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The cyclohexyloxycarbonyl (Hoc) group was originally developed by McKay and Albertson as acid labile -amino protection used for peptide synthesis. The reagent used for the introduction of the Hoc group, cyclohexyl chlorofomate, is easily prepared from inexpensive starting materials, cyclohexyl alcohol, and phosgene (eq ).

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However, recently the use of Hoc group has been used as the in-protecting group for the synthesis of tryptophan (Trp)-containing peptides and also as another orthogonal amino-protecting group in Boc chemistry.The Hoc group, which is compatible with Boc-mediated peptide synthesis, was introduced to the indole moiety of Trp to avoid indole oxidation and alkylation during repetitive acid treatment such as with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA)., The Hoc group was introduced by acylation of Boc-Trp-OPac (Pac = phenacyl) or Boc-Trp-OBzl using cyclohexyl chloroformate in dichloromethane in the presence of pulverized NaOH and a catalytic amount of tetra--butyl ammonium hydrogensulfate (TBAHS) at room temperature for 1 h.

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1,2,3,4-Oxatriazolium,5-amino-3-cyclohexyl-, chloride (1:1) ..

The 4-tert-butyl cyclohexyl chloride formate synthesized by the invention is good in quality, the purity is more than or equal to 98 percent and the yield is high, generally 75 to 90 percent.


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    Abstract: The invention relates to a chemical synthesis method of 4-tert-butyl cyclohexyl chloride formate

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    The synthetic process and application of cyclohexyl chloride are introduced.

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