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Biology, 5th Ed. Benjamin/Cummings Publ.

Biology: Concepts and Connections, 3rd Ed.

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Download Immunobiology Version of Student Handout: or

In this activity, students learn how to test for triglycerides, glucose, starch, and protein and then use these tests to solve a mystery. The activity reinforces students understanding of the biological functions and food sources of these different types of organic compounds.

Featured in PASCO’s Biology through Inquiry Teacher Guide

This shows how plants like spinach can hold there produce oxygen in the leafs which gives them there floating properties.

Purpose: The purpose of the Spinach Leaf photosynthesis is to measure the amount of how many leafs will go through photosynthesis in water.

Featured in PASCO’s Biology through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Featured in PASCO’s Advanced Biology through Inquiry Teacher Guide

A sensor bundle specifically designed to get you started using probeware in your biology lab. Also: perform 10 of the 24 Lab Activities from Biology with Inquiry.

The Biology Standard Sensor Bundle includes a photosynthesis tank and the sensors required to perform 19 of the 24 Lab Activities in the Biology through Inquiry manual.

AP Biology Lab - Photosynthesis - The Biology Corner

Features 25 inquiry based labs covering the fundamental concepts of cell biology, ecology and physiology.

In this minds-on, hands-on activity, students learn the genetics of the ABO blood type system. Students use simple chemicals to simulate blood type tests and then carry out genetic analyses to determine whether hospital staff accidentally switched two babies born on the same day. This activity reinforces student understanding of the fundamental concepts that genes code for proteins which influence an organism's characteristics and Punnett squares summarize how meiosis and fertilization result in inheritance. Students also learn about codominance and multiple alleles of a single gene. The first version of the Student Handout includes an introduction to the immunobiology of the ABO blood type system. The second version includes an analysis of the genetics of skin color in which students learn how fraternal twins could have very different skin colors, the concept of incomplete dominance, and how a single phenotypic characteristic can be influenced by multiple genes and the environment. (NGSS)

This process takes place in the chloroplasts, using chlorophyll, the energy-capturing molecule of photosynthesis
- Baking soda -Three beakers
- Liquid soap -Heating source
- Syringe -Light Source
- Spinach leaves -Hole punch
- 4 clear, plastic cups -Ruler
-Timer -Pipette
Results (heated):
# of min # of leaf disks floating
1 0
2 0
3 0
4 0
5 0
6 0
7 0
8 0
9 0
10 0
11 0
12 0
13 0
14 0
15 0
16 0
17 0
18 0
19 0
20 0
It came to a conclusion that in the controlled data set of leaves, the number of leaf disks floating rose, because of the bicarbonate solution and photosynthesis.

What is the effect on the rate of photosynthesis of Spinach leaves when they are in an environment of different concentration of carbon dioxide?
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    Features 25 inquiry based labs covering the fundamental concepts of cell biology, ecology and physiology.

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AP Biology Photosynthesis Lab - Water Essay Example

The expression "hands-on, minds-on" summarizes the philosophy we have incorporated in these activities - namely, that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts.

AP Biology Photosynthesis Floating Leaf Lab by Lydia …

Additional resources for teaching biology are available at . These teaching resources include analysis and discussion activities, games, and overviews of important biological topics, including major concepts, common misconceptions, and suggested learning activities. We encourage you to to receive notices when we post new activities or significantly improved versions of current activities.

Photosynthesis Lab Walkthrough — bozemanscience

The Artificial Photosynthesis group is a close collaboration involving five principal investigators whose expertise covers various aspects of chemical science and who pursue the common goal of advancing fundamental knowledge of processes leading to efficient conversion of sunlight to viable chemical fuels. We design and study chemical systems whose reactivity is inspired by natural photosynthesis, in which green plants convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates. The research efforts of the AP group are mainly funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.


So when the leafs go through photosynthesis then the produced oxygen will make the leafs float to the surface, meaning the leafs are going through photosynthesis.

Hypothesis: The hypothesis of the collected group is that the cup with the Sodium Bicarbonate will produce more leafs that raise to the surface as this cup will have more carbon dioxide resulting in more photosynthesis.


Spinach leafs

Straws (hole punch)

Sodium Bicarbonate (Backing Soda)

3 cups


Light Source

Independent Variable

The Independent variable for this experiment is whether the cups have the Sodium Bicarbonate in it or not.

Level of the Independent variable

The levels are the same as the Independent variables as it is if the cup has Sodium Bicarbonate or not.

Dependent Variable

The Dependent Variable for this experiment is the amount of leafs that rise to the top of the cup of water.

Examples of AP Lab Reports - Biology Junction

In this lab, students are looking at photosynthesis, which is the process plants use to create their own food. This is often considered the most important chemical reaction on the planet, because plants are the base of the food chain; even carnivores couldn’t survive without plants because they eat animals that ate plants. However, photosynthesis is a really complex reaction that takes place in multiple steps, and it is something that you can’t usually see happen.

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