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“The End of Design and the Architectural Final Project”

“The key project of the architectural school today is the making of audiences, not architects”

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Syracuse University Architecture Thesis Projects

Demonstration and analysis of tangible heritage management strategy using geographical information systems for the city of Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
Abstract: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is focusing on towards two paradoxical directions especially after the oil-boom. The first is the contemporary architectural development, while the second is the conservation of traditional dwellings and historical sites in the country. It is obvious that the management and planning towards the first direction are fully integrated and highly précised to be implemented efficiently, thus,unveiling a new façade of contemporary lifestyle to the world. But the second direction is lacking good strategic efforts for conservation, preservation methods and tourism promotion, especially among different authorities that are in charge of either management or implementation of conservation techniques. Therefore, the country started looking for solutions that initiate the right management strategy to be followed and improve the use and promotion of tangible heritage . In this research, I am taking the case of the city of Al-Ain since it has started taking the path and has established an agreement with UNESCO. Geographical Information Systems is used in this research as a tool to implement the major objectives and solutions for issues discussed in the agreement. In this research, the main issues that were discussed in the agreement were segregated and studied separately in terms of geographic extent, then, spatially represented on the map. Furthermore, they were analyzed using the different techniques in the Geographical Information Systems software ArcGIS to demonstrate each issue and problem and study its expected results. It was clear from this research that these issues were clearly presented using the software and will aid in the decision making process, especially for stakeholders and different entities in the city of Al Ain.

The project is firstly exploring the perceptions and ideas of perpetrators of such crimes.

12-month programmes in History & Critical Thinking, Housing & Urbanism and Spatial Performance & Design, which are open to applicants with professional qualifications in architecture, engineering or other related disciplines. Dissertation projects are expected to combine design research with case-study work related to students' backgrounds.

arch: 2013 Master of Architecture Thesis Projects

The aim of the project is to develop and pilot/test an intervention to reduce dating violence for use in schools (aimed at Grade 8).

Web-based feedback system: The life cycle management as continuous maintenance of apartment facility information.
Abstract: This research investigates the feasibility of web technology as a means of delivering facility information for better support of facility operations and maintenance. This study proposes a web-based feedback system as a pragmatic solution to the limitations of current facility management (FM) processes, increasing the efficiency of these processes via web technology. In practice, work orders and records are often misplaced, resulting in reduced efficiencies, redundancies, and time-consuming, costly tasks. This problem may be overcome by use of a system that stores information digitally and provides a web-based interface. The interface could allow operations personnel to create documentation, share and monitor work orders, provide feedback for service online, and facilitate communication between facility teams. The benefit for a FM department is that it can receive feedback on performance, which would improve the quality of service and build a record of practical experiences. In this research, the software was tested using two types of prototype testing: first, system testing to evaluate functionality, usability and capability; and second, a post-task questionnaire survey was conducted to test and review the concept, interface, and usability of the system. Facility Management Industry Advisor Council (FMIAC) members answered the questionnaires after using the system posted on the web. By using web-based feedback system, a facility web site can be created and maintained easily through a standard web browser. The questionnaires from the FMIAC members were analyzed to test research questions. The tests show that the software aids facilities managers in maintaining living documents of their facilities.

The web-based graphic service request system for facility management of apartments
Abstract: This research investigates the feasibility of web technology as a means of handling service requests for delivering high quality service in building operation and maintenance. This research proposes a web-based graphic service request (WGSR) system as a pragmatic solution to the limitations of current computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) processes. Service request process in CMMS was developed as text-based, so that it is hard for ordinary tenants to use. Therefore, when tenants have a problem in a facility, they prefer calling in service requests or going to the office instead of using the internet service request application. In practice, work orders and records are often misplaced - resulting in lower efficiency and customer satisfaction. This may be overcome by a system that states information digitally and provides a web-based Graphic Service Request (WGSR) interface. The interface allow customers to report environmental problems in the facility, trace their work order progress, view schedules for maintenance, and provide feedback for service online. The WGSR system is an end-user point-and-click graphical interface that allows residents to request service by selecting a problem fixture on a floor plan image. By using HTML image map tags and combination of location, part, and types of problem identification number, the resident's input produces a text-based problem report for Facility Management (FM) departments that allows them to service requests on the fly. To solve the complexity and inefficiency issues of CMMS, the user interface for the WGRS system consists of a perspective drawing or isometric drawing of each unit's plan. An empirical test of the system and post-task survey was conducted to determine the efficiency and usefulness of the system. The analysis of the results shows the system to be efficient and convenient in several fields, including comprehensibility, navigability, simplicity, clarity, compatibility, and graphic appeal. This result shows that residents prefer to use the WGSR system and could reduce the effort needed to make and receive service request phone calls and input information into a database. The labor and time for daily work could be saved to recognize problems correctly and set the right schedule so that this could be used for preventive work and project work.

A List Of Impressive Thesis Topic Ideas In Architecture

Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture ..

This can still be, however, trimmed down to a more focused and specific derivation of standards for low-cost housing components.

From the above process, a possible Design Project could be “A Housing Prototype for a Low-Cost Community for North Rail Settlers” and the Research Project could be “Derivation of Standards for Low-Cost Housing Components”.

Other example of Thesis Projects that could be similarly undertaken is as follows:

Sports Medica Mall (An integrated medical, sports and shopping complex)

The Architecture Thesis Projects seeks to support and enhance the study of sustainable and energy-efficient building practices in Architectural Education.

10/8/2016 · What are the Architectural thesis topics ..
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    Architectural projects are classified into the following famous categories: Urban planning and infrastructure;

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Introduction to Architectural Thesis Project

Thermal and lighting performance of toplighting systems in the hot and humid climate of thailand
Abstract: This study evaluated the potential of toplighting systems in the hot and humid tropics by using Bangkok, Thailand (latitude 13.7°N) as a test location. The analysis tested both the thermal and lighting performance of three toplighting systems. Toplighting, designed for use in one-story buildings or on the top floor of taller buildings, yields a uniformly distributed light throughout a space. However, in lower latitude locations, where there is no heating period, heat gain is a critical design issue since it significantly affects the annual energy consumption of the building. Accordingly, the decision to use toplighting in these locations needs to be carefully examined before any design considerations occur. In this study, the thermal and lighting performance of three toplighting systems were compared. For the thermal performance, total cooling loads, heat gains and losses, and interior temperature were evaluated. The lighting performance parameters examined were daylight factor, illuminance level, light distribution, and uniformity. EnergyPlus was used as the thermal analysis tool, and RADIANCE, along with a physical scale model, was used as the lighting performance analysis tool. The sky conditions tested were overcast, clear sky, and intermediate sky. Results have shown that, for locations with hot and humid climates with variable sky conditions such as Bangkok, Thailand, the roof monitors perform better than the other two systems in terms of the thermal and lighting performance. With similar cooling loads, the roof monitor provides better illuminance uniformity than the skylights and lightscoops, with adequate illuminance level (at mostly higher than 500 lux).

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An experimental setup to evaluate the daylighting performance of an advanced optical light pipe for deep-plan office buildings
Abstract: This research focuses on an advanced optical light pipe daylighting system as a means to deliver natural light at the back of deep-plan office buildings (15ft to 30ft), using optimized geometry and high reflective materials. The light pipe configurations follow a previous study at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Beltrán et al., 1997). The current system is designed for College Station, TX (lat: 30° 36'N), with predominantly mostly sunny sky conditions. This work consists of the monitoring of two scale models simulating a portion of a multi-story office building with open-plan configuration, with interior dimensions 30ft x 20ft x 10ft, built at 1:4 of its real scale, one of the models being the reference case and the other the test case where the light pipe system is placed. The main objectives of this thesis are (a) to examine this daylighting system comparative to the reference case, taking measurements for longer periods than the study at LBNL, as well as to collect de tailed data of its performance under different weather conditions and with different materials; (b) to evaluate the visual comfort and possible glare problems of the light pipe system through photographic evaluation and the conduction of a survey that provides people's opinions and suggestions about the daylighting system. The light pipe system demonstrated a higher performance than the reference case in terms of appropriate levels of light and people's preferences. The illuminance at the workplane level showed to be adequate with any of the two different diffusing materials used to spread the light into the room. The light pipe without a diffuser was the other condition observed to further understand the bounces of the sunbeam inside the reflective chamber and its consequences on the lighting output. Recommended standards for office spaces with VDT screens together with the analysis of the daylight system, led to preliminary suggestions on how to integrate the light pipe system in an open-plan office configuration. Further study is indicated to reach the complete potential of this advanced optical light pipe that ties illuminance quality with energy savings through the integration of daylight and electric light systems.

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