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God: The Failed Hypothesis - Victor J

God: The Failed Hypothesis

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God the failed hypothesis audiobook by Stephanie Drew - …

Religious scholar Reza Aslan discusses his takes on who the historical Jesus really was in this streaming talk provided by Politics & Prose. Coming from a non-religious Iranian family, Aslan converted to Christianity in his teens, but found his faith challenged as he grew into adulthood. His latest book reveals a Jesus that bears little resemblance to the pacifistic teacher of good works, and instead reveals a dynamic Jewish preacher who was deeply concerned with the problems of his era. Trying to reconcile Christ's divinity with Christ the man, Aslan feels that the Jesus he has uncovered offers believers and non-believers alike a model of how to bravely confront the social ills we face today.

God the failed hypothesis audiobook

In this streaming video released by Meaning of Life, noted Oxford Divinity Professor Keith Ward discusses his argument that the three major western religions share the same God. Ward compares Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and includes other religions within his concept of a monotheistic God whose face may change according to cultural understanding, but whose major attributes are consistent among all. This fascinating conversation goes on to touch on related topics such as self-denial, the problem of evil and how physics is making spirituality more and more compatible with science. A must for anyone interested in a modern take on religion.

God: The Failed Hypothesis eBook by Victor J

Buy God the Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist First Edition by Victor J

"Many men have arisen who had glimpses of the truth, and fancied they had it all. Such have failed to achieve the good they might have done and sought to do, because vanity has made them thrust their personality into such undue prominence as to interpose it between their believers and the truth that lay behind. The world needs no sectarian church, whether of Buddha, Jesus, Mahomet, Swedenborg, Calvin, or any other. There being but O Truth, man requires but one church -- the Temple of God within us, walled in by matter but penetrable by any one who can find the way;

New Testament scholar and best-selling author Bart Ehrman is interviewed by Reverend Alan Jones on who really wrote the Gospels in this streaming interview provided by the CommonWealth Club. Ehrman's latest work explores the possibility that many of the key books of the New Testament were not actually written by Paul, Luke and other early Christians. Following Ehrman's opening arguments, Former Grace Cathedral reverend Alan Jones discusses what this might mean for anyone that holds the Bible up as the Word of God. A former evangelical turned agnostic, Ehrman's position on the matter is more concerned with scholarship, while Jones counters with a believer's perspective, making for a well-rounded discussion on the Bible's history and importance.

God - the Failed Hypothesis: ..

God: The Failed Hypothesis―How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist By Victor J

In her talk "What is Religion", Armstrong fights a thunderstorm to address how the differing definitions of "faith" have led to unnecessary tension between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. She describes how in many cases, misinterpretations have led to the pervasive idea that God's laws are set in stone and cannot be altered. Quite the contrary, Armstrong points to how many notable Rabbi, Christian luminaries, and Muslim holy men have used God's word as a living message that must always be interpreted in light of the current human condition. This take on belief as a transformative, constantly evolving dialogue between man and his creator forms the core of Armstrong's ongoing message of tolerance between faith traditions. For Armstrong, belief is not something you accept blindly, it's something you use as a tool towards self-transcendence.

God: The Failed Hypothesis is a potent, readable, and Download PDF Ebooks ..
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    God: The Failed Hypothesis - Victor J. Stenger & Christopher Hitchens epub - ebook - audiobook - Just Read Book

  • God the failed hypothesis audiobook - …

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