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Growing Mold on Bread Experiment | Science Project Ideas

my daughter and I went to this fast food restaurant and we ordered hamburgers. as my daughter was eating hers she saw something on her bread and it was MOLD… nasty…I then looked at mines and it had small green spots but hers was by the size of a quarter and all the way through the bread. please watch what u eat at these hamburgers places..

You be the judge after trying our bread mold science experiments #2 and #3

I just ate 5 slices of whole grain bread before I realised the white spiderweb like mold on the sides. I’m a bit worried because its probably a “rhizopus mold” and these are very harmful to your health. I don’t know if I should visit the doctor or just hope that I’ll be ok.

Easy Science: Bread Mold Experiment

If I eat a little molded cheese or peice of molded bread, the spores won’t get stuck in my intestines and continue to produce more spores

With bread and cheese I usually just remove the moldy bit and continue to eat it. However I just set my beer down in the garage for a few minutes, and when I went to take another drink I apparently picked up a different can that had been sitting there open for awhile. I took a decent smallow before the taste hit me, and when I dumped it out there was a thick skin of mold that came out… I should be fine though right? On the other hand I’m grossed out enough that it would be pretty easy to go purge right now.

I live in a pretty small town on one acre of land. I have a very large garden. This is my first time growing sunflowers, and when I picked the seed heads, they had mold on them. Being very busy, I left the seeds in the basement still on the seed head for about 2 weeks. I took the seeds off the seed heads, sorted them (removed the moldy ones), and rinsed them in water. About a day or two later, I boiled the seeds in salt water and then roasted them. When I tried them, the seed inside the shell was a brownish black. The seeds themselves smell like McDonalds food and were kind of squishy and weird. NOT a good sign! Several people have eaten them. My mom says they are fine. I bet it’s fine this once but should I throw them out? I have about 3-4 gallons worth of seeds (my garden is not small). I don’t want to throw them out. It seems very wasteful. Should I? Will they hurt me and anyone who eats them. Also, y’all are saying all these things about bread, freeze the bread until you are ready to use it. A little mold can be cut off. I can tomato sauce, salsa, pickles, and marinara sauce. The veggies I use to make the stuff are NOT the kind you would choose at the grocery store (they are moldy and have often sat around for several weeks. Looks can be very deceiving. I just cut off the bad parts and cook them. I’m still perfectly fine and so are everyone who has eaten them. So for a little mold, just cut it off. You won’t get sick, trust me.

Moldy Bread Experiment - Emily Wieser's Digital Portfolio

Bread Mold Science Experiment #2: Ask permission to conduct this experiment.

Students in Mrs. Haines’ science class are learning the steps of the scientific process by conducting a variety of experiments. The students tested the spread of germs and their effect on a piece of bread. Students formed a hypothesis, researched how mold grows, set up an experiment using a control group, and analyzed their results. We were all surprised by our results! We are one month into the experiment, and there is no mold growing on our bread yet. This was a totally unexpected outcome. Students analyzed the results and made inferences as to why no mold had grown. Will this bread be like the famed three-year-old cheeseburger from McDonalds? Stay tuned!

I certainly do not disagree with you. That said, I will now disagree with you and point out that some molds, particularly certain strains of Aspergillus species make mycotoxins, which can be problematic if not outrightly lethal. However, the mold growing on your bread is almost certainly a benign zygomycetes like rhizopus. I simply discard the mold parts or cut it away, in the case of cheese, and go on my happy culinary way.

Hypothesis for moldy bread experiment - …
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    What Are the Independent Variables for a Moldy Bread Experiment? By Katherine Philipp; Updated April 25, 2017

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    Neurospora crassa is a type of red bread mold of the phylum Ascomycota

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Bread Mold Experiment Method - Best Image High Definition Latest

Also, toasting the bread- does that kill the mold and does that matter anyway? I keep my bread in the fridge because it lasts until its sell-by date that way, but my brother keeps moving it to the cupboard and it keeps getting mold spots within days of his doing that. I can’t afford to keep throwing out the loaves he moves out of the fridge 🙁 Good bread ain’t cheap!

How to Make Mold Grow on Bread: 10 Steps (with …

I just ingested .4 of a moldy blueberry muffin by accident. I’d take the word of the other comments, but this is a gluten-free Udi’s muffin: do different types of molds grow on different types of flour (rice, tapioca, almond, etc), or am I safe? The mold I see is in small white patches of spots at the top (abt .6 cm across), and in gummy, semi-transparent white strands running down the sides at sparse intervals. It’s been 20 minutes since I ate it, nothing yet, but I’m a bit concerned.

06/11/2017 · How to Make Mold Grow on Bread

A yucky appearance and odor are microorganisms’ way of competing with the macrofauna for islands of resource. Getting eaten is the ultimate competitive loss, so the sooner the mold makes something look distasteful the more successful it is in obtaining resources. Unfortunately for some (those of smelly cheeses for example) we have learned to like the yuckiness thus demonstrating that in many cases the food is still edible but rendered distasteful, itself an instinctive reaction to help avoid those microorganisms that are not harmless. But this just shows what a competitor Greg is.

Interested in doing a fungi science experiment for school

we have all noticed that the major brands of bread last much longer than the ones from the local bake shop.
which makes me wonder if it’s better to eat bake shop bread that shows a moldy spot where perhaps the kitchen area was not %100 clean or go with the Big Brand that lasts and lasts and eat whatever it is they put into it to keep it “fresh”

How to Experiment With Bread Making, Yeast, and …

@Erin, Me tooo!!!! I just hate hummus and crackers. I googled this and this thread came up because I too just ate some crackers and hummus that I now see has mold, AFTER already eating half. What makes it so bad is that I usually love hummus and this was just really bad. Not just that it has mold, but it was just not a good recipe. Was wondering if I was going to be sick!!! The moldy part was under part of the top that I had not peeled back. I’m curious what brand yours was. Mine was L**ly. I won’t type the whole thing in case it is not allowed.

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