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and Johansson P.-I.Developing de Broglie Wave [ ]

The probability amplitude looks like a wave and the Schrödinger equation is a wave equation.

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andBorissova L.Exact Theory to a Gravitational Wave Detector.

Two specific examples supporting the wave nature of electrons as suggested in the are the discrete atomic energy levels and the diffraction of electrons from crystal planes in solid materials. In the Bohr model of atomic energy levels, the can be visualized as "wrapping around" the circumference of an electron orbit in such a way as to experience constructive interference.

But this is to misunderstand the   nature of the wave-function collapse.

In 1924, argued that if photons, with their known wavelike properties, could be described as particles, electrons as particles might show wavelike properties with a wavelength λ inversely proportional to their momentum p = mev.

De Broglie–Bohm theory - Wikipedia

The probability amplitude wave function ψ of quantum mechanics is not such a field, however.

We believe that teaching and understanding quantum mechanics would be much simpler if we called the " function." It only looks like a wave in simple cases of configuration space.

In a quantum world describable by the unitary evolution of the deterministic Schrödinger equation, nothing new ever happens, there is no new "outcome." Outcomes are added to standard quantum mechanics by the addition of the "projection postulate" or "collapse of the wave function" when the quantum system interacts with another system.

What is the significance of de Broglie's equation? | …

This evolution describes the motion of the probability amplitude wave ψ between measurements.

If you explore the wavelength values for ordinary macroscopic objects like baseballs, you will find that their DeBroglie wavelengths are ridiculously small. Comparison of the power of ten for the wavelength will show what the wavelengths of ordinary objects are much smaller than a nucleus. The implication is that for ordinary objects, you will never see any evidence of their wave nature, and they can be considered to be particles for all practical purposes.

We believe that teaching and understanding quantum mechanics would be much simpler if we called the " function." It only looks like a wave in simple cases of low-dimensional coordinate space.

T.Dynamical 3-Space: Gravitational Wave Detection and the ShnollEffect [  ]
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Quantum Mechanics De- Broglie matter waves ..

Although Einstein sometimes referred to it as a "ghost field," and later developed a "pilot wave" theory in which waves guide the motion of material particles along paths perpendicular to the wave fronts, the wave function ψ has no ponderable substance.

De-Broglie Hypothesis - Engineering Physics Class

Animation of a probability amplitude wave function ψ collapsing - Whereas the abstract probability amplitude moves continuously and deterministically throughout space, the concrete particle, for all we know, may move discontinuously and indeterministically to a particular point in space.

Wave Nature of Matter and De Broglie’s Equation

As put it, the equations of motion for the probability waves are deterministic and continuous, but the motion of a particle itself is indeterministic, discontinuous, and probabilistic.

Debroglie hypothesis | Brilliant Math & Science Wiki

Planck applied Boltzmann's statistics of many particles to radiation and derived the distribution of radiation at different frequencies (or wavelengths) just as and Boltzmann had derived the distribution of velocities (or energies) of the gas particles.

broglie hypothesis | Matter wave - Wikipedia

There is no logical contradiction in the use of the deterministic Schrödinger wave equation to predict values of the (indeterministic) probability amplitude wave functions at future times.

De-Brogle's Hypothess and Matter Wave - …

Schrödinger attempted to interpret his "wave function" for the electron as a probability density for electrical charge, but charge density would be positive everywhere and unable to interfere with itself.

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