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High energy compounds power metabolic pathways.

Metabolic pathways follow a logic or concept that once understood, makes it easy to analyze and explore any pathway.

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Metabolic pathways can be controlled at three levels.

Except for ATP which serves as a multipurpose energy donor, most high energy compounds are used for specific metabolic pathways only (but never only one).

The electronic Biochemical Pathways allows the user to search the wall charts with ..

(The metabolic routes provide the means for metabolism of pentoses and for interconversions between sugars and other metabolites.) The breakdown of glucose is via the Embden-Meyerof-Parnas glycolytic pathway which yields 2 moles each of pyruvate, ATP, and reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) per mole of glucose.

Under aerobic conditions, the pyruvate is oxidized to CO2 and H2O via the tricarboxylic acid or Krebs cycle and the electron transport system.

Azolla | Metabolic Pathway | Photosynthesis

Thus, 673 kcal are liberated per mole glucose, much of which is stored as ATP.

Under anaerobic conditions, various pathways exist for pyruvate metabolism which serve to reoxidize the reduced hydrogen carriers formed during glycolysis.

More than 700'000 hard copies of the wall charts have been distributed to medical and life-science researchers and students around the world. The Biochemical Pathway posters are still available as paper copy from Roche:Visit the and scroll down to "Order the poster".Please do NOT email ExPASy staff with enquiries on this subject.

Biochemical Pathway of aerobic respiration: ..

The electronic Biochemical Pathways allows the user to search the wall charts with keywords, set focus effects, activate filtering functions and zooming in on the details and elements of interest. Through a simple navigational tool, the digital version has greatly simplified the user experience and ease of navigation.

This is freely accessible to everybody interested such as biochemists,graduate and undergraduate students, teachers and pupils, and allows to explore both Metabolic Pathways and Cellular and Molecular Processes.

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    a series of reactions called a “biochemical pathway” • Biochemical Pathway – sequence in which ..

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Anaplerotic routes - Encyclopedia Britannica | …

The first step of a metabolic pathway normally includes the activation of the substrate into a high energy compound (also referred to as 'committed step').

Physiology of citrus fruiting - SciELO

This allows for additional control by the cell to switch between biosynthesis of new macromolecules and the energy requirements to fuel those biosynthetic pathways, and also allows differences in metabolism and control of metabolism from cell type to cell type, or species to species.

Fisiologia da frutificação em citrus

Living organism have evolved metabolic pathways that allow at least partial reversibility of the conversion of such processes by providing many intermediate steps with small G values close to zero, i.e., near their chemical equilibrium.

Iglesias; Manuel Cercós; José M

Plants, algae, and some bacteria are capable of carrying out photosynthesis. They could get the immediate benefit of portable ATP molecules to drive biochemical reactions. However, the production of ATP in photosynthesis is also connected to carbon capture. Carbon dioxide from the air is incorporated into carbohydrate molecules. This conversion happens in a series of reactions called "dark reactions", because they keep happening even without sunlight. The carbohydrates can be stored, long-term, and later they can be used as energy sources via glycolysis and the citric acid cycle.

Interactions between plant hormones and heavy metals …

Enzymes of metabolic pathways are able to capture this energy in small portions and store it in form of internal high energy compounds drastically reducing the amount of energy lost as heat.

Anabolism | definition of anabolism by Medical dictionary

Respiration and photosynthesis are catalytically possible only because of the coordinated activity of hundreds of proteins that belong to deferent sets of pathways in different compartments of cells and/or organisms. Understanding the structural and functional complexity that provides reductive synthesis of glucose as well as oxidative degradation is the same as understanding the mechanism of cellular metabolism.

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