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So, those guys DDoS sites. Just to say to the world, "I am, I exist".

and (2015) Mitigation Model for DDoS Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.

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DDOS Thesis | Denial Of Service Attack | Router …

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DDOS *can* cause collateral damage. It depends entirely on how the target website is structured.

Botnet-mediated DDoS-attacks are in my mind an entirely unacceptable form of protest. If you want to protest, buy/use your own infrastructure and identify yourself. Then take the rap.

Attack Profiling for Ddos - Thesis | Transmission …

We then study the implications of self-similar attack traffic on DDoS detection.

They interviewed political activists in Mexico. They had teamed up with a hacker to make a Java applet that DDOS'd a site via refreshes. The "hacktivist" leader called it a "form of electronic civil disobedience" where they could do a "sit in" and "the weight of a community could be felt." It was inherently democratic, he said, because it was only effective when large numbers of people were participating. (They cited a failed attempt by a guy to get geeks to DDOS Starbucks, noting that "coffee was the hacker drink of choice." haha)

"A friend who spent years as an activist in the 80s and 90s used to talk about the days [...]". The activists of the 80s and 90s, and 60s and 70s, made a few disasterous mistakes : they sometimes succeeded. Whereupon whatever they did was criminalized, and wherever they did it was fenced off. DDOS is rarely a successful tactic, but it is one of the few protests possible.

Ddos attack thesis. Coursework Tips. …

I worked in the DDoS mitigation space for a number of years until very recently.

You can also imagine third party businesses being affected by traditional protests. How many businesses that have nothing to do with banking or finance suffered due to occupy Wall Street movement because non-protesters were wary of going there during the protests? In this sense, political DDoS attacks are not that much different from traditional protests.

Carlo Graziani:
Point (1) is also true in some traditional protests. Also, how many more would try to conceal their identities if protesting on streets was punished as harshly as protesting in the internet (i.e. DDoSing)?

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  • Attack Profiling for Ddos - Thesis - Documents

    These fractal like properties are known to degrade in presence of abnormal traffic conditions like DDoS.

  • Topic: Ddos Attack Thesis – 459336 | WaysideParents

    Existing literature assumes that DDoS traffic lacks the self-similar properties of undisturbed traffic.

  • Ddos Thesis - Owl Mla Annotated Bibliography

    The French have been using DDOS for years in the physical world - blocking highways with tractors etc. when unhappy.

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Analysis of the IoT Impact on Volume of DDoS Attacks …

I really had not thought of DDoSing as analogous to protesting on streets before this post, but somehow this idea immediately made a lot of sense to me.

In this thesis, we dig into the problem of DDoS flooding ..

James here raises a good point but I don't agree with his example. Staying on the same example, chaining yourself to the front door of Monsanto could create collateral damage as well, if other companies have offices in the same building. Collateral damage should not stop your protest, otherwise it would be too easy for any company subject to popular protests to open their offices in the same building of Red Cross and feel safe from protests. ;-)
The problem I see is whether we want to consider DDoS as a form of protest like, say, an "Occupy"-like sit-in, or as a form of vandalism like, say, throwing a brick in your store's window. The same question could be raised for website defacements, and other "hacking" activities that do not involve stealing information or permanently damaging infrastructure.

Thesis on application layer ddos attacks

...and more questions: should we consider voluntary-based, Anonymous-style, attacks at the same level as botnet-based attacks? Is gathering a hundred friends to start a ddos attack from our PCs different from renting a botnet for a few hours to do the exact same thing?

to thwart the ever increasing DDoS attacks.

A Denial-of-Service is an attack in which the attackers send certain messages to the target systems or target servers with a purpose and intention of shutting down those system or servers. Those messages cause such an impact to the victim that it makes its servicesunavailable or not responding for the users. When a DoS attack is implemented in large number, then it is referred to as a DDoS or Distributed enial-f-Service attack. In this,the attackers uses a large number of controlled bots called zombies and reflectors which are the innocent computers exploited to generate the attack. There are various kinds of DDoS attacks which depletes network bandwidth as well as its resources. We have particularly focused upon flooding kind of attacks. In this server’s capacity is exploited by sending huge number of unwanted requests with a purpose of failure of server’s processing efficiency. Since there is a limit to number of packet requests a server can effectively process. If that limit is exceeded, servers performance gets egraded. In this thesis, we have followed an approach for mitigating DoS/DDoS attack based on the Rate Limiting algorithm, used to mitigate flooding resulting to the attack applied at the server-side. Packet filtering has been done on the basis of legitimate TTL values of the incoming ackets followed by the ordering of packets to be sent to the server. Ordering of packets is performed with two approaches, one with the existing FCFS approach and other Priority queue approach and the server performance is compared. The implementation is carried out on the simulation tool MATLAB. The results show that there is considerable decrease in the two host and network based performance metrics that are Packet drop and Response time under DoS and DDoS attacks. When only legitimate packets are passed to the server after packet filtering, response time and throughput improves and after packet scheduling it even gets better.

Research Paper On Denial Of Service Attack

The thing with most DDoS attacks is many are NOT done by the people, but by bot-nets. People doing civil disobedience are willing to put their names to things and go to jail. If you want to take down a credit card site in support of WikiLeaks, then do so, but put your name to it - if there are really thousands, the FBI will have trouble getting to them.

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