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How do I jump out of enclosing parentheses

of triggering an error and it will jump to one char after the closing parenthesis and thus ..

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Jump to matching parenthesis | Pragmatic Emacs

Repetition takes precedence over concatenation, which in turn takesprecedence over alternation. A whole subexpression may be enclosed inparentheses to override these precedence rules.

With the cursor on an opening parenthesis ([{etc, use C-M-n to jump to the matching closing one

Neat suggestion. I usually use C-M-f actually; it integrates better with modes that use SMIE (for example, if I have a block defined by begin … end in OCaml, C-M-f will go from being to eng, while C-M-n will go from being to whichever closing parenthesis it finds between begin and end). Also, C-M-f match C-f and M-f nicely.

emacs automatically insert a matching closing parenthesis

IELM won't run the code unless it sees the closing parenthesis.

Another feature of Limp is an automatic insertion of closing parenthesis when you type the opening parenthesis. There’s a big problem with this feature in that it is buggy and leaves visual debris on the screen when undoing operations (at least with gvim).

Even if it were not buggy, I think that far from helping it will only distract you unnecessarily. You will have a huge number of closing parenthesis after your cursor while in the middle of trying to figure out the shape of your code. And you still need to type the closing parenthesis on your keyboard to continue writing the next form.

When point is positioned at either a closing parenthesis ..

Another feature of Limp is an automatic insertion of closing parenthesis …

Normally, you would install this definition by positioning your cursorafter the function's closing parenthesis and typing () or else by positioning your cursor within thedefinition and typing (). (By default,the command works only in Emacs Lisp mode or in LispInteractive mode.)

With the cursor on an opening parenthesis etc, use to jump to the matching closing one. This works even if there are nested parentheses. You can use to go back.

that line needed a second closing parenthesis.
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  • IELM won’t run the code unless it sees the closing parenthesis.

    you could place your cursor after the definition's closing parenthesis and type C-x C-e

  • EmacsWiki: Navigating Parentheses

    Navigating Parentheses

  • from my .emacs: (defun match-parenthesis ..

    EmacsWiki: Parenthesis Matching

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Emacs has a number of parenthesis matching features, ..

I believe that you only need the highlighting of matching pairs, automatic indentation, and a shortcut to automatically close any remaining open parenthesis once you are satisfied with your block of code

Parenthesis Matching in Emacs - Google Sites

If a regular expression contains parenthesis, or a vertical bar ("|"),you enclose the expression in double or singlequotes since those characters are also used to separate different partsof Mutt's pattern language. For example: Without the quotes, theparenthesis wouldn't end. This would be separated to two OR'd patterns: and. They are never what you want.

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