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ABC: A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification

As discussed in class, Verilog was developed with as its primary application - synthesis came later.

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MVSIS: Logic Synthesis and Verification

This makes functionally-reduced AIGs very useful in a variety of applications in synthesis and verification, and ABC a system possessing unique characteristics not available in other tools.

Because of this, manyof the simulation capabilities of Verilog cannot be supported by synthesis.

Moreover, the sequential synthesis results are sequentially verifiable using an independent inductive prover similar to that used for synthesis, with guaranteed completeness.

Berkeley Verification and Synthesis Research Center

The figure below shows the general style of a synthesizeable Verilogcombinational logic block.

We have developed an incremental placement algorithm that can be used in avariety of placement-aware logic synthesis methods. Given a point placement ofa network, using the algorithm it is easy to compute the optimum location for anewly introduced node that minimizes the total increase in half-perimeterwire-length of the placement. We have applied this algorithm to placement-awarecommon divisor extraction where the goal is to reduce the congestion duringrouting. Our experiments on industrial and academic test-cases show that thistechnique significantly reduces congestion.

A. K. Verma, P. Brisk, and P. Ienne
A Decomposition Algorithm to Structure Arithmetic Circuits
18th International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis (IWLS)
Berkeley, CA, USA, July 31 - August 2, 2009

Berkeley logic synthesis | riaritertasubmaicopuzzlosubte

It contains the basic data structures with limited synthesis and verification options.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: hardwaresynthesis and optimization; software synthesis; hardware/softwareco-synthesis; power and timing analysis; testing, validation andverification; synthesis for reconfigurable architectures; hardwarecompilation for domain-specific languages; designexperiences. Submissions on modeling, analysis and synthesis foremerging technologies and platforms are particularly encouraged.

ABC combines fast scalable logic optimization based on And-Inverter Graphs (AIG) with innovative algorithms for integrated sequential optimization and verification.

The IWLS community maintains a setof ,synthesized and mapped in Verilog and OpenAccess.
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  • Logic Synthesis for VLSI Design | EECS at UC Berkeley

    The IWLS community maintains a setof ,synthesized and mapped in Verilog and OpenAccess.

  • Alan Mishchenko, Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group ..

    In the lab, you be writing a Verilog input file and using several programsto process this file and synthesize a layout.

  • Berkeley Logic, Synthesis, Verification Group;

    Dr. Alan Mishchenko (University of California at Berkeley) spoke “Logic Synthesis: Past and Future” on 16th, Apr. 2015.

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Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group

Another fundamental premise of ABC is the synergy between synthesis and verification achieved by recording synthesis operations using an AIG database and enabling efficient SAT-based verification relying on the advantageous properties of AIGs.

Lab 8 - Combinational Logic Design using Verilog and Synthesis

In addition to algorithms for multi-valued logic, MVSIS includes fast binary synthesis algorithms, technology mapping and resynthesis proceduresand state-of-the-art engines for combinational and sequential equivalence checking. There are stand-alone binaries for Windows and Linux that you candownload from the link on the left.

[DOWNLOAD] Logic Synthesis and Verification …

To start this process, change to the directorycontaining your Verilog file and start the design analyzer using the command:This will open a window entitled "Synopsys Design Analayzer" that is themain interface with the synthesis tools. Note the menus at the topof this window.

A One-Semester Graduate Course in Logic Synthesis

When synthesizing combinational logic, keep in mind that your Veriloggerinput is a specifiction of a set of outputs that are combinational functionsof its inputs.

Logic Synthesis for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays | …

Most of the algorithms developed by our group are incorporated in an open-source program called MVSIS which is the successor of the SIS program,also developed here at Berkeley. Although the initial focus of MVSIS wason logic minimization for multivalued networks, over time it has developedinto a full featured tool for synthesis and verification in general.

Introduction to Logic Synthesis

a cs4 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AIG rewriting is implemented in the sequential logic synthesis and verification system, ABC =-=[1]-=-, as commands rewrite, refactor, and balance.

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