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Photosynthesis of Euglena gracilis under Cobalamin ..

1997), Multiple effects of salinity on photosynthesis of the protist Euglena gracilis.

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The species Euglena gracilis has ..

Microalgae have recently been attracting attention as a potential platform for the production of biofuels. Euglena gracilis, a unicellular phytoflagellate, has been proposed as an attractive feedstock to produce biodiesel because it can produce large amounts of wax esters, consisting of medium-chain fatty acids and alcohols with 14:0 carbon chains. E. gracilis cells highly accumulate a storage polysaccharide, a β-1,3-glucan known as paramylon, under aerobic conditions. When grown aerobically and then transferred into anaerobic conditions, E. gracilis cells degrade paramylon to actively synthesize and accumulate wax esters. Thus, the enhanced accumulation of paramylon through the genetic engineering of photosynthesis should increase the capacity for wax ester production.

Chromium- and copper-induced inhibition of photosynthesis in Euglena gracilis ..

(He's mixotrophic!)
-Photosynthesis (via chloroplasts in the cell body)
-Phagocytosis (to nom on outside food particles)
Great indicators of pollution
-Euglena feed on green algae
-Where there is waste in water, there is green algae
Tate likes to get a bunch of friends together around a nice, tranquil inland water source and create slimy films across the top of the water.

Different species make different colors
-Ephedra viridis makes green
-Euglena sanguinea makes red
My Protist
What does Tate do?
Euglena gracilis
This is Euglena gracilis ..

Euglena | Mitochondrion | Chloroplast

1. Exp Cell Res. 1965 Sep;39(2):418-34. Increase in photosynthesis during the cell cycle of Euglena gracilis. Lövlie A, Farfaglio G. PMID:

Waygood ER, Hussain A, Godavari HR, Tai YC and Badour SS (1980) Purification and reclamation of farm and urban wastes by Euglena gracilis: photosynthetic capacity, effect of pH, temperature, acetate and whey. Environmental Pollution 23(Series A): 179–215.

Approximately 1,400 species of euglenids have been described so far, and it is possible that at least twice that many await discovery. The amount of morphological and behavioral diversity present in this group is exceptionally high (e.g. see and Fig. 1) and provides compelling evidence for major events in eukaryote evolution, such as the punctuated effects of secondary endosymbiosis and mutations in underlying developmental mechanisms (Leander et al. 2007). Several photosynthetic and osmotrophic species are bloom-formers in nutrient-rich conditions and are useful indicators of environmental pollution. Phagotrophic species (i.e. bacterivores and eukaryovores) are ubiquitous primary consumers and are important components of microbial food webs across the globe. Knowledge of euglenids extends back to the invention of the first microscope in the late 1600’s by Leeuwenhoek, and a few of these species have subsequently been used as model systems for addressing a wide variety of questions in basic cell biology. Euglena gracilis, for instance, is familiar to nearly every student who has ever taken a general biology course in high school, college or university.

As a group, Euglena are able to use photosynthesis and

18/12/2009 · Immunocytochemical Studies on the Behavior Photosynthetic Enzymes during the Cell Cycle of Synchronized Cells of Euglena gracilis Z

They use scientific names, such as
Euglena gracilis
Famous Relatives?
Euglena gracilis is genetically similar to the species Khawkinea quartana, a flagellate with a similar morphological makeup.

Euglena gracilis is more closely related to Astasia longa than to certain other Euglena.

Euglena viridis was found to be genetically closer to Khawkinea quartana than to the other species of Euglena studied
Food for Thought...
Most are aerobic and use photosynthesis or many organic compounds as interchangeable sources of carbon and energy.

29/06/2017 · Cobalamin is essential for growth of Euglena gracilis and photosynthesis
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  • About Euglena the Algae | euglena Co., Ltd.

    Key words: Selenium, photosynthesis, light-enhanced dark respiration, ultraviolet radiation, Euglena gracilis.

  • Euglena Algae, growth and photosynthesis | …

    Euglena - Wikipedia

  • González-Moreno, S., Gómez-Barrera, J., Perales, H

    it uses chloroplasts containing the pigments chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b to produce sugars by photosynthesis

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