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Thesis Functionalization Carbon Nanotubes

(2015) Growth and Doping of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

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Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures: Synthesis

Tamara Lobaina is graduated as Chemical Engineer in the Polytechnic Institute Jose A. Echeverria in Havana. She obtained a PhD degree and also stents a Cuban Senior Main Researcher Category and First Level Technological Category. She more than 20 years of experience in research and development, being a project leader of 2 national projects on biotechnology and nanotechnology; Lab Director and member of the Scientific Council at the National Centre of Biological Products, actually Assistant Director at BioCen; member, of several national professional organizations (Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food Microbiology). She achieved several scientific awards, among them: National Awards from the Cuban Academy of Science; National Technological Innovation Awards from the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). Lobaina is author of Cuban and foreign patents, including from former USSR and actually, from the Russian Federation. She has published scientific papers and short reports in international and national scientific journal and is author of scientific conferences, oral and poster presentations in national and international scientific congresses. During she’s scientific career has developed, at full R&D cycle, several products, most of them already marketed in Cuba and abroad.

SYNTHESIS carbon nanotubes arc discharge method thesis …

Cecile Reynaud has her expertise in the synthesis and chemical physics of nanomaterials. Her work has mainly dealt with silicon nanocrystals and aligned carbon nanotubes. She was for 15 years at the head of the Laboratory of Nanometric Assemblies (LEDNA) in the fundamental research division of Saclay CEA center. The LEDNA group follows the "bottom-up" approach of nanosciences. It develops its own synthesis methods and obtains nanostructured materials with well-controlled characteristics. The applications are relevant for energy, health, environmental issues and the development of composite materials. The group also develop the up-scaling of its processes to allow their industrial transfer.

Unzipping of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes - ethesis

However, there are a number of carbon nanotube aerogels now that have very good electrical properties and high surface area.

The present study evaluates the mechanical performance of a Hot Mix Asphalt – Type II (HMA-2) modified with carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers (CNTF). CNTF were made by means the Catalytic Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique at 700° C using a Nickel, Copper and Aluminum (NiCuAl) catalyst with a Cu/Ni molar relation of 0,33. In order to properly assess HMA-2 performance, three different mixtures were analyzed: 1) HMA-2 modified with purified CNTF; 2) HMA-2 modified with non-purified CNTF and, 3) a Conventional HMA-2 (control). Samples manufactured in accordance with the Marshall Mix Design were tested in the laboratory to study rutting, resilient modulus (Mr) and fatigue. In addition to the aforementioned dynamic characterization, the effect of CNTF purification on the asphalt mixture’s mechanical properties was analyzed. In short, a comparative study was designed to determine whether or not CNTF should be purified before introduction into the HMA-2. This investigation responds to the growing demand for economical materials capable of withstanding traffic loads while simultaneously enhancing pavement durability and mechanical properties. Although purified CNTF increased HMA-2 stiffness and elastic modulus, non-purified CNTF increased the asphalt mixture’s elastic modulus without considerable increases in stiffness. Thus, the latter modification is deemed to help address fatiguerelated issues and improve the long-term durability of flexible pavements.

Dr. Paolo Bondavalli, Msc, PhD, Hdr is in charge of the transversal topic on nanomaterials at Thales Research and Technology and he is a member of the Nanocarb Lab. His research has principally dealt with carbon nanotubes gas sensors and silicon nanowires for biological detection. In the last two years, he is the first author of several scientific papers (see refs in project) dealing with CNTFET based sensors, supercapacitors and of 6 patents dealing with gas sensors, thermal management through CNTs, nanomaterials deposition, supercapacitors and memristor-like structures. Presently his work is focused on the development of new materials (e.g. graphene, cnts, nanowires) for the new generation of electronics devices and for energy storage applications and memristor. Dr Bondavalli has received his Hdr in 2011, at Paris-Sud on a work on “devices based on random network of carbon nanotubes”. He is EU expert, and Vice-Chairman, for Marie Curie Fellowships (EIF, IIF, OIF, CIG, IRSES), NMP and ICT panel, for the French National Research Agency (ANR), EDA, Eureka and reviewer for IOP, ACS, IEEE, ECS, Elsevier, EPJ B, Bentham, Taylor & Francis... During the last five years, he has participated, also as coordinator, in several EU projects (concerning MEMS, MOEMS, CNTs, graphene, spintronics) and ANR projects. He is involved in the Graphene Flagship initiative.

Phd Thesis Carbon Nanotubes - Georgina Herrera

Title of Talk: Characterization and application of nanotube activated carbon for the removal of Pb2+ from aqueous solutions

Tuning The Band Structure of Carbon Nanotubes - College of pdfThe experiments presented in this thesis show that carbon nanotube (NT) Nanotubes are thin, hollow cylinders made entirely from carbon atoms The electronFunctionalization and applications of carbon Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) possess a unique set of electrical and mechanical properties and have been used in a variety of applications In this thesis, weThe Electronic Properties of Multi-walled Carbon pdfTHE ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF MULTI-WALLED CARBON NANOTUBES A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Purdue University by Elton DanielThesis pdf pdfI would like to express my gratitude to my thesis advisor, Professor Marc carbon nanotubes a highly promising candidate for nanoelectromechanical systemsNanotube theses - Niels Bohr InstitutetTheses from the nanotube group at the NanoScience Center and the Niels Bohr Peter Dahl Nissen, (in preparation), PhD thesis, Niels Bohr Institute, 2012

Dr. Scott Miners won the Turner Prize for the best PhD thesis submitted in the Inorganic and Materials Section, presented to him by Prof. Jim Turner. Scott’s research focussed on the application of single-walled carbon nanotubes as containers for preparative chemical reactions and utilised TEM/EDX and Raman spectroscopy at the to explore the properties of molecules inside carbon nanotubes.

The traditional arc discharging experimental equipment of fabrication of carbon nanotubes as shown in the figure.
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  • Sujet: Thesis Carbon Nanotubes – 259322 | KravMaga14

    In a second approach to positioning of carbon nanotubes, the growth of tubes on surfaces by CVD was explored.

  • Flame synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes

    (2014) Buckling analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotubes reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) plate. MTech thesis.

  • CurtisDiffusion flame synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes

    SAMPLE essays on utilitarianism synthesis carbon nanotubes arc discharge method

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Carbon nanotubes: synthesis and functionalization

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) possess a functionalization and solubilization of single-wall Functionalization and Solubilization of Thin Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesCarbon Nanotubes and Related Structures: Synthesis Written by the most prominent experts and pioneers in the field, this ready reference combines fundamental research, recent breakthroughs and real-life Carbon nanotubes: synthesis and functionalizationThis thesis focuses on two of the major challenges of carbon nanotube (CNT) research: understanding the growth mechanism of nanotubes by chemical vapour deposition Functionalized carbon nanotubes for polymeric Functionalized carbon nanotubes are more favorable for for the nanotube functionalization with or in a thesis or dissertation Thesis Presentation: Non covalent functionalization of Thesis Presentation: Non covalent functionalization of carbon Single-walled carbon nanotubes in water and non-covalent functionalization of CNT is Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes | InTechOpenFunctionalization of Carbon Nanotubes R. E. Smalley, 2003 Electronic Structure Control of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Functionalization Effect of Carbon Nanotube Functionalization on Mechanical Effect of Carbon Nanotube Functionalization on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Cross-Linked Epoxy–Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites: Carbon nanotubes Functionalization Of carbon nanotubes – Drexel UniversityFUNCTIONALIZATION OF CARBON NANOTUBES A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Drexel University by Guzeliya Korneva in partial fulfillment of theFunctionalization of carbon nanotubes – ScienceDirectThe functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) is a very actively discussed topic in contemporary nanotube literature because the planned modification

Carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, integration and properties

Gabriela V. Martins studied Chemistry in University of Porto and for the last 10 years has been developing scientific work as a researcher. She started with modification and characterization studies of biopolymers for biomedical applications, mostly their behavior on the interface material-biological matrix. During that time, she experienced the need to understand reaction and interaction phenomena in the nano-scale. So, she is currently a PhD student under the Doctoral Programme “Nanotechnologies and Nanoscience” and her PhD program encloses the development of new sensing devices for sustainable point-of-care platforms targeted for the detection of the most relevant biomarkers of oxidative stress in cancer disease.

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