after surgery, they changed their practice, at what level and with what frequency.

3rd part: questions of general orders
The questionnaire allowed to know what were the recommendations of their sports surgeon. What had been recommended and advised sports and what sports were practiced outside of judo.

Finally, we asked if they were satisfied with their prosthesis.
The study also evaluated whether some patients had necessitated a review of their prosthesis and when.

Hip Replacement Materials - A Complete Guide - Regenexx

“Exercise recommendations after total joint replacement: a review of the current literature and proposal of scientifically based guidelines”
“ Patients should be encouraged to remain physically active for general health and also for the quality of their bone. There is evidence that increased bone quality will improve prosthesis fixation and decrease the incidence of early loosening. To recommend a certain activity after total knee or hip replacement, factors such as wear, joint load, intensity and the type of prosthesis must be taken into account for each patient and sport. To maintain physical fitness an endurance activity will be performed several times per week with high intensity. Since load will influence the amount of wear exponentially, only activities with low joint loads such as swimming, cycling or possibly power walking should be recommended. If an activity is carried out on a low intensity and therefore recreational base, activities with higher joint loads such as skiing or hiking can also be performed.”

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