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A novel method for data integration based on the permanence of ratio hypothesis was proposed by Journel in 2002.

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Data integration thesis - casablanca Seafood

Analysis needs activities such as data cleansing, data integration, modeling and prediction, interactive and iterative visualization of data and models for the refinement of hypotheses and models, and the presentation of intermediate and final results to the decision-makers using visualization and reporting methods. Successful analysts need skills in both computational and statistical topics.

This thesis presents two new algorithms for data integration in reservoir modeling.

We show that the proposed methodology is sutiable for modeling complex channelized reservoirs and reduces the uncertainty associated with production performance due to integration of secondary data.

XML-based data integration Thesis goals State of the …

We subsequently present the permanence of ratio hypothesis for data integration in great detail.

Today’s fast and continuous growth of large business organizations enforces an increasing need in integrating and sharing large amounts of data, coming from a number of heterogeneous and distributed data sources. Thus, during the last decade, research and business community interest has migrated from DataBase Management Systems (DBMS) to data integration systems. Whereas the former make a unique local data source accessible through a schema, the latter offer the necessary framework to combine the data from a set of heterogeneous and autonomous sources through a socalled global schema. We call such a system a hierarchical data integration system. Today, one more step is being achieved towards so-called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) data integration systems, which are characterized by an architecture constituted by various autonomous nodes which hold information, and are linked to each other by means of mappings. Another technical progress, somehow orthogonal to the aforementioned one, is the one that concerns with the impressive growth of Internet and the consequent proposal of the XML standard for the exchange of data on the Web. Our goal is to develop a formal framework that captures all the issues related to hierarchical data integration systems, whose global schema is expressed by means of an XML schema language. In particular, we will start by considering the case of a global schema specification given by means of a DTD and a set of XML integrity constraints. Moreover, we plan to investigate issues related to XML-based P2P data integration systems. Our research will be done in joint supervision of the department of Computer

Data integration has been an active topic of research in the past

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  • Background: Data integration methodologies for …

    The algorithms proposed in this thesis overcome some of the limitations of the current methods for data integration.

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