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Synthesis of an Alkyl Halides | Alkane | Alcohol

Nomenclature of Alkyl Halides

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Synthesis of Alkyl Halides | Chemical Reactions | Alcohol

In the presence of a base, alky halides alcohols, amines, and thiols to obtain , N-substituted amines, and thioethers respectively. They are substituted by to give magnesium salts and an extended alkyl compound.

identify the alcohol which should be used to prepare a given alkyl halide ..

- a reaction in which breaks a bond - is a good example of the nucleophilic nature of halogenoalkanes. The polar bond attracts a ion, OH-. (NaOH(aq) being a common source of this ion). This OH- is a nucleophile with a clearly negative charge, as it has excess electrons it donates them to the carbon, which results in a bond between the two. Thus C-X is broken by resulting in a halide ion, X-. As can be seen, the OH is now attached to the alkyl group, creating an . (Hydrolysis of bromoethane, for example, yields ). Reaction with ammonia give primary amines.

Preparation of Alcohol from Alkyl Halide # Tutorial - YouTube

Alcohol may likewise be converted to bromoalkane using or (PBr3). A catalytic amount of PBr3 may be used for the transformation using phosphorus and bromine; PBr3 is formed in situ. Iodoalkanes may similarly be prepared using using red and (equivalent to ). The is also useful for preparing alkyl halides. The reagent is tetrahalomethane and ; the co-products are and .

Alkyl chlorides and bromides are readily substituted by iodide in the . The alkyl iodides produced easily undergo further reaction. is used thus as a . Alkyl halides react with ionic nucleophiles (e.g. , , ); the halogen is replaced by the respective group. This is of great synthetic utility: alkyl chlorides are often inexpensively available. For example, after undergoing substitution reactions, alkyl cyanides may be hydrolyzed to carboxylic acids, or reduced to primary amines using . Alkyl azides may be reduced to primary alkyl amines by the or . Amines may also be prepared from alkyl halides in , the and , by undergoing nucleophilic substitution with or respectively, followed by hydrolysis.

Introduction to the Chemistry of Alkyl Halides - …

Synthesis of Alkyl Halides
Halogenation of alkanes occurs with halogen in the presence of heat or light. Alkenes react with hydrogen halide to produce alkyl halides. Halogenation of alkenes produce dihaloalkanes. Alkynes react with two equivalent of hydrogen halide to produce dihaloalkanes. Dihalogenation of alkynes result in tetrahaloalkanes. Alcohols undergo reaction with hydrogen halide, phosphorous trihalide, phosphorus pentahalide, or thionyl chloride to yield alkyl halides.

Common Nomenclature for Alkyl Halides
For common nomenclature, name as alkyl halide. Use n, iso, sec, tert, and neo prefixes.

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    Reactions of Alkyl Halides

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    to form an alkyl halide.

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Alkyl halide; Functional class (nomenclature) ..

Alkyl halides undergo free-radical reactions with elemental magnesium to give alkylmagnesium compounds: . Alkyl halides also react with metal to give . Both Grignard reagents and organolithium compounds behave as the R- synthon. Alkali metals such as and are able to cause alkyl halides to couple in the , giving symmetrical alkanes. Alkyl halides, especially iodides, also undergo reactions to give .

IUPAC nomenclature for alkyl halides ..

SN1 reactions are associated with the of the compound, as the trigonal planar carbocation may be attacked from either face. They are favored mechanism for tertiary alkyl halides, due to the stabilization of the positive charge on the carbocation by three electron-donating alkyl groups. They are also preferred where the substituents are sterically bulky, hindering the SN2 mechanism.

Conversion Of An Alcohol To An Alkyl Halide, Synthesis …

IUPAC Nomenclature for Alkyl Halides
For the IUPAC nomenclature, the longest continuous carbon chain is the parent compound. Number from whichever end that gives the substituents the lowest possible combination of numbers. Give the location of each substituent with a number. Alphabetize the groups, ignoring all numerical prefixes.

further reacts with alkyl halide to form ..

From the structural perspective, haloalkanes can be classified according to the connectivity of the carbon atom to which the halogen is attached. In primary (1°) haloalkanes, the that carries the halogen atom is only attached to one other alkyl group. An example is 1-chloroethane (CH3CH2Cl). In secondary (2°) haloalkanes, the carbon that carries the halogen atom has two C-C bonds. In tertiary (3°) haloalkanes, the carbon that carries the halogen atom has three C-C bonds.

Can an Sn1 Reaction convert an Alcohol to an Alkyl Halide

Haloalkanes have been known for centuries. Ethyl chloride was produced synthetically in the 1400s. The systematic synthesis of such compounds developed in the 1800s in step with the development of organic chemistry and the understanding of the structure of alkanes. Methods were developed for the selective formation of C-halogen bonds. Especially versatile methods included the addition of halogens to alkenes, of alkenes, and the conversion of to alkyl halides. These methods are so reliable and so easily implemented that haloalkanes became cheaply available for use in industrial chemistry because the halide could be further replaced by other functional groups.

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