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Wallace has called "mazeway resynthesis."The "mazeway" is the mental "map" or image of the world whicheach individual holds.

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In general this Chapter has tried to show how the idea that Everyone is God and a certain interpretation of the Prophecies can be the basis for the formulation of a powerful all embracing doctrine with which to fight the battle in the realm of pure ideas and ideology, for people’s hearts and minds. And that winning this battle or Resynthesizing the Maze way is the key to providing a lasting and complete solution to the Problems of this World. We also hinted that in the future, in the same way that the idea that Everyone is God is the key to the resolution of the deepest and most ultimate questions in the realm of Science, Theology and Philosophy; so likewise it will be that this most ultimate of ideas will also lead to the formation of a definitive Political Philosophy that will provide the final answer to the questions concerning the organization of human affairs.

Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis: A Biocultural Theory of Religious Inspiration,” Transactions

The idea of Mazeway resynthesis derives from the work of the Anthropologist Anthony Wallace who studied the process of Cultural Revitalization and the phenomenon of Revitalization Movements. These are social movements which emerge during times of crisis when a society is in a period of turbulence and transition, i.e. when things in a society are going terribly wrong and there is a need for change and readjustment. It is during these times that Mazeway Resynthesis occurs. So what is the Mazeway?

Anthony Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis

Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis: A Biocultural Theory of Religious Inspiration,” Transactions "

Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis: A Biocultural Theory of Religious Inspiration,” 18 (1956): 626-38; idem, (New York: Random House, 1966); idem, , 2d ed.

Drawing from biological and cognitive psychological theories, he hypothesized that perhaps similar symptoms could arise in any individual undergoing psychological and physiological stress, a theory that developed into the concept of mazeway resynthesis. He noted that when individuals encounter experiences that challenge the "mazeways" through which they perceive and understand their worlds, their minds often become overwhelmed by conflict, resulting in cognitive dissonance, a state of psychological and (often) physiological turmoil. Applying Hans Selye's concept of general adaptation syndrome to the human mind, Wallace argued that attempting to exist in such discomfort often precipitates physical or mental illness. To resolve such conflicts, individuals must modify their mazeways to accommodate new, formerly troubling, elements, a process he termed "mazeway resynthesis." In more extreme cases involving prophets and psychiatric patients, Wallace believed that the altered physiological milieu resulting from stress engendered not only the process of psychological mazeway resynthesis but also the accompanying visions or hallucinations.

what Anthony Wallace calls a "mazeway resynthesis": ..

14/11/2008 · Anthony Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis


Culture Change
-stability and steady-state fluctuations
-violent and abrupt fluctuations in the cultural
-"revitalization movements"

Severe Disorganization of a Sociocultural System
-potential sources and factors
-inability to culturally "satisfy" needs for well-being and self-respect
-the disillusioned mazeway
-the Seneca of New York: an example
-syncretic cultural reforms and revitalization

Revitalization Movements
-occurrence in human history
-processual structure of overlapping functional stages

Steady State
-moving equilibrium

The Period of Increased Individual Stress
-sociocultural system pushed out of whack

The Period Of Cultural Distortion
-institutionalized efforts at deviance

The Period of Revitalization
-Formulation of a Code
--"goal culture"
--mazeway resynthesis

--converts for cultural salvation

--prophet, disciples, and mass followers
--Gerlach's insights into modern movements

--constant reworking of the code

-Cultural Transformation
--decline in quasi-pathological signs of distress
--disappearance of cultural distortion
--ability to maintain boundaries

--shift in function: innovation to maintenance

New Steady State
-normal steady-state fluctuations continue
-mythic record of the movement

Psychological Mechanisms and Cultural Transformation
-mazeway resynthesis
-hysterical conversion
-essential for a rapid shift in
-small tribal and stable complex societies

Revitalization Movements
-frequency and social pressure
-variation within a diversity of contexts
-tendencies within major culture areas

Article: by Alice Beck Kehoe

New Year's Day 1892
-James Mooney's search
-Wovoka, "Jack Wilson"
-the massacre at Wounded Knee
-the formal interview
-Jack and Mary's way of life

Jack Wilson's Story
-Euro-American influences
-a young respected weather doctor
-total eclipse and divine revelation
-gospel of peace and right living

Jack Wilson the Prophet
-letter to the president
-sincerity and conviction
-Indians and Mormons on pilgrimage
-a messiah in Nevada

Wovoka's Gospel
-what the delegates found
-the ceremonial dance
-bringing the message home: tokens of holy power
-when "the sun died": the revelatory experience
-Arapaho relation of the gospel
-"a clean, honest life"
- the circle dance: an ingathering in harmony
-prophecy of renewal

A Complete Religion
-transcendental origin and a continuing purpose
-universally applicable
-proscribed personal behavior and a means for unification
-satisfying the senses: the dance itself
-hope, consolation, assistance, and honor
-the historical and cultural context

The Spread of the Message
-to the west, south, and east: groups from California to Oklahoma
-the role of independent converts
-persistence and incorporation into traditional religious life
-reinforcing versus supplanting
-legacy of the Ghost Dance

The "Ghost Dance"
-envisioned a resurrection and renewal
-other names
-a lifetime of service: Jack Wilson
-hope and disappointment
-enduring message for a "good life"

Article: by Peter M.

During this time, Wallace also developed his theory of revitalization movements, which in many ways extrapolates the concept of mazeway resynthesis to the larger society. He described five typical stages, which roughly correspond to the process of mazeway resynthesis, but at the social and cultural level. He theorized that revitalization movements, which he defined as "deliberate, organized, conscious attempts by some or all of the members of a society to construct for themselves a more satisfying culture." were more likely to occur in societies undergoing rapid and/or devastating social change. Most involved prophets who had experienced personal declines similar to that of Handsome Lake, which culminated in psychological states resembling schizophrenia, often accompanied by visions. Following these experiences, the prophets underwent personal transformations, communicated their visions and new insights to others, and synthesized old and new beliefs into new religions or ways of living that revitalized their cultures.

Wallace, “Mazeway Resynthesis: A Biocultural …
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Spanning the first twenty years of Anthony Wallace ..

The intertwining themes of mazeway resynthesis and revitalization movements recurred throughout much of Wallace's work during this time, most notably in the first three books in a series of works that perhaps unintentionally fell into trilogies by subject matter. The first trilogy included Religion: An Anthropological View, Culture and Personality, and Death and Rebirth of the Seneca, all of which focused on the psychological, physiological, and cultural aspects of religion, the interaction of personality and culture, and the revitalization of individual personalities as well as cultures. In Religion, he eschewed a strictly critical view of religion in favor of an analytical approach that drew from historical, anthropological, psychological, and physiological sources. He particularly emphasized the ways in which religion and rituals serve as routes through which people achieve a sense of purpose and meaning that most people find difficult to achieve through their daily lives and as means of resolving conflicts that could threaten the existence of their cultures. With the rise of a more scientific and secular society, he foresaw a concomitant waning of institutionalized religious belief and its replacement with a non-deistic philosophy of concern for humanity. Religion moves beyond ethnological, historical, theological, and psychological theories and provides a thorough examination of the psychological and physiological aspects of ritual and religious belief.

personality and cognitive systems Anthony F

Briefly describe Wallace’s conception of “revitalization movements” and give two examples of what he referred to as “mazeway resynthesis” providing description of the transformed cultural ideas and practices.

Pride And Prejudice Essay Thesis Statement

The Mazeway, as defined by Wallace, is the total set of beliefs that a person has about herself or himself, all the social norms that the persons adheres to and also her or his views on Society, Culture, Politics and Religion. It is the person’s overall world view through which that person interprets the myriad details of life and also upon which that person bases her or his actions. In Wallace’s own words, ‘The Mazeway is nature, society, culture, personality, and body image, as seen by one person’. Therefore a Mazeway Resynthesis is what happens when a new set of ideas sweeps through a society during a time of crisis because it seems to offer answers and a solution to the problems facing that society. If the old Mazeway was seen as the source of failure, stagnation and discontent then the new or resynthesized Mazeway is seen as something that offers hope for the future.

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