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[Accessed 08 May 2014].6)Artificial gene synthesis What is it!.

The diagram on the right can shown the code sequence being printed on to the DNA based on what sequence you chose to create.

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Artificial gene synthesis What is it!.

In two weeks the gene chosen will be synthesized resulting in a quick and effective way to research onto your desired task.
Analysis of Source cont.
4) Written by Fred Kramer, source was updated in 1989, purpose was to give extended information on artificial gene synthesis.

Artificial gene synthesis is commercially available, meaning that everyone has access to it.

The price of printing and sequencing is becoming cheaper every day, as it is only 0.39c for a letter, which means you, can make quite a lot of DNA.
Supporting arguments
To create a better world
With the use of artificial gene synthesis, scientists are able to create protection from pesticides and added resistance to disease, resulting in a healthier life for living organisms.
Supporting Arguments
Supporting Arguments
Is effective and fast
Arguments Against
Arguments Against
Potentially dangerous
Arguments Against
Arguments Against
Side Effects
Although there are cons for Artifcial Gene Synthesis, I believe it is a great idea if in the right hands.

Artificial gene synthesis - Revolvy

The use of artificial gene synthesis can cause many defects to the organism, even if done properly.

In this diagram, you are able to see the grey line as the sequences, it then goes into this machine called a Synthesizer which is basically just like a inkjet printer and prints DNA!

Article is written to people who want to learn.
3) Written by Maxime FischerbZernin, source was updated June 13, 2013, purpose was to give information about what synthesis DNA is.

Artificial Gene Synthesis by Justin Wai on Prezi

Synthesis | Success in the Synthesis of Artificial DNA is Milestone in Science Field

[Accessed 08 May 2014].

Low Cost of Artificial Gene Synthesis
With the low costs of artificial gene synthesis, scientists are basically able to research more in depth into the development of organisms compared to other types of synthesis.

What is Artificial Gene Synthesis?
Artificial Gene Synthesis is a method used in Biology to create modified genes.
How is Artificial Gene Synthesis created?
Biologists are able to just use a synthesizer, which is needed to create artificial genes.

Artificial gene synthesis is unethical and is morally wrong, due to creating its own genetic coding.
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    Biologists are able to just use a synthesizer, which is needed to create artificial genes

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