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Which organelle is responsible for protein synthesis

Cell structure and function

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Protein Synthesis - Cell Organelles and their functions

The Golgi body packages proteins and carbohydrates into membrane-bound vesicles for "export" from the cell.
lysosome - (also called cell vesicles) spherical organelles surrounded by a membrane; they contain digestive enzymes.

Overall, the nucleus is responsible for protein synthesis, cell growth, division, and development.

1958 Radioactive proteins are followed after their synthesis as they progress towards their secretory fate; this allows the definition of not only trafficking pathways but of the organelles that lie along that pathway.

Specialized Cell Structure and Function: Protein Synthesis

The nucleus is surrounded by the nuclear membrane
ribosome - small organelles composed of RNA-rich cytoplasmic granules that are sites of protein synthesis.
rough endoplasmic reticulum - (rough ER) a vast system of interconnected, membranous, infolded and convoluted sacks that are located in the cell's cytoplasm (the ER is continuous with the outer nuclear membrane).

The structures that make up a Eukaryotic cell are determined by the specific functions carried out by the cell. Thus, there is no typical Eukaryotic cell. Nevertheless, Eukaryotic cells generally have three main components: A cell membrane, a nucleus, and a variety of other organelles.

Structure and Function of the Cell - BiologyGuide

Like most organelles they are covered in a phospholipid membrane. They are the organelle responsible for protein synthesis. They are found on the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum and can be free floating in the cytoplasm.

Organisms whose cells normally contain a nucleus are called Eukaryotes; those (generally smaller) organisms whose cells lack a nucleus and have no membrane-bound organelles are known as Prokaryotes.

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