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Biology Cell Structure and Function Organelles in ..

Cell structure and function

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Specialized Cell Structure and Function: Protein Synthesis

Cyanobacteria form plastids through
endosymbiosis within a eukaryotic cell.
Like mitochondria, these organelles
copy themselves and are not made by the
cell DNA.

Plastids provide the eukaryotic cell
with food from photosynthesis and gain
protection by living within the cell.

This is a primary plastid endosymbiosis
and so these plastids are surrounded by
a double membrane.

24/01/2008 · Cell organelle where protien synthesis takes place

The word "porifera" means "pore
bearing" in Latin, and water
continuously flows through the pores in

Metazoans are multicellular and have
differentiation (their cells perform
different functions).

In a eukaryotic cell, protein synthesis occurs ..

An important organelle is missing from this image of a eukaryotic cell undergoing protein synthesis

Unlike gamete cells,
somatic cells are asexual

All cells of an organism are somatic
cells, except the sperm and egg cells,
the cells from which they arise
(gametocytes), and undifferentiated
stem cells.

Cell differentiation is how cells in a
multicellular organism become
specialized to perform specific
functions in a variety of tissues and

Some organelles in
eukaryotes also contain DNA; most
mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA is
also circular reflecting their
prokaryote origin.

Like prokaryotes, this cell is probably
haploid (has a single unique DNA), most
eukaryotes are diploid (having two sets
of DNA).

All protist, fungi, animal and plant
cells descend from this common
eukaryotic cell.

What is the site of protein synthesis?

Which organelle(s) is(are) involved in protein synthesis in the cell? - 912623

Parts of the nerve cell and their function - Cerebro & …
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