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Greenaway, J.R. (1990). The drink problem back on the political agenda? , 61 (1): 80-92.

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Leavy, R.L. and Alexander, D.A. (1992). Perceptions of drinking problems among undergraduate students in the United States and Scotland. , 27(10): 1179-1185.

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Hewlett, A.H. (1993). The effects of restrictive policies on drinking behaviour and alcohol-related problems in the United States over the past ten years: Analysis and projection. In The Amsterdam Group, . [No place]: The Amsterdam Group.

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Heather, N. (1994). Brief interventions on the world map: Comments on the WHO report "Brief interventions for alcohol problems", a summary and some international comments. , 89: 665-667.

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D’Abbs, P.H.N. (1991). Drinking Environments, alcohol problems and research in the Northern Territory. In T.R. Stockwell., E. Lang and P. Rydon (eds.), . Perth: National Centre for Research into the prevention of drug abuse.

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Cherpitel, C.S. and Parés, A. (1991). Drinking patterns and problems: A comparison of emergency room populations in the United States and Spain. , 29 (1): 5-15.

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Beyer, G. (1992). Alcohol as a social problem in the former German Democratic Republic. In J. Simpura and C. Tigerstedt (eds.), . Helsinki: Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research.

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Leifman, H. (1992). Alcohol and other social problems in Sweden: domestic and global issues. In J. Simpura and C. Tigerstedt (eds.), . Helsinki: Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research.

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