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demo | Acapela group - Voice synthesis - Text to Speech

An evening of style takes place at the DUT Brickfield Campus on November 8, with a multi-media fashion experience featuring leading innovations in the fashion and textiles department joined by a special guest DJ to be announced. B-Tech students final portfolio exhibitions will be on display and student run pop-up shops will have jewellery and craft on sale.

I want to know how can I use google text to speech API in my .net project

Over the years, many LumenVox customers have asked for a Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine of comparable quality to our ASR products. LumenVox Text-to-Speech technology is available offering the most realistic, natural sounding speech on the market.

Audiobook speech synthesis acapela group US English Sharon

And for text to speech: .

I'm looking for a high-quality TTS engine that I can afford (let's say less than 1000$). So far, I've tried and with default voices. However, while the results are certainly understandable, technical texts are hard to follow.

I did some research on the topic in 2007 and tried several text to speech systems to read articles or convert them to mp3. I am surprised how little progress the consumer TTS products have made since then.

High-Quality Text-To-Speech engine for personal use

Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices.

Having set his sights on becoming a professional musician when he found his voice at age eight, fifteen years later Langa Mavuso is one of South Africa’s most promising up-and-coming Jazz musicians. Less than a year after making his debut, Mavuso is back with more soulful sounds and exciting prospects to bolster his growth in the local music scene.

The first workshop is facilitated by Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui from steptext dance project in Germany. Kossi is a dancer and dance teacher from Togo and he will take dancers into the world of ‘AFRO-AFRICAN’ technique. He defines ‘AFRO-AFRICAN’ technique as an African dance of modern expression, it is a synthesis of traditional dances of West Africa, Western contemporary dance and Caribbean dance (Haiti/Cuba). He says that this technique is an ongoing dialogue with the cosmos and nature and works mainly on rooting, breathing and the mobility of the spine, giving special importance to improvisation and musical accompaniment, all styles/techniques and abilities are welcome. This workshop takes place on Thursday 24 August, from 4 to 6pm.

High-Quality Text-To-Speech engine for personal use ..
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    LumenVox Text-to-Speech

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TTS (text-to-speech) demo sites with foreign language capabilities

First I bought TextAloud by NextUp because in the web samples the voices sounded natural. However, it turned out that the way parts of the sentences were stressed made it really hard to understand scientific texts. I don't know if that has improved.

text-to-speech - Kurzweil Education

I want to know how can I use google text to speech API in my .net project. I think I need to call a URL to use the web service, but the idea for me is not clear. can anyone help

Text-to-Speech: An Integrated Literacy Solution for Life

For personal use you could also use "TextAid" from ReadSpeaker. It is web based personal reader and uses Acapela voices. It also has a translation feature!

Inspiring provider of voices and speech solutions

The LumenVox TTS Server provides Text-to-Speech synthesis, turning written text into spoken speech. This technology allows any computer or IVR application to convey information to a user providing an accurate and affordable means of speech enabling your telephony platform or software application.

Audio Related Internet Site List - updated daily by Steve Ekblad

The LumenVox Text-to-Speech Server can be run on 32 or 64-bit versions Windows or Linux (Red Hat or CentOS), on any machine with a modern (2 GHz or better) processor, and at least 512 MB RAM. It is designed to be controlled via our C/C++ API or MRCP versions 1 or 2.

Last Note Nightmare - TV Tropes

Go to login and get an API keyor use microsoft bing's API

or even better use AT&T's speech API (paid one)
For voice recognition

How Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think? - Edge…

The song starts out with a brief clip of a heartbeat, followed by weird, dissonant tones and a creepy-sounding, crescendoing baseline while an echoing voice repeatedly (and increasingly desperately) shouts "Hello?

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